position, ambition, love of power, religion, and love of nature.

When the third phalange of the finger dominates and is coupled with a high mount of Jupiter, the subject will be excessively haughty. If the first phalange is also large, it indicates the religious intolerance of the Inquisitors, Bloody Mary and Aurangzel).

The Saturn Finger. The second finger is called the finger of Saturn and denotes the degree of reasoning ability, intelligence, and seriousness of the subject. It is called the finger of balance. If it is long and twisted, murderous instincts are indicated It is rarely long and pointed. If it were so, the person would be selfish. Generally, the tip of this finger has been found squarish or spatulated. This indicates love of animals, arid understanding of art, literature, and music. If the first phalange is long, a person is inclined to be sad and superstitious, and may sometimes have a tendency to commit suicide. This sign, coupled with a long first phalange of the first finger, denotes a nature having a firm belief in the doctrine of predestination, and may go to produce a noble type willing to sacrifice his all for the sake of a lost cause.

On the other hand, if this phalange is short, it indicates a septic with regard to the supernatural, and one who is not carried away by religious emotion. He will have a longing to cling to life, and is not anxious to spoil his chances of improving his lot, even if this can be done at the cost of others. Religious considerations will occupy a secondary place with him, when his own personal comfort and pleasure are concerned.

The second phalange of Saturn, if comparatively long, denotes a love of agriculture and mechanical occupations, and also a fondness for outdoor life. Farmers, gardeners, gamekeepers, land agents, mechanics, will have this phalange strongly developed. Saturn rules the earth, and all that is in it. Miners belong to the Sattirnian type, and generally have this second phalange powerfully developed.

A person whose dominant phalange is the third one is of the earth, earthy. Unless he possesses a good finger of Jupiter and other favourable signs on the palm, he will never be able to be better than a mere clod of eartiu

The Finger of Apollo, or the Ring Finger. The finger of Apollo is very important and useful in gauging the temperament, abilities and inclinations of a subject. Apollo rules art, music, painting, sculpture, literature, public life, and dramatic talens oi: a high order. But we shall be mistaken if we were to wholly rely on the Apollo finger to find out whether the subject can be a successful actor, painter, or musician, as many other factors have to be examined closely. This finger indicates the artistic flair, a desire for wealth and honour, and sometimes a vain love of ostentation in dress, jewellery, or riches. When it is unusually long, reaching nearly to the nail of the second finger, and sometimes equalling it in length, a certain amount of rashness and gambling tendency are signified. The subject is apt to indulge in speculation. If possessed of a weak will, he will risk everything, even life, for the sake of chance.

If this finger is pointed at the tip when other fingers are not of this type, the person is frivolous. If it is square at the tip, the person will pursue art for the sake of the money he can make out of it. If spatulated, a certain dramatic talent of a high order is indicated.

If the first phalange is long, the person has artistic inspiration. If the second is prominent and long, he is industrious. With a long and broad third phalange, one is very likely to turn artistic talent to money. Such a person is vain and given to ostentation.

If the finger is as long as the first, the person is moved by an intense passion for fame and wealth.

When the third finger is dominant, he is a true Apollonian, ruled by a sunny nature. If the finger is as long as the second, optimism will characterize the subject, impelling him to diverse kinds of speculation. But signs and marks of strong

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