Edward VIII, now the Duke of Windsor. 23-6-1894. Fate Number 6.




A member of the Punjab Judicial Service whose imprint is included in the book. 24-7-1901. Fate Number 6. Herr Adolf Hitler, the Dictator of Germany. 20-4-1889. Fate Number 5.

David Lloyd George, Ex-Prime Minister of England. 17-1-1863. Fate Number 9.

Case No. 1. Dr. Rabindrariath Tagore was born on 7-5-1861. The figure in this birth date are:

6 5 1 and 7

Mental plane

Emotional plane

Material plane

The destiny number is one thus adding to the strength of the material figures. All the three planes are represented in the birth date, and it is therefore concluded that the nature of the Poet was balanced. In the mental plane is the 6 indicating musical ability of the Poet which was unsurpassed, and this number strengthened by the three strongest numbers, i.e., 1, 5 and 7, indicates an amazing personality that commanded respect and homage all over the world. Besides these figures taken together, and when reinforced by the fact of his having number one as his fate number, they make the greatest poet of India since Kalidas.

Number one refers to Sun and its strength in the birth date shows that it would be equally strong on the hand. The finger, mount and line of Sun on the hand are remarkable for their excellence and that is why the Poet earned immortal name and fame. Number five refers to the mount of Mercury which was uncommonly strong on the hand. The finger was straight, indicative of literary ability of a very high order. This mount and finger were that of a philosopher, and a poet-philosopher Dr. Tagore actually was. Number 7 is present in the day of the birth date. As stated elsewhere, there are no greater people than the awakened soul of number 7. Such a one was Poet Tagore, who had the mount of Moon excellently developed on his hand with a creative curve, fish, canopy, temple and trident on his hand. These marks were present on the soles of the feet of Sri Krishna.

Case No. 2. Swami Vivekandnd was born on 12-1-1863. The destiny number is 4. These are the figures in the birth date.

Twiee repealed is ticked and the ruling fate number is <l

In tin- figure graph of the celebrated Swami the spiritual



numbers of > ami 6 are strengthened by double Sun arid The prcsiiu.- ot 2 in the birthday figure gives a softer tone to the nature. The presence of four as the destiny number inclined the Swami towards peace, especially when the spiritual figures held the field. Number 3 associated with 6 and reinforced by one repeated twice, combined to make the Swami an intellectual giant, a yogi and a writer and speaker of unusual lire, force and clarity of expression. On his hand the student would have1 found a trdent on Jupiter and a mark oi Sanyas on the same place, and this refers to figures 3 and 6. Besides, his line of Head was beautifully marked, and the uncommonly marked line of Sun is indicated by one repeated twice. This was the sign of his fame everlasting. The mark of fish on the hand was the result of the presence of three on the figure-graph. The destiny digit being four indicated that the Swami would be a tower of strength to the people of the world. In fact the Swami was an apt pupil of his master Sri Ramakrishna, and renounced the world for the sake of sinning and troubled humanity.

Case No. 3. Mahatma Gandhi was born on the 2-10-1869. Figures in the birth date are:

Spiritual and mental ... ... 6 and9

Emotional 2

Material 1

Destiny digit 9

Nought strengthens every digit in the birth date.

If read aright the Mahatma was ruled by spiritual and mental figures strengthened by the energy and powerful digit of number one but moderated by the number 2 which is the first and foremost embodiment of moderation. The Mahatma being ruled by the day figure of number 2 and spiritual figure of nine, trusted his intuitive power and inner voice of Good. The repetition of number nine indicates that the Mahatma will typify the highest expression of impersonal love, and as already stated will complete the cycle of earthly learning and attain moksha like the famous Jandka of ancient India. Numbers 2, 9, 6 and 1 in his birth date gave him a strength of will to achieve his purpose. His last fast begun on the 13-1-1948, for the sake of ending communal bitterness and hate prevailing in the dominions of India and Pakistan ended in the victory of his cause, since the day on which he started it was ruled by his own fate number nine. The student is advised to note how it is calculated.








The fame everlasting which is his already will be all the greater, and the future generations will remember him as they do Christ and Buddha.

Cane No. 4. Ex-King Edward VIII, now the Duke of Windsor, was born on the 23-6-1894. The destiny digit of the Duke is 6. The figures in the birth date are:

Mental 3, 6, 9.

Emotional ... ... ... ... 2.

Material ... 4.

The famous Duke has an unusual mental triangle. With these figures, an amazing personality is produced. His ruling planet is six which refers to Venus. Numbers nine, three and six, reinforced by emotional two, endowed him with a strength of will and a capacity to love that led him to take a step which showed that the Duke was not moved at all by material values of life. Otherwise it was unthinkable how the King of an Empire over which the Sun never sets would give up his throne for the sake of a woman whom he loved and to whom he wanted to be faithful. On his hand the pTanets Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Moon must be strong. If the figures of the year 1938, when he abdicated his throne, be added the result is 3, and six being related to three indicates that the year 1938 would be memorable in his career.

Case No. 5. The Judge whose date of birth is 24-7-1901 has a well-marked hand, the

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