one people are drawn to business, stock and share-broking, departmental mandgership, military service, and artistic and public pursuits in which a chance to make money is afforded,

Indications of Number 4.

Number four is associated with Uranus, a planet unknown to the ancients. Its location on the hand has not been indicated by any writer although recenty one Mr. Deva-Charya has tried to find a place for it, as also for Neptune. I am however inclined to associate it with Sun, and Cheiro, the celebrated British Author, places it by the side of Sun and thinks that this number has a deep relation with figure one. Sepharial also calls it the negative Sun. This view seems to me to be correct since I found that when four appeared in the birth date even if one was absent, the Sun mount and finger were strong and had their favourable influence on the destiny.



Dr. Unite Cross calls it "a true lucky number and specially desired by the average person for success in life, since it denotes critical insight and ability to drive a good bargain." People with four as destiny digit or in the birth date have a desire to enjoy the good things or lire. They have faith in peace and contentment. Further on, Dr. Cross goes on to say, "Around a four personality, friends of both sexes gather as it is so easy to get along with them. They are always a shelter in the storm and stress of life, and in the street of adversity they are as welcome as a big policeman. One can always lean on a four person."

Four people have been said to be lucky and in speculative enterprises they win a lot.

If four Is associated with numbers 5, 8 and 1 success in life should be considered as assured. From a financial standpoint, four is a lucky digit to have. Besides, it is believed that four is favourable on the material plane, while 7 is not.

When the destiny digit is four, the purpose of life is said to be material production and the watchword service. Number four people easily become engineers, teachers, mechanics, chemists, electricians architects and businessmen. They will also easily fill those positions wherein they would be required to make use of energy, intellect and physical endurance,

Indications of Number 7.

The third number of the material trio is 7, associated with the planet Neptune. It has close connection with the planet Moon and Sepharial calls it the Positive Moon. On tfie hand I would assign it a place along with Moon. In numerology it is considered in point of energy and strength second only to number one, but like the Moon its vibrations are mutable. This number intensifies the indications afforded by other numbers in a birth date. Thus for example if 2, 5, 8 have a dominating influence, the number seven if present would accentuate the emotional plane of life, and if material, the material, if mental, the mental values would have a greater manifestation of their indications.

If 7 is the destiny digit, it does not make for happiness in life, since it gives restlessness to the nature, and endows us with a nature which creates misunderstandings for nothing.

It has also been found that people with 7 in their birth date associated with other powerful numbers like 5, 1 and 9 become leaders and initiators of world reforms. The great Theosophical leader Dr. Annie Besant had 7 in her birth date associated with 1, 4 and 0, her date of birth being 1-10-1847.

When seven is the number associated with the date of birth or name of a person, I always found him or her moved by a feeling of civic righteousness.

So far as business is concerned, number 7 people possess


organizing capacity, and as such the line of Head on their hand has been found to be straight as in the case of Dr. Hesanf. liul experience lells us that they have no patience with handling of details in the financial sphere.

It is also believed that the first years of these people are the worst but as the 35th year is passed, affairs begin to improve.

People governed by seven are hasty in temper and rebellious by nature. But they are born fighters, and if supported by numbers 1 and 9, they would fight to the last with their backs to the wall.

Number 7 people have for their purpose of life subjective development and peace, and that is why although a material number it indicates loss and sacrifice in the material sense and refines and ennobles the life and character of people who come under its influence, "It is, therefore," says Dr. Cross, "that there are no greater persons than the awakened soul of the seven class."

If associated with 1, 7 makes its possessor stubborn and aggressive, but these qualities are used by him or her not for the sake of personal advancement, but for the purpose of preventing injustice being done to their fellow beings.

In short, 7 people have the qualities of breadth of mind and view, and are moved by an urge to acquire and store vast knowledge from all quarters. Their mind is aii encyclopaedia of knowledge, but it is a pity that they are not physically robust and strong.

Professions to which 7 people are attracted are those of novelists, churchmen, horticulturists, mining engineers and positions which are responsible in authority and do not require menial and manual labour. They feel at home and at ease when placed at the head.


We have dealt with indications of the nine numbers found in a birth date. Now we turn to the method of reading a figure-graph. The student should first of all find out the highest total out of the three trios dealt with. He should also judge the strength and indications of the figures bearing on the character of the person. If this is judged aright, it will be possible to say something about the destiny, for character is destiny. The student, as stated elsewhere, should note the occurrence of zero in the birth date.

For the edification of the student we take the following

Poet Rabindrandth Tagore.

7-5-1861. Fate Number 1.

Swami Vivekandnda, the celebrated saint, reformer







... 3 and 6

Mental plane Emotional


and disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa of Bengal. 12-M863. Fate Number 4.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation. 2-10-1889. Fate Number 9.


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