F. When the wheat line is of this type the native will have an unsteady nature and will suffer from undue mental strain. He will experience happiness and misery alternately as the bright and dark halves

of a month. He will prove to be a nice conversationalist and will be deeply interested in lottery, gambling and artistic works.

G. If the wheat line is nice and long as exhibited here, it signifies that the native will be very rich, highly eminent, will have harmonious familv relation and good children etc.

1 . In case in the centre (source) of the wheel in the thumb there is a small ring, it denotes that there is a benefic planet in the lagna or at least the lagna, is aspected by auspicious planets.

2. When within the tiny ring there is a tinier ring, it is a pointer to the presence of a benefic planet in the lagna.

3. If there are two short vertical streaks in the nucleus, it indicates the presence of two planets in the lagna.

4. A horizontal line in the conch nucleus proclaims the existence of Mars or Rahu in the lagna. If this sign is found in the front of or behind the nucleus, it points to the presence of a planet in the house next to the lagna or behind it.

5. When we notice a pair of figures in the centre of the conch, as shown in the figure, it must be inferred that there are planets , in the lagna and as they are undented or unbroken, they will be friendly ones.

6. In case we find in the centre, the form of a cashewnut, it denotes the presence of Venus in the lagna.

7. This symbolises the presence of either Rahu or Ketu in the lagna.

8. It denotes the presence of either the Sun or Mars in the lagna.

9. This indicates the existence of a planet outside the lagna in the twelfth or second house.

10 and 11. Signify the presence of Rahu, Saturn or Mars in the lagna.

12. This is a prominent sign indicating a life of separation from the family, danger to the wife and loss of children.

13 and 14. Point to discontent in family life and pin-pricks from enemies.

15. This is an effective indicator of a life of hard labour, toilsomeness, low profits and holding on to life against odds.

16. This denotes the entry of a serpent into the nucleus, indicating loss of children, obstacles to the continuance of the family, positive danger to the life of the husband and the union of hostile planets in the 5th or 7th house.

17. There will be impairment of love and affection, persons with this sign will, at first, decide to marry for love but in the end draw away from each other.

18. When this sign occurs on the earth part, the husband will temporarily desert the married wife but it is just possible that this marriage is the result of compulsion exercised by elders.

19. This sign appears largely on the wheat line. This means that the person is liable to lose his mother in his boyhood itself.

19-20. Leaving the wheat line apart, when this sign is found anywhere else it denotes that the native will have several enemies.

21. This indicates the presence of a Chhaya- graha in the lagna.

22. Square lines denote the native's fame, wealth, social service and dominance over others.

23. The coconut tree form will render the native a king or minister or an eminent politician.

24-25. This indicates the patra-pushpa (leaf, flower) Raja Yoga, He will attain distinction in the political field and render great social service.

26. This points to the possibility of the native erecting temples and buildings for educational institutions and the planting of rows of trees for the benefit of the society.

27. If we find this sign in the first portion of the thumb, it is certain that the native will become a statesman and attain great eminence.

28. The presence of small vertical streaks on either side of the central rings of the conch or wheel will confer Raja Yoga on the native.

29. This sign appears on the wheatline. It indicates the birth of children after 30, 35 years, even then, female issues will dominate.

30. This suggests the termination of the progeny; it will not continue.

31. Even though we find this sign (29th sign) on the wheat line, a horizontal line crosses it forming a triangle and hence male issues will dominate.

32. The native will lose all his wealth as a result of the deeds of enemies and the harassment of kith and kin. Inharmonious relationship frequently characterises family life.

33. When the wheat line is dented at the beginning and in the second portion, it means that the native will he happy from his boyhood upto a few years in his youth and will suffer hardships afterwards.

34. From the beginning, the wheat line draws support from another line. It assumes the form of a grain of wheat in the middle; it is zig-zag at the end. This shows that the native will leave his birth plate in his boyhood, receive help from his relations and during his middle age, amass great wealth, house and cash and will finally encounter great difficulty and gradually lose all wealth and happiness. The wife will pass away while he survives her.

35. At the beginning, this line is broken and has the star or a cross sign and then after commencing normally and proceeding some distance, it assumes the shape of a grain of wheat. Ultimately, many helping lines join and present the form of 2 or 3 grains of wheat. This indicates that the native loses his guardians in boyhood, wanders about many places in vain and then takes to some ordinaiy profession and gains in riches from day to day and h the end will inherit other's property, enjoy the association of several women, and will lead a life of great fame, luxury and wealth.

36. When in the thumb the wheat line appears in the form of a fish, it means that the star of the native will be of a movable sign (will belong to the transit group).


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