As in the figures 2, 4 and 5 of Mesha lagna the upper part of the resting forceps-shaped sign seems to be rising up a little, so is it in number 1 (Vrishabha lagna) in figure 6 on the central portion of the whirl. In this lagna the earth and sky dispositions diminish.

The central whirl in Fig. 160 has risen up but still, in the upper part we notice wave-like layers. Line A has an open mouth like a serpent's. Since this line is open-mouthed, it denotes that Rahu is em- placed in lagna. There are too many white dots. Still the whirl lines are not much broken and so it may be inferred that the person will have moderate happiness in life. The native will have only a little education.

Figure 161 .-This thumb is also of the Vrishabha lagna. Here, we notice the form of a fleshy heap on the hump of a bullock. Atop this form we see the sign of a serpent's tail. The earth part is very much dotted. The wheat line is short and dim. But, in the central whirl part a few rounds alone are a little fine. This would lead to the conclusion that in the native's house-group, there would be persons with more than one wives, many relations, and individuals who have accumulated greated wealth without exertion. In the native's grandfather's time the family amassed a lot of riches, in the father's time there was much extravagance and enjoyment of Raja Yoga. The native was exceedingly happy in his boyhood and as time passed the family fortune gradually melted away: he will pass his youth and old age with difficulty.

There is the serpent line below the circle where the sign of the Taurus lagna is noted. The clock-wise line below the serpent line points to the life of the elders of the native. We notice a long horizontal line between the earth part wherein the birth time is indicated and the clockwise running whirl. From the whirl to the earth part only a small portion foretells good. This means that the native has had a happy life in boyhood. Since, the wheat line is broken and appears to lack vitality, the native will meet with troubles from his youth.

Figure 162 ; Here, the whirl inside the lagna has risen up towards the mark S.And, from A to ? there is only one line ; but from A to ? Qie line is forked in the beginning. This indicates that between the 18th and 23rd years of age, the native will meet with disappointment in all his deeds. It may be that the guardians too might be involved in troubles. From ? to ? the line runs parallel, the native may expect moderate happiness and wealth.

Figure 163 : The inside whirl is the symbol of Vrishabha lagna as in figure 162. The native will have ordinaiy comforts in life.


The single hom-shaped whorl lines referred to in respect of Vrishabha Lagna issue out joining together in pairs. The line resembling the fleshy hump on the bullock's back has proceeded a little to the top, on the left side. The circular lines in the whirl seem arranged one by the side of the other.

In Figure 166, two whirls have united; one by the side of the other. The whirl has rushed too far in the earth part. A pair of lines and the union of whirls are the chief characteristics of Mithuna Lagna.

Persons born under this lagna are soft-tongued and possess a temperament of adjustment to all races and societies. They will not be very tall but possess slender body, will respect elders and teachers, will be virtuous and extravagant. They will have normal brains. They will slowly execute the contract undertakings. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are death inflictors. Venus alone confers benefits. Still, if in the Sun and Mercury fingers there should be numerous lines of riches and fame and the wheat line is bright, the person will enjoy Raja Yoga.

If the whirls and semi-circles in the thumb are broken and the wheat and wealth lines are not bright, the person will suffer from toil, poor education and disease.

In the thumb of Fig. 166 two whirls are very close to each other, but the lower whirl has risen up more than that of Vrishabha lagna whirl of 160 and 161. In 166 of Mithuna lagna the line AB runs in the middle with a white shade; another is on the point of starting. This indicates that the birth of progeny is delayed; and as the line proceeds from A to ? the wheat line is a little dim upto some distance. After that it is bright. As it approaches B, it seems to get the support of some other line. This betokens that until the person crosses the 31st or 32nd year, he will not achieve anything important. He will receive no assistance. He can hope to improve his fortune greatly only after 32 years. From his 48th or 50th year on the strength of the supporting line, his fame, riches and happiness will continue to increase. In 167 semicircular strata lie close to one another.

All the layers of Figure 168 seem unbroken, well arranged and bright. Notice that the line from 1 to 2, runs parallel upto some distance at the beginning as well as at the end. But, after running some length from I it has moved by the thickness i.e. from years

33 to 43 the person will face difficulty in his profession. He will feel disgusted with the family and will have little comfort. From the 44th year, each day adds to his comfort and peace. As there are 3 sublines, the native will gain much wealth from his offspring. And after the 60th year, though Jupiter is emplaced in the Lagna, he will experience no evil results. He will attain distinction in society, will be happy and possess divine traits.

Figure 169 too depicts Mithuna lagna. After line A has proceeded some distance, another line has come to its support. The native will suffer from ill-health during early childhood, the guardians undergoing hardships. But, about the 26th year, the period when the necessary line co-operates, marriage takes place and after that the native will lead a happy life.

Figure 164 : Here wheel-shaped lines run to gether veiy close to one another. But, the Mithuna lagna is reaching its end. The first part of the wheat line is very thick. It is not pretty. After the march of some distance, a bright sub-line has issued. This points to the native's prosperity from his 34th year.

Figure 165 : The wheel is in excessive harmony with the earth. Long pairs of lines stand straight in the centre of the wheel. The wheel form appears to rise up and this signifies the close of the Mithuna Lagna. From A to ? thick, curved lines run suggesting that the planets which confer good on the native are within Rahu and Ketu. The person, therefore, will lead a rough and toilsome life. Another reason for this struggle in life is that in the division below the A- B line Kesara rekhas (lines) are absent.


The whirl lines which we noticed in pairs and bent a little like the bow in Mithuna Lagna appear in Canper as semi-circles of whirls resembling the half Moon, full Moon and the Moon on the third day of the bright half of the month (sukla paksha) in the sky.

Though the thumb has the conch figure, on the left, right, upper and lower parts of the finger, the whirl appears in the form of the half-Moon. In the thumb bearing the Chakra, the figure resembles the full Moon on a Poomima night. To this lagna, Venus, Saturn and Mercury, portend evil. But, if we find

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