and Guru and Chandra (Jupiter and Moon) in Kanya

In the thumb impression indicated by number three the ending of Karkataka langa (Cancer) foreshadows the beginning of Simha langa (Leo). In the centre or the middle portion of it lines of the whirl have coiled themselves backwards and forwards and also some portion-of it is broken. As such it denotes that the lagna is aspected more by benefic planets and also fby malefi(t planets in a lesser degree. The thunfib impression just below it marked by letters ? ? A belongs lo an altogether different thumb. The wheat line therein indicates the phase of the Moon. In this impression the line from ? appears to swallow the line from A as seen by the fork-end of the line B. In the horoscope of the native of this thumb, Chandra and Rahu (Moon and Dragon's head) are together (conjunction). Rahu and Ketu are moving in anti-clockwise direction. By this, the line from A which represents Moon faces opposite to the

line from ? which represents Rahu. The portion indicated by ? is the second half of the wheat line. For the native of the above thumb impression, as Chandra and Rahu planets are in the fourth house from Lagna (ascendant) and as the fourth house is not aspected by any benefic planets his mother died a premature death.

The native of the thumb impression marked 51 has received a lot of unexpected wealth and also deals with different lucrative trades and owns a factory and possesses vehicles of conveyance.

The native of the thumb impression marked 52 reproduced on the front space, is educated, polite, wealthy and holds a high position in life. Also earned appreciation from foreigners and has maintained contact with them and has received support from them.


In this figure the imprints of the thumbs of persons are exhibited to indicate 12 (dwadasha) lagnas. The Mesha lagna begins with 0. while 11 represents Meena lagna. The signs indicative of the ending of each lagna and the rising of another lagna point to the symbols of planets occurring in each lagna at the time of birth of individuals.

At the time of conjunction of 8 planets In Kar- kataka (3) Cancer lagna 1 planet. Makara (9) Capricorn lagna, 8 planets, the figure is given showing the imprint of the thumb of the boy born In the Makara lagna cited above.

Figures in CHI to CH ?, describe the types from Mesha to Meena i.e. 0 to 11th signs.

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