Date of birth. 29-6-1920. The destiny digit is 2, but in the 20th Century 1 is dropped and the destiny number should be calculated as: —

29-6-20 i.e., 19=1.

Let us know how the year 27 of this date of birth passed.


9 8 8

The headstone or capital or number at the apex is 8. This is the number of Saturn, and points to failure through jealousy and also shows loss, obstacles and hindrances. In the life of this young man, whose date of birth has been given above, the 27th year was a dead year, when he was forced by jealous people to take decision to resign the small job he held. There were obstacles in his path. lie was also transferred to an out-of-the way Station on account of the complaints of his enemies, but as soon as the 27th year was passed and he entered the 28th year, affairs began to improve. Let us see.


1 9


The apex nuniber is one, showing success through the patronage of people in authority. It is a fact that in this year he received appreciation for the work done by him and received promotion to a higher grade. Thus the student can make use of the birth date for divining the fortune. But he must verity his conclusions by referring to the indications of the hand. That is how palmistry and numerology can be used to read the life and destiny of a person.

We now give below the values assigned to each of the nine numbers when they appear as apex to the pyramid of fortune, and the student should make an intelligent use of it in arriving at conclusions regarding the year for which calculation is made.

Number One. Is the number of Sun. It indicates success, achievement, honours, good health and patronage of persons in authority. If it is the final number, it is good and favourable.

Number Two: Indicates failure through vacillation and uncertainty. It also denotes lack of will power, and women exercise a bad and unfortunate influence. It also indicates unfortunate journeys, decrease, ineffectual efforts, changes and troubles consequent on public disorders and infectious diseases. The number refers to the negative Moon.

Number Three: Refers to Jupiter and indicates increase, expansion, hopefulness, confidence, cheerfulness, wealth, success, productiveness of efforts and realization of hopes and success of efforts.

Number Four: Refers to Uranus or neeative Sun. The success attained is only partial due to lack of power of direction. A person does not obtain the satisfaction of his desires.



If position is at all gained, there is a loss of dignity and independence. Vanity is also indicated. Besides it generally denotes failure of efforts on account of obstacles, jealousies and oppositions. If success is at all attained, it is not worth the


Number Five: This number indicates Mercury and gain through the use of the faculties, success through correspondence or travelling, it also shows that power would be gained 6y a person through knowledge. This also shows that gain would come to a person through commercial instincts, clever manipulation of details and also scientific pursuits.

Number Six: Refers to success through social and artistic pursuits like music, poetry, painting and drawing, etc. Number six refers to Venus and shows that favours and benefits may come to us from young woman and a happv result of all efforts.

Number Seven: Refers to positive Moon and Neptune. This number refers to success through the good ofHces of matrons or married women of position and influence. A person comes to public honours, and success comes to him through travelling and commerce, Success is likely to be achieved through the forceful, strong and magnetic personality of a person. Besides, a person achieves success through travelling, publicity, mandgement of people, public works and control of public supplies. Fortune comes to a person through the pursuit of popular plans and aims.

Number Eight: Refers to Saturn, and if this is the final or apex number, obstacles, hindrances, privations, loss, hurt, defects and impediments, gloom and melancholia ess are shown, and a person is likely to come to grief especially in regard to the marriage partner. Besides, failure through jealousy, mistrust or lack of effort is denoted.

Number Nine: This refers to planet Mars. If this is the final number, success comes to a person through effort and enterprise. In spite of rivalries and contests, his object will be gained by force of will power.

In this small chapter on numerology as connected with palmistry we have thrown some light on a subject which is as vast as astrology and hand-reading themselves. The student is advised to make use of this knowledge, and make a deeper study of the science of numbers which is as true as the twin sciences of palmistry and astrology.

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