anything thereby. He will eke out his livelihood by following some ordinary profession. Even if he should rise to a high post, he will have many enemies. He will be indiscreetly hasty in his action and lands himself in troubles.

One with such a thumb pattern may prove efficient in the technical profession or some other

Chapter First

ordinary work. He will also be tempted to change his profession off and on. Between the age of 28th and 30th years, he is likely to enter a permanent profession. Better times will dawn on him. He will be rather selfish. Love of art and spiritual matters are ordinary. Though, he may grow rich, selfishness will continue. Constant friction characterises family life. When a lady possesses such a type of thumb, she will surely be vain and arrogant.

Caution : Diseases arising from excessive heat will prove bothersome. One with a stiff thumb must be careful; should strive to acquire knowledge; should avoid doing things in haste and losing temper over trifles should develop discretion. Thus, life would become tolerably happy for him.

Figure B: Slightly Bending Thumb. This thumb is sword-shaped. One with such a type of thumb will walk slow, will do any work undertaken with due care and foresight; though a little hasty, will immediately mend any mistakes committed; will be happy from childhood. It is possible that his ancestors might have been renowned, rich and proud. He will acquire scholarship in any subject. His action will be guided by the master sentiment of self-regard. He will not listen to other's words. It may be true that he will prove to be a little selfish and be of a domineering attitude, loving power. He will have the capacity to rule over a number of people. He takes interest in articles of luxury. He will be quite an expert in his line. He will relish timely meals and sleep. He will be generous and charitable if he is inclined to be so. One with such a thumb might be a

doctor, judge or statesman. He will live in a beautiful house, will amass wealth; will encourage the erection of charitable hospitals, temples or schools. He will have connection with more than one lady but still, will be deeply attached to his family and relations. He will wield power even from the beginning. He will display courage and enthusiasm. He will be free from obstinacy. But. when he accepts a challenge. he will see his way to success. He will sacrifice anything for the sake of those who are loyal and devoted.

When tills type occurs in a lady's palm, she will prove to be the real mistress of the house. Even the husband will be under her thumb. She will face any difficulty arising in the family with courage and wisdom. She will strive for society's good. She will love a good meal: will store valuable and artistic articles of luxury; will be suffering from rheumatic complaint. Her fortune begins to rise from the 21st or 25th year.

Caution : The person will have a few enemies. Patience is necessary. Troubles incidental to excessive bodily heat should be guarded against. The Lagna will contain auspicious planet or Rajagraha or at least be under the influence of their aspect. All along, the person will lead a rich and luxurious life.

Figure C: The Supple Thumb. Here, the upper side of the thumb is bent slightly in the shape of a bow. Such people will be broad-hearted, educated and polite. They are sofl-tongued and art lovers. They rise to high positions by dint of labour; they will change their occupations twice or thrice and will always be calm and patient: they dislike noise and quarrels: they will feel disgusted with life if their peace is disturbed even a little; they will value the

words of the spouse, they endeavour hard for the happiness of their children; they do not. aspire for others' property nor would they bear their property going to others; they are interested only in their work; whatever difficulties they encounter these beset them only during their

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