Severed foreign experts have proclaimed in their books that Indian astrological sciences are marvellous. precise and accurate. I evinced keen interest in these sciences since my boyhood, contacted many scholars and with great difficulty I acquired bits of lore from each one of them. Sages (Seers) have declared in many stanzas in the science of the finger lines that one with a single chakra (wheel) is ever self-indulgent and one possessing two chakras will receive royal honours: also that he who is endowed with the fish line (matsya-rekha) will be rich. But. in the course of practical verification of the generalisation. it was noticed that persons having only one chakra were miserable from lack of food and clothing, while people exhibiting the matsya rekha were unhappy being without riches. Quite naturally, the doubt arose in my mind as to the validity of these formulae. Then followed years of patient application and verification. When I strove to make a deep research, the real truth at last became evident.

We may observe the Chakra (wheel) generally, in all hands; but the concept of the wheel raised in the mind several types of the same, namely-the wheel of the cart, the potter's wheel, the wheel of the chara- kha. the Vishnu, the Sree, the Siva Chakras and the Chakra of the nine planets (Navagraha Chakra) etc. Hence, it becomes important to decide which chakra denotes the coming in of riches. It may be borne in mind that when the wheel of the cart is broken, the cart cannot move along. But if the Journey is undertaken. it is possible that some unexpected accident or trouble may arise in the middle. Hence, a close

examination of the shape of the chakra becomes necessary. Even so, It is equally vital to examine how the Matsya, lotus, temple, palanquin and wheat lines have been formed by the confluence (meeting) of certain lines in particular planetary positions. The knowledge gleaned from a close study of the famous 'Nadi Granthas' (the entire future of mankind is contained in the palm-leaf, nadi grathas)-the Nandi- nadi. Ravana Samhita. Suka Nadi and the assistance of Pandits have been tested and verified over innumerable hands and after arriving at the real truth I have described the same together with real thumb impressions. The source-books are in Sanskrit, Tamil and Pali languages. The Ravi, Nandi and Suka Nadis reveal from each of the symbols of the palm-the exact dates of birth and the tale of previous births of an individual. But. the Tamil book-Ravana Samhita exhibits the Janma lagna and even the entire history of an individual on the basis of the mysterious signs on the thumb alone.

This book entitled "Your destiny in Thumb" indicates how the 'lagna' is to be arrived at the definite predictions of life's happenings made accordingly.

I am very grateful to all those who have consented and given their thumb-impressions for compiling this work. I request the readers very humbly to excuse the unavoidable mistakes appeared in the book.

·        R. G. RAO



This book is written specially for the benefit of businessmen to check if they are in the right business or not based on their dates of birth.

It summarizes the nature of each business, the planet ruling the business, who can get maximum out of each business. For those who are already in business but not successful what they can do to make it successful.

It also describes the appropriate Gem, Color and Number for each business category wise.

This book will be of great use for those who want to choose the right business. It contains examples quoting various business also suitable letters, numbers for each business depending upon the nature of business which even a layman can understand.

This book also describes the youngsters to build their mind before starting business without confusions. This book is written after a deep analysis on the dates of birth of various successful business for a period of 15 years.

In our dally work the co-operation of our fingers Is important. But. of all the fingers, the aid of the thumb is paramount. When the thumb is isolated the remaining four fingers cannot co-operate easily in the conduct of work. Besides, the thumb is thick and prominent in its breadth. Even as no work can be done at home without the master's consent no manual work can be done without the thumb. It will be possible to pull through our work even if anyone of the other four fingers should be missing. But. with the thumb missing manual work Indeed becomes very difficult.

Scholars have asserted that in the science of Astrology an individual's complete future can be forecast on the basis of Lagna alone. Similarly seers and ancients have proclaimed In the Indian Science of Palmistry that from the thumb alone a person's whole life-histoiy, character-traits, the lagna obtaining at birth and the positions of planets can be definitely stated. Even Samudra Raja has described the future from the thumb. The colour, length, breadth, shape and the mysterious signs (lines) of the thumb are very vital. Generally, there are 27pattems of thumbs; of these only six are important. These are very common.

The colour and length reflect time and place. The people of some countries are very tall; those of others are short, yet some people are of medium height.

The people of the torrid, temperate and frigid zones possess different colours. Hence, the colour of the skin of people living in different countries differs. It will, therefore, be appropriate to take into account the country of the person while examining the characteristics of colour, height etc.

If the thumb has a cover of soft skinstick the person enjoys great riches and fame and leads a happy and comfortable life without undergoing any stress or strain.

When the thumb is of a white colour, the person will command ordinary comforts. If the thumb is black in colour and finely shaped the person will be happy but will suffer from slight rheumatism. When the colour is a mixture of white and yellow the person will have to live by hard toil.

Figure A : The Stiff Thumb. This pillar-shaped thumb does not bend backwards. It will not be round and fleshy. It stands erect with uplifted head, like a pillar. A' person with such a type of thumb will not attain scholarship in any subject. He will affirm that what he knows is the great truth and feels that what he does is of mighty importance. He will be stubborn, right from boyhood, lacking patience and is easily provoked to anger and will not be able to accomplish

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