height, very strongly built and inclined to be fleshy. He possesses a clear smooth skin, pinkish in colour arid healthy-looking, eyes large and expressive of honesty and kindly spirit with upper lips thick as if somewhat swollen. He possesses a straight and wefl-shaped nose, a large mouth with red full lips. His walk is stately and dignified. A Jupiterian perspires freely, and in most cases lias been found to develop oaldness by the time he reaches the age of 42. Because of his physical strength you will find considerable hair on his body. He is a natural leader of men and possesses a clear musical voice for giving commands or addresses. His magnetic, attractive personality and confidence in his strength enable him to secure and lead without difficulty.

For further information on the subject of mounts, look up Benham's Laws of Scientific Hand-Reading.

Mount of Saturn. The mount of Saturn lies under the second finger. When normally and well developed, it gives a sense of fitness and balance to other emotioas, and makes for seriousness. The mount and finger of Saturn are like the balance-wheel of a person's character. It connotes prudence, earnestness, caution, a zest for mathematical and calculative studies, an interest and inclination to take part in all pursuits which have something to do with land like farming, agriculture, mining, and other rural undertakings. Saturnians are said to find intense pleasure in country life. Of a determined nature, strong-willed, thrifty, and argumentative, they represent the type who renounce the world, and are solitaries, especially when Saturn is strongly developed, with the mount of Jupiter pronounced, in addition to a long Jupiterian finger. Saturn delays marriage, and Saturnians avoid marrying early. In some cases they do not marry at all. A true Saturnian is a born thinker, and has generally a prominent knot of the fingers, which are long and knotted.

A strong mount of Saturn shonld be judged by noting if the mount, is developed, and if all the fingers incline to the second finger.

If the mount is excessively developed, the subject has a distrustful nature, and is discontended with his affairs. He is superstitious, greedy, and obstinate. He takes offence on the slightest provocation; it becomes difficult to appease him when his emotions are roused. If the line of head is long and straight, he is of an unforgiving nature. He is sometimes found to be too proud to approach anybody for even a small favour. Fandtics, ascetics and revolutionaries in human society have Saturn excessively developed, so that it ends to cut them off from the mass of human beings, with whom they do riot like to associate. If: should be noted that this mount is seldom abnormally developed, and, when such, is the case, it denotes dangers, and the subject is liable to become insane.

When Saturn is utterly absent, it is a bad sign. For it would tend to make a person imprudent, reckless and frivolous. He is alarmed by trifles, and laughs away serious matters. He will suffer from fear, "a passive state of continual fear both of danger and of the consequence of any form of action."

Health Tendencies, A Saturnian is a purely bilious type. Owing to structural defects of the liver, his blood is poisoned by bile. Hence the skin has been found yellowish in hue. This tint shades his nails, palms, lines and mounts. He suffers from nervousness, rheumatism, haemorrhoids, and varicose veins. His lower limbs stand in danger of paralysis.

Displacement of the Mount. When the mount of Saturn is displaced towards Jupiter, it is a sign of self-esteem; and all the qualities denoted by Saturn exercise an influence on the Jupiterian qualities and modify them. If it is inclined towards Apollo, the sunny nature of the subject is tinged with seriousness and love of solitude. He begins to be a pessimist. The artistic side of the Sun mount is made grave and sombre. Besides, it also tends to make a subject happy when alone.

If Saturn is inclined to the line of Heart, it denotes an element of callousness, contempt and indifference.

Now a word about his appearance. A true Satuniian has been described as being a tall,

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