and the wealth lines in (CDE parts) denote that his progeny too, will be great scholars, will earn distinction and wealth.

The CAB wheat line is broken and yet the favourable signs stated above will confer on the native special yoga, happiness and fame. Though the wheat line is broken, the two appear united. Hence, in the latter half of the native's life, the line AB holds out exceedingly good results.

If In the thumb, either by the side of the conch or wheel figure or-in the centre, there is seen a square or star in vertical position, it is indicative of exceptional good luck.


In Kanya lagna the shape of woman's forelock appears as if the end part of the plaited hair has been left hanging.

This plaited part at the back seems curved up like a bow. ??? top part sometimes seems like a saucer and in some thumbs, in the nucleus we notice the

plaite forms of a balance. (The sloping part described in Kanya lagna goes on diminishing.)

Persons born in this lagna will have a more or less irregular body. They will have a cold constitution; will be fickle-minded; will be loving towards their brothers and relations; will be rich and liberal; they will suffer from gastric, phlegm and other troubles. Saturn bestows Raja Yoga on persons born in this lagna. The Moon and Mercury in conjunction will give good results. Mars is a semi-benefic. The other planets bring evil. In the Tula lagna (Fig.

189), in the square enclosure the earth part is seen from the top to the bottom. As the fore part proceeds from the sign of the lagna to the horizontal white line on the mark 189, the nucleus layers of the whorls appear as aprisen bows.

As indicated (69. 47, 190) we notice the Figure 190. From J to L the layers of the nucleus appear like bow or saucer. As in this figure from A to ? the wheat line is bright and on this line, FGHI lines are long and have lent a tint. .The native will earn fame, riches and happiness. He will have quite a comfortable life even from boyhood.

Figure 190 : Here the top part resembles largely the earth form. From A to D, the earth sign is apparent. Only in the middle, we find it to be a little circular in shape.

1. The arrow mark of D points to the round small enclosure in the nucleus. This implies that there is a planet in the lagna and that the ? mark is broken from the head to the inside of the nucleus. This again indicates that the planet in the lagna combines with a hostile planet. There are in the lagna, Saturn and Mars.

In Figure 191, the semi-circles are round like the saucer,. In the centre of the Whorl we notice a plate or a cashew-nut sign which is undented. And, therefore, indicates that there must be planets in the lagna. There are the Moon and Rahu in the Lagna. This signifies that the native must have lost his mother in his boyhood, will be quarrelling with his wife, will have no tranquility of mind. And as the line from A to ? is dented, he will have an anxious, agitated and disrupted life. The income will be small, strain will be high, education poor and will have trouble due to cold vayu (air). He will have only 30% of happiness, the remaining 70% will be filled with sorrow and strain.

Figure 192 : The wheel figure which starts out of the centre of the thumb resembles a saucer. At the nucleus we notice the shape of the cashew-nut as in the nucleus of Fig. 191.

Figure 193 ; As the central semi-circles proceed towards B, they appear like a half bow. From A to ? the earth layers increase.

Figure 194 : The conch form dominates the earth part. The semi-circles on top resemble the earth sign. In the nucleus of the whirl, there is a white line. Its one end is dropping. This shows that in the lagna. there would be a planet devoid of a full body.


The saucer shape described in Tula lagna, the rounds of Vrischika lagna has vanished here and resembles the earth's shape. The cashew-nut form in the whirl seems like the scorpion's tail.

In a few thumb prints, we notice the form of the scorpion's womb and in a few others, layers issuing from the earth seem bent towards the earth itself. Mostly, the scorpion's tail possesses earth sign. The strata (stream lines) of the earth sign appear somewhat like the bow. This is Scorpio lagna.

Saturn and Venus are malefic to this lagna. Jupiter is favourable. Sun and Moon confer Raja Yoga. The other planets are inauspicious. The native will have a wide mouth and small lips, will have yellow eyes, an irate temperament; will confront frequent quarrels in family life; will feel attached to wicked persons; will be imperfect in any art, will be a pray to low hobbies, a victim of diseases and be a spendthrift. Fig. 195 the semi-circles of the top portion seem to be issuing from the earth part. The area covered by the earth part is large. The centre of the whirl indicated by the arrow mark appears like the round position bag at the end of the scorpion's tail. A part of the tail is inside. The other end also seems to be united. This signifies the presence of another planet in the lagna.

In Figure 196, the upper and the earth parts are large; the Central semi-circle is veiy small. This resembles the womb of the female Scorpion.

In Figure 197, all the circular lines emanate from the earth part and are egg shaped. The earth form appears atop.

Figure 198, also is a reproduction of the same thumb.

In Figure 199, we notice in the centre of the form of the Scorpion's tail. A white line has entered the whirl. A little below the nucleus of the whirl., there is a very small round dot which indicates that there is

Chapter Three  51

Jupiter in the lagna. The white line entering inside is indicative of the emplacement of another planet.

200 : Here, from ? to AB we see the earth sign. Above and below the nucleus the Scorpion tail-like lines seem to be approaching. In the nucleus below the lower tail, there is a round dot. This is the sign of a favourable planet.

201 : The full earth layer lines denote the approaching end of the Vrischika Lagna. The reason is that in the centre the bow form is taking shape.

202 : From the upper part of the wheat line, the earth layers predominate. The whorl lines of the centre are resting on the earth part. The pincer forms laying in the centre seem to align, each by the side of the other, suggesting that there must be two planets in the lagna.


The tail line described in the Scorpio lagna appears like the two ends of a bow when tied by threads, coming close together as the archer aims the arrow. The semi-circular lines which seemed like the scorpion's womb, appear like the

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