person with a fish-shaped wheat line will earn his livelihood and money by simple devices. He will be interested in visiting holy places, in serving Gurus and elders, will have a capricious mind, will earn in several way methods and as easily spend it away too.

37. 38. This kind of rough wheat line reflects the coarse and rude nature of the native, his poor educa tion, and quarrels in the family. It will be difficult for him to get married; he will earn his living by hard sweat and the income will not suffice even for his daily needs.

39. The native will have moderate happiness In boyhood. During the period of middle age, the wife and sons will face difficulties, wander away from the place of birth but in the end, he will be rich and happy.

40. This suggests simple living for the native ; he will have troubles and happiness in equal share.

41. If right from the beginning several lines conjointly form a clear wheatline the native will have ample riches right from his birth. In his youth he will command various comforts of vehicles etc., acquire fame and riches ; he will have a number of concubines and be generous and charitable.

42. The native will lose in his middle age, all the patrimony inherited by him at the beginning. In the end, he will be a victim of sinful diseases.

43. When in the thumb on the right and left of the conch, whee.l and Kalasa signs, we find fine, long lines.the inference would be that the native will be rich, benevolent and lordly.

When this type of line cuts across the wheat line, the native will suffer from all sorts of difficulties.

Below fig. 21 is printed the Malika line In the thumb of an individual. This sign is split a little in the beginning by inimical lines. Then, there are several peral forms. This implies that upto the 27th year, the native will overcome several difficulties and then will, gradually, gain fortune and happiness.


In fingers A and ? we find dented conches and very thick and rough lines. This means that livelihood is got by being a coolie. Wealth and happiness are only a dream. Earning by hard manual occupation is indicated.

LB: If as in this figure we find somewhat broken wheels, the native will be an ordinary labourer. His fortune will rise from 35/38 years.

G3 : On the wheel we find squares and triangles with small subsidiary lines and long Siri-rekhas and therefore, the native will be benevolent, earn money without much trouble and enjoy an officer's status. He will inherit much family property and wealth. He will command vehicular comforts and will earn a good fame in the community.

G4 G5 : In these two thumbs we find a 90% pure and auspicious wheel. This kind of wheel blesses the native with a great yoga. The native will run many transport and industrial organizations investing therein crores of rupees. He will be of a highly charitable disposition. He loves the company of women. He will have good fortune of marrying a rich and virtuous wife. He will have brothers, sons and daughters. According to Indian science, the possession of G4 wheel pattern ensures the fortune of a good yoga.

G6 AB & CD : Indicate the outer parts of damaruga. This sign appears largely in Malika rekha (It is a sign of the alignment of two triangles).


An individual with this sign will attain great fame as the manager or superintendent of Engineering works or as an Engineering contractor. Paternal lands and cash will aid him in his prosperity.

On the AR wheat line, we find inside the circle the form of an open mouthed young one of a serpent. This means that the native will be changing his profession frequently.

V2 : The native with the AB wheat line as in this figure will face severe hardships, suffer from diseases, loss of wife and in the end undergo much pain.

G7: Atop the thumb a long and beautiful Kesara rekha. The lady will be highly fortunate and educated.

G8: If the ladies and gents possess such lines as shown ir. this thumb or thara kesara lines as pointed out in G7, it may safely be concluded that they will have servants, vehicles, several beautiful mansions, diamond and other precious stones, a majority of female issues, pretty-looking partners and command great attention and respect in the community.

When the above stated thara-kesara lines appear beautifully in any finger of a person, it is sure that the native will enjoy a most fruitful and prosperous life.

A gent's finger Fig. 6. It is the print of the Jupiter finger. S and T parts are round, bulging and of fine colour; and if there are 2 or more long vertical lines, the native will be slow, patient and discreet, will earn a lot of money by easy means and will build beautiful buildings. His earnings will exceed the income of a middle class individual.

Fig. 7 is the finger of a lady. Over the conch and wheel forms, a small lines have moved up. These lines are called Srilakshmi. Sri lines. Such lines are numerous below the mark 7. One possessing such lines will be extremely lucky, famous, possesses servants and vehicular facilities. Such a native's parents' house as well as the house into which marriage is settled, will have a life of luxury and grandeur.

When these Sri lines abound on the finger, the native will acquire without effort a number of gems, diamonds and gold. He or she will have a number of female issues. (When compared with the Fig. 6, one with the signs in Fig. 7 will be ten times richer and happier). If as stated above regarding figures 6 and 7 Sri lines occur in lady's and gent's thumb, the natives will enjoy much good. But, as the sanskrit proverb has it Bhoge Roga Bhayam. There is the fear of illness from rich living and the natives will relish only a little food and suffer from some disease or other.

Fig. 8: The wheat line from S to M indicates moderate good for the native. The person's family will be very rich. But the native loses everything within 40 year (M). From M to TL we notice a broad line but in the end the two do not join. This means that the native will indulge in wasteful expenditure of all his earnings.

On the M.T. line (4 and 3) we find the serpent- tongue line. This signifies that the native will have no progeny. Again, a line (1 and 2) from mark M appearing like a mouth opened lengthwise, seems to go ahead and touch the wheel part of the earth area and this shows that the native has two wives and two concubines.

In the centre of the line XY (near the mark of a black line) there is a tiny ring. This indicates the presence of a benefic planet in the lagna. The wheat line is much dented. 1,2,3 are branch lines suggesting lack of harmony in family life

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