6. Zone of materialistic or wordly tendencies, tendencies denoted by Nos. 1, 5, 6, 9 as shown by the vertical line.

Height and Elasticity of the Mount. This should be studied, for upon these two factors rests the force of the subject's senses and emotions.

The strength or weakness of the mount shoud be read with the finger under which it is located as in the case of the mount of Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury, and in accordance with the height, elasticity, and toughness of the mount, as also the position of the apex. The student should also note the inclination of the mounts to one another and the straight-ness of the lines in order to judge their strength arid weakness.

The Mount of Jupiter. Mrs. St. Hill calls the mount of Jupiter the mount of society and, according to her, "it represents on the hand the instinct of gregariousness, our liking for our kind, society and its relation to ourselves. It also takes in our position in that society, our desires with regard to our fellow creatures." It also denotes ambition, love of rule, and honest pride, religious belief, and a certain amount of self-assertiveness, together with a fondness for looking important in the eyes of others, and a disinclination to make new acquaintances. The possessor of such a well-developed and shaped mount is as a rule healthy, handsome, and popular. He is also anxious to marry early.

Normal Development and Its Indications. When the mount of Jupiter is normally developed, it endows the subject with all those qualities of head and heart for which the mount stands. Sue! a person will not be vulgar and ostentatious. He will attempt to get all the best things of life. If the index finger is normal and the marks on the hand are not unfavourable, he will occupy a good position in life. He will be of a loving nature, and will go all out to advance the members of his family, and would not be moved by unkind and ungenerous thoughts for others. A Jupiterian is a born leader of men, honourable, dignified, religious, ambitious, and a magnetic personality. He is likely to become a clergyman, statesman, politician, diplomatist, school master, or lecturer. When the mount of Jupiter is abnormally developed and the finger is long, the subject will be vain, selfish, conceited and tyrannical. He will be gluttonous, and, if the mount is developed, inclined to drink to excess. He will have poor health, from dyspepsia, consequent on over-eating and rush of blood to the brain, a disordered stomach, vertigo, apoplexy, gout, and sometimes lung troubles.

If the mount is under-developed and the space under the first finger covered by criss-cross lines, the better qualities of Jupiter are not in evidence. The subject will not have the qualities indicated by this mount. He will lack ambition and will not take steps to improve his lot in life. There will neither be sense of self-respect nor honourable pride, and he may stagnate in his career. There will be elements of laziness, irreligiousness, and he will be averse to undertake anything on his own responsibility. He will feel nervous, shy, and awkward in the presence of strangers, and in the social field he will not command respect and recognition. These defects are likely to be modified, if the hand is ruled by the well-shaped long finger of Jupiter.

Inclination and Displacement of the Mount. If the mount of Jupiter is displaced and inclined towards the side of the hand, it denotes pride of race, and, if inclined towards its finger, pride of family, and, if situated in the centre of the mount, personal pride. If the mount is displaced towards Saturn, it loses most of its qualities, and is influenced by the latter mount, and inclines its subject to be more thoughtful and calculating. His nature is made more serious and morbid.

It should never be forgotten that a pure Jupiterian type is not met with in life. Hence it is not possible for us to recognize him by his appearance. But a person with a predominant Jupiter mount and a long Jupiter finger is likely to be of medium

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