and be talkative. Toil hard though they might, the returns will not be proportionate. They enjoy little family happiness. They will help their brothers. By the agency of weapons or an excess of bile and heat, they will frequently sulfer from headache and pain of the limbs. They may prosper in the mathematical, technical, agricultural or military branches.

Your Destiny in Thumb

As they encounter many troubles even during boyhood, they will have poor education.

For persons of this lagna Saturn, Venus and Mercury will be malefic. Jupiter and Sim will be benefic. If the divisional lines i.e., Parvatha lines in phalanges the Saturn and Mercury fingers there are in each finger 3 divisions and there are separate lines dividing each part from other resemble the shape of wheat and are pretty and df medium thickness or if many lines a; ? fine, straight and long, t!hen, however, bad the malefic planets might be good results, fame, riches, and family happiness will commence from boyhood alone or atleast from the 21 st, or 24th years of age.

In case of the fingers referred to above there should be very thick cross lines, or the fingers are curved (not straight), if the wheat line and the rice line are rough like pieces of wood or the thumb contains broken rice line, then anger, quarrels, lack of mental peace, disease, enmity, livelihood by hard labour and an attendant's job are indicated. He will enjoy very little family pleasures. Sorrow characterises the entire life.

If in the hands of persons born under this lagna. the wealth line resembles a serpent, then they will ever be in want of money and be afflicted by a disharmonious family life. They will suffer from phlegm and bile diseases. In case the thumb harbours the pure whirl, Kalasa and conch figures and when no inauspicious signs are present, then the individuals are destined to experience only medium happiness.

R. Thumb I: The four thumb impressions represent the persons bom in Mesha Lagna. In the first print the head portion and the earth part seem excessive still there is some whirl in the middle and therefore, it implies that the person was born at the rise of Mesha Lagna.

The streaks appearing in the form of tne conch are not broken and seem to be beautiful semi-circles. Hence, auspicious planets aspect the lagna. The wheat line does not partake of the full wheat form and there are two shining lines. Hence, the person will command medium happiness, riches and will have children and the family relations. Since this line indicates no branching at the beginning or end and since one line lies close to the other as if to assist it, the person will have brother, guardians and a definite job. He will lead a happy life right from boyhood till the end.

In the above 2nd Mesha lagna print, the earth part and the sky part are large. In the middle there are no signs of whirls. And, it appears as though the goat is asleep, its horn tends down from the head. (From the wheat line to the upper part layer upon layer is seen) When the layer is thus unbroken and each is connected with the other, the person will be, right from boyhood a member of a happy, renowned and rich family. He will face few troubles, and wander about until the ages 26 or 27. Then from the 28th year he will settle in his family and join a profession. He will continue to be happy till his 70th year.

In the third figure.the resting central whirl part seems to be rising a little. This indicates the sign of the Mesha Lagna ending. But, the head (the sky portion) appears to be worm-eaten (At the top of the thumb, the wrinkles seem like dented lines). In addition, since the part is a little broken, the person will have to confront a few difficult periods and affliction from diseases. Still, the straight white line below the earth suggests that the person adj usts well to the social life and will have medium happiness.

The 4th impression reflects the Mesha Lagna entirely. But, a white line from outside rushes into and cuts the whirl. The earth and sky parts are broken up. The wheat line is thick and branching. This points out that the person's boyhood will be marked by great difficulties, sore poverty in the family, earning by severe toil, misery issuing from any undertaking, frequent pin-pricks from wife and sons, stomach-ache from bodily heat and nervous debility. The native will also have many enemies. Full longevity too.cannot be predicted. Evil planets aspect the lagna, 7,2,11,5. These parts will be inauspicious.

In the 5th imprint, as in the 3rd, the whirl in the middle has risen up. It should, therefore, be construed that the Mesna lagna remains over only for a short period. The native will lead a happier and more peaceful life than the one described for the native of No. 3 impression. He will acquire much riches and fame. Whatever the income, the expenditure will be high. He will have moderate education and corresponding character traits.

Figure 237 - L.T. : In this 2 fishes seem to be united. But the head part of the thumb contains the earth sign largely. From H to 1 we notice the earth strata alone. From T to H only we see the fish whirls. This implies the ending of the Meena Lagna and the commencement of the Mesha lagna. (A large earth sign symbolises the Mesha lagna). Since all the layers are dotted, it means that hostile planets combine in the lagna and planets occupy both the forward and backward houses from the Lagna. F and G lines cut across the whirl in the lagna. The H line tears the outlet of the whirl. Hence, the prospect of attaining peace and happiness in life would remain a dream. In the horoscope, the auspicious planets combine with inimical planets. The line from I to J, the wheat line is both blunt and thick and hence the native will not be happy in life.

235 R.T. Impression : The tail like ? line and ? line have marred the whirl.


The forceps-shaped whirl lines (nucleus signs) shown in Mesha Lagna as resting on the ground, seem as though they are rising up. The spiral form observed in the Mesha Lagna appears in Vrishabha Lagna on the bullock's hump. Even so, the earth layer signs which we And in the Mesha Lagna become less and less in this lagna.

The natives of the Vrishabha lagna described above will have somewhat thick lips, a broad face, a slightly stout body and bulging jaws.

They would want to earn without straining (exertion) by easy devices. They love beauty and desire excessive sexual pleasures. They have no affection for relations. They will feel tired after a long walk. They will own cattle, servants and houses. The Sun and Saturn yield good results to this lagna. When they are in the auspicious houses and not associated with any hostiles or aspected by them, the natives will acquire much fame and riches. The Saturn will confer beneficial results in proportion to his exalted position at birth. If the conch, wheel and kalasa signs are full (complete) on the Saturn finger and cross lines have cut across the sign and if the long lines in the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the same finger are short, the native will reap several advantageous benefits.

When the lines on the divisions of this finger? the conch and wheel are branching, the native will be unorthodox and be a victim to diseases and will have no mental peace.

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