reading of which has been given in Chapter XXI of the book.

The figures are:

Mental ... none.

Emotional ... ... ... 2.

Material 4, 7, 1.

Zero is present to strengthen the birth date. The fate number is six if the century figures are added, otherwise it is five. The lines on the hand accord with the figures of the birth date. The attention of the student is drawn to the strong line of Fate, straight line of Head, well-shaped fingers and a strong thumb. The judge possesses qualities that go to make a good judicial officer. In character he possesses all the qualities denoted by the figures found in the birth date. His genial and affectionate disposition, sunny temperament, self-sacrificing tone of mind, breadth of vision and love of studies and desire to accumulate vast knowledge, and a sense of civic righteousness are denoted by the figures in the birth date.

Case No. 6. Herr Adolf Hitler, the famous dictator of Germany, was born on 20-4-1889. If the figures of the date of birth are added, the destiny digit comes to 5. The day on which he began the War was governed by number five. The result was that this date vibrated well with his destiny number and hence his success in the War was marvellous. Let us andlyse the figures in the birth date:

1. Menial plane ... 9.


Ki notional ... ... . 2, 8.


Material 4

The ruling digit is five. Thus in the figure-graph the association uf the powerful five with number <-iv<e and progressive 8 and 4 combined to give Hitler the power he wielded over the youths and people of Germany. The figures on the emotional plane dominated the dictator, and that is why he failed to calculate correctly, and lost the War. The figure nine reinforced by 5 and 8, and still further strengthened by zero urged him to do things in the War that macte him in his life time the most talkecl-of person in the whole world, and I do not know or any figure in history, ancient or modern, who in his life time had earned so much celebrity. No other military leader in the world so far could surpass his fame.

Case No. 7. David Lloyd George, the Ex-Prime Minister of England, was born on 17-1-1863. Andlysed, his figures are:

Mental 3, 6.

Emotional ... ... ... ... none.

Material , ... 1, 7.

The ruling planet is nine, Lloyd George had 3, 6 on the mental plane and these were strengthened by the powerful numbers nine, one and seven. In the make up of the Ex-Prime Minister, as a result of the presence of these numbers, were found moral force and courage, contempt of danger and a decisive character, which made short shrift of obstacles.

It is a historical fact that Lloyd George possessed those moral and mental qualities that brought him from obscurity into the limelight, and enabled him to embark on a war against political tyranny and feudalism under the inspiring number nine and aggressive 1 and powerful 7 and intellectual 3. Lloyd George seized the reins of Government into his own powerful hands in 1916 and it was he who in World War 1 saved England from a shuddering disgrace. The years 1909, 1917 and 1918 were memorable in the career of the Prime Minister. In the years 1909 which if totalled comes to one, 1917 which is reduced to 9, and 1918 to 1, Lloyd George achieved much. His budget of 1909 led to the general election of 1910 and in 1917 he waged war successfully, emerged victorious in 1918 and proceeded to the peace conference. Thus number 1 in 1909 and 1918 and number nine in 1917, which vibrated favourably with the date of his birth, played their part and made the years of his life memorable.

Now we turn to another method of divination by numbers known to ancients as the famous pyramid of fortune. We explain the method thus:

Take the date of birth of a person, say Hitler 20-4-1889. The ruling planet as already explained is the figure 5. We






want to find out the kind of fortune that would befall him when he entered the age of 5,1.

Put 5, 1 and the destiny digit as:


add the first and .second figures beginning from the left hand side and when they amount to more than nine, reject nine and put down the remainder, thus we get the second line: 515 6 6

now add the two and the result is as:

5 1 5

6 6


The year of the dictator was ruled by the number 3 at the head of the pyramid as the index or apex number, and we shall give later on the values and indications derived from the headstone or apex number of the pyramid which is shown for the sake of convenience upside down. The years which were ruled were 1939 and 1940. The indications of apex number three are success and gain with increase and expansion, great hopes realized and efforts rewarded. It is a historical fact Hitler achieved wonderful success in the beginning of the War. Curiously enough, the year 1940 (add the figures) was ruled by his ruling and destiny digit, i.e. 5, and that is why he achieved extraordinary success.

Let us take the next year of his age and calculate: 525

7 7


The 52nd year was ruled by 5, his own destiny number. In this year also success attended his efforts in the War. Let us take the 54th year of his life. 545 9 9 9

The number at the apex is 9. There was success, but it was after hard fights and contests. The next year calculated thus.


1 1


This was the year 1944 when Hitler began to lose. The index number is 2 and the value thereof is failure. Let us take another example.

< >