The pads referred to just now, if found on the hands of a doctor, nurse, or veterinary surgeon, are invaluable. Hence, it has been seen that with these marks a firm hand, short fingers, and a slightly curved little finger a clever surgeon or vet is predicted. If there are transverse lines on the inner portion of the second phalange of the thumb, there is present a strong power of attraction.

It is important for the student to note which finger dominates in a hand, as well as the dominant phalange in that finger, as each finger has three phalanges. The degree of strength or otherwise of the finger should be judged by the strength or weakness of the mount situated below it; for, if it is overlooked, a correct judgment of the nature and character of the possessor of the hand will not be possible. For example: if, on the hand, the first finger, i.e., me finger of Jupiter, is unusually long with a strong and developed Jupiter mount as compared with other fingers, we should conclude that the finger in question is the dominant one, and the subject would be a Jupiterian in temper, nature and character. In such cases, the finger is either nearly equal to the second or larger than the third one. Having decided this point, one should next compare the length of the dominant finger with the others, and note the abnormal development of length of the phalanges of other fingers as well. He may then conclude in what way the dominant characteristics are modified by these signs. It must be borne in mind that comparative thickness, width, flatness and length of phalanges should be noted, considered and judged. An unusual thickness of a phalange is equivalent to an uncommon length, but refers to greater strength of character and will-power. A finger divided into three phalanges is read thus: the first (nailed) denotes idealistic or mental tendencies; the middle one, the reasoning and business capacity; and the third, material or animal characteristics.

The Jupiter Finger and Its Phalanges. The first or index finger is known as the finger of Jupiter. This denotes by its length, width and development the degree of personal pride and self-respect that is possessed. If it is longer or equal to the second, this is a sign of an unusually ambitious person who desires to rule and dominate the world. This was a mark present on Napoleon's hand. If it is long, it indicates a tendency to rule, and is generally present in the hands of statesmen and clergymen. If the hand is bad in other respects, it means great vanity. If the finger is long, with a pointed tip, there is present religious exaltation and superstition. If of the usual length, but with a square tip, there is a tendency towards a constant quest for truth; but, if the tip is spatulated, then the person will be attracted to new creeds. If the first phalange is long, then a person has the intuitive faculty. If the second is long, it indicates ambition and love of domination. If the third is long, an autocratic, tyrannical spirit is indicated.

If the first phalange of the index finger is short in proportion to the first phalange of the other fingers, it signifies that the individual is naturally disposed to disregard religious duties and obligations, and has a poor opinion of them. The reasonable and the natural side will appeal to him first, and he is not likely to be swept away by religious impulses, except under uncommon circumstances. A long first phalange can alone give that sense and strength of religious fervour which impels one to surmount mean and worldly circumstances.

A well-proportioned first phalange of Jupiter, if pointed and combined with a clear, well-marked line of head, endows a person with a talent for languages and a desire and ability to acquire foreign languages with the greatest of ease. A very pointed first phalange indicates superstition and mysticism, and is met with in India among the Vaishnava devotees of Shri Krishna. It is curious to note that the hands of racing men,

who have faith in lucky or unlucky omens, have this mark in a prominent form.

A comparatively long and large second phalange of the finger of Tupiter coupled with a strong thumb and no adverse sign on trie hand to contradict it will enable its possessor to attain that status which he has always been coveting. The Mount of Jupiter under this finger is the mount indicative of sociability,

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