will and wary disposition, if present will keep him from becoming a foolhardy gambler. Examine the thumb and the lines of head and heart for these signs.

The Finger of Mercury. The fourth finger is the finger of mandgement, and imparts strength to utilize abilities indicated by the head line. No person ever rose to distinction without a long Mercury finger. With it, even a fool would achieve success. That is why ancient Indian sages remarked that if the little finger rises above the first joint of the Apollo finger, it is a mark of good fortune.

The temperament can be found out by noting the formation and shape of the Mercury finger. The longer the little finger, the longer the subject takes to forgive and forget. A short finger of Mercury indicates a short temper;-but such a person is apt to forget quickly the cause of offence.

A subject with a long first phalange of the little finger has generally the gift of fluent speech and the power of swaying his audience. If the tip is pointed, he will have a keen sense of the ridiculous, and will possess a power of mimicry. If the fingers are supple, the line of head clear and deep, and the

first knot of the long little finger is well-developed and long, it signifies perseverance, industry, and commercial ability. This sign is present on the hands of successful businessmen and merchants.

A long third phalange is the sign of shrewdness. On a bad hand cunning and untruthfulness are indicated. If the line of head slopes to the mount of the Moon, it denotes a dishonest, untruthful, cunning and deceitful nature.

If the little finger is nearly as long as the third, it is the mark of a savant and philosopher. But, if the hand is bad, a deceiver and cheat are indicated. Although rarely found, if the little finger is as long as the second, this is indicative of the fact that the subject possesses immense powers of self-denial and sacrifice, enabling him to overcome all obstacles.

A curved little finger has been found in the hands of hospital nurses, and means that she is suited by nature for trie profession of her choice.

If the finger of Mercury is set low on the hand, it is a sure sign that the person will have to struggle against monetary circumstances all his life. This is a certain indication of lack of push and dash in the subject. If coupled with absence of self confidence, shown by the head line and weakness of will by the thumb, it presents a huge stumbling block to a successful career. But, if strength of will and self-confidence are in evidence, it is a magnificent mark; for it assures that the person is unselfish and gives him a nature that would scorn to use people and circumstances for his own personal advantage. This mark is present on the hands of humanitarians and saints rather than on those who live chiefly on the material plane.

Fingers on a Line. In certain hands you will find the palm arched at the top. This should not be regarded as an unfavourable sign, as it is encountered within a certain kind of thin, long-fingered hand. The bad or unfavourable sign is when the slope is all on one side. When the fingers of Mercury or Apollo are set much lower than the other two, there is not much power and capacity for carrying out one's ideas. There is always a hard struggle, even when a clear head line is found. But, it, on the other hand, the slope is reversed, the subject will be incapable of fair dealing and unable to realize high ideals despite the presence of an excellent heart line and the mount of Jupiter. On the hand of great persons, the fingers have been found set on a line, and this gives an evenly balanced nature and capacity to deal with affairs of life in a successful manner.

Some More Important Observations Regarding Fingers. For the benefit of the student it should be pointed out that the fingers should be straight to express ability and capability indicated by the lines and mounts of the hand. A twist of the fingers should be distinguished from straightness; the effect of illness should also be studied. It should be clearly borne in mind that fingers to be good

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