twenty-third, twenty- seventh. thirty-third and forty-third ? years; they may possess divine powers and spiritual acumen; they will regulate their expenditure in proportion to their income; they will try to lay by as much cash as possible. The period of accumulation will attain stability from the 36th year. The rise of fortune is from the 36th or 41st year.

The above qualities apply to women as well. Their lagnas will be aspected by gentle and auspicious planets.

Note: The Individuals must guard against phlegm, rheumatism and cold troubles. When troubles arise, the persons must face them boldly. They must get rid of slight doubts. Thus will auspicious results follow.

Figure D: (The Soft Thumb). Note here that the thumb bends back like an arrow. Such persons will suffer from nervous debility. They talk with an open heart; they are eloquent speakers: be unable to understand their own faults. From boyhood they strive by sheer self-effort without others' help to secure education and good fortune. But. they achieve little success. They will be fickle-minded and so cannot successfully accomplish any work undertaken by them. Their calculations resemble setting up the ladder towards the sky. Hence, the fortune

that touches the door seems to retreat. They exhibit verbal courage and astuteness but lag behind in practical deeds

Now and then, they will suffer from / US headache, stomach-ache and bodily weakness; they will earn from ordinary avocations. One out of a hundred will wield power. Even there, they encounter fraud and suffer from enemies. In family life friction leads now and then to mental disquiet. If people with such thumbs get A and ? thumb-shaped wives, the latter will prove to be their guide. The period of riches will begin only after the 44th yeaf. Women with such thumbs will share the same qualities.

Caution : Even trifles are magnified into mountain sizes; they will heed other's counsel: they will break their will, heed other's counsel; they will break their pledges; these qualities must be resisted. They must practise courage, discretion and restraint in talk. They must not lose their equilibrium by over thinking at night and losing sleep. They must be careful to see that they do not suffer from weakness of nerves and are steady in mind. Rajagraha and auspicious planet aspect is poor in their horoscopes.

Figure E : This thumb curves back and (2) the neck part is very small. (3) The facial aspect highly bulging. (4) The had part is short and very thick. People with such a thumb are proficient in logic. They will be extremely self-centred and will not mix co-operatively with others. They will advance with great difficulty. They cannot become fully educated. They review again and again the little knowledge they acquire, and make it their own. They write letters beautifully and singly. They are timid over everything. Hence, the getting of any high post will remain only a dream. But. they can get on with agriculture, dairying, ordinary business or some ordinary employment.

Such persons tend to become highly anxious when the wife or children become involved even in little troubles. They pledge to fulfil vows to various deities. It would be difficult to liquidate loans. There will be mental strain and very little happiness. They will always be family-ridden and will be happy through their children. The auspicious period begins with the 32nd and 38th years. After the 45th year they will be very prosperous and earn fame. Mars and Rahu disturb their mental peace.

Caution: They must cease to feel that what they know is of the utmost importance; they must learn to become bold and welcome exchange of opinion. They must limit smoking and drinking practices as much as possible. They must guard against excessive bodily heat.

Figure F: The person possessing this pattern of thumb will have the quality of adjustability with all. This indicates a venturesome spirit (The curve from 7 to 8). He will pursue actions avoiding faults' and omissions. When engaged in any great adventure and faced with whatever difficulties, he will succeed in the enterprise by resorting to the four strategies of soma, dama, bheda and danda (persuasion., gift.

sowing dissension and punishment). He will be proficient in arts. He will possess mercurial intelligence. He will know something of everything. He will be an expert in logical reasoning. He shows devotion to Gurus and elders. He will also possess a certain degree of insight (inward vision). He loves travelling. At no moment he will be without cash; but will be very extravagant. He loves to help others and endeavors to earn fame. He will possess the power of attraction. He will not remain in the house of his birth. He will prosper in places outside his native village or town. The period of advancement commences between the 25th and 27th years of his age. Mercury and Venus will be favourable to the individual.

1. The central (conch, wheel, kalasa) point or nucleus in the middle or whirls or nucleus.

2. The circumference running round the nucleus.

3. The semi-circle shaped like a conch resting slantingly on the upper part of the earth (The line resembling the bow, the conch).

4. Whirl lines or special lines (the sky sign).

5. The outward route of the nucleus.

6. The earth sign which appears prominently on the circle. This sign occurs greatly in the Pisces and Aries lagnas while in the Scorpio and Aquarius it is rare.

7. Earth's elevated part (the hill).

8. The earth's layer (stratum) lines.

In the thumb print No. 195 DE wheat line has the age limit indicated.

RG 1: The conch wheel shape on the thumb.

(Figures in Ch. 1 to Ch. ? describe the types from Mesha to Meena i.e. ? : to 11th signs).


Mesha means the sign of the Ram. Mars is the Lord of this sign. According to the Indian astrolo- gised principles Mars has arisen out of the earth's womb. Though, on the thumb, the figure of the ram may not be completely visible, the figure of its horns going round near its ears of the figure of the horns resting on the shoulder (the figure of the forceps lying in a resting position on the earth's layer) will be seen.

At the upper end and the lower part of the thumb of the person born in this lagna (in Fig. RG. 1) the 7th earth sign is abnormally shaped (formed). In some other thumbs we notice the figure of a goat sleeping with its head inclined towards its stomach.

The signs of this lagna are the tongs placed on the earth and the presence of several earth layers.

In addition to the form described above, the nails will not be pretty. The person will be tall and stout. He will have an unsteady (wavering) mind, will go back upon his faults, exhibit dogged obstinacy sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly and will listen to others' suggestions. They will have a broad mouth

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