When Saturn, i.e., S is favourable in the horoscope and birth date, it is a mark that the ambitions and desires of life would be fulfilled. It has also been seen that persons ruled by 8 try to live more for others than for themselves, because they feel and rightly feel that happiness does riot come to us through sci

Professions and trades to which they are attracted are those wherein they have a chance of direction and control of material expression and a freedom of thought and action. They desire td be placed at the head of corporations, companies and large Miidei takings and trusts. They also turn to agriculture, mining and all that relates to earth. Astrologically speaking our planet oarth is ruled by Saturn. Number 8 people make excellent judges because of their intuitional powers and seriousness of temperament. It also makes one a good linguist.

The Material Trio.

The Material figures are 1, 4 and 7, and they have been termed money magnets.

Indications of Number 1.

Number one stands for Sun the Savitar of the Vedas, the Sun-God who is the life-giver of our planet earth. Without the life-giving light and heat of the Sun, life on our planet is unthinkable. On the hand the mount of Sun is situated under the third finger between the line of Heart and the base of the finger. It is a mount which governs the line of Sun or suc-cesss or knowledge or Vidyas as the Hindus call it. Without this line, the life is obscure and unhappy. The mount of Sun if normally developed 011 the hand is the indication of a sunny disposition and personal magnetism so very necessary for happiness and success in life. The strength of the Sun mount on the hand is indicative of energy and force of will and character present in a person. The finger of Sun is regarded by the Hindus as sacred, and it is with this finger that the priest makes the mark of Swastika or Om on anything he wishes to make sacred.

Now we turn to the indications of number one in the birth date arid as destiny digit. According to Dr. Cross, number one represents "a surge of influence that is material and con-

crete. It is indeed the figure of the denominator, the I am, the ego, the capital I." If not repeated in excess in the birth date and the Sun mount is normally developed in the hand, man achieves a high measure of success through power, determination of character, persistence in the pursuit of an aim and above all ambition. All these qualities have a magnificent expression, if Mercury denoted by 5 and Jupiter denoted by 3 are also in favour. That is why for number one people to be successful in the right direction, the healthy influence of the spiritual intellectual figures of 3, 6 and 9 is very necessary. On the other hand, it has also been seen that if in the birth date an intellectual figure is absent and 5 and 8 are present, because of the "surge of emotions" the person might be carried away and led astray.

Number one people are generally successful because of their being self-reliant and determined to such a degree that they would not allow themselves to be deflected from their path and purpose in life.

Number one people have also been found to be ready to grasp any opportunity that comes to them. Besides, they are also born fighters, and because of their natural vitality possess powers to return to normal health after long and exhausting illnesses.

There is a negative side to this all powerful number. If overdeveloped on the hand and repeated more than twice, sun makes a person showy and mean and sometimes gruff in manner and speech, and a woman petty minded and too masculine to be at all desirable. Besides, a man is made pitiless when dealing with his enemies. Number one makes strong characters and they create more enemies than friends and become unpopular. Besides they dislike subordination, and hence feel more at home when afforded a chance to feel independent.


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