thin person with a skin tinged yellow. His chin protrudes, and he has a low-hanging lip. He loses hair, when quite young, and becomes bald. Benham says that his face is long, commonly called hatchet shaped from its thinness; his cheekbones are high and prominent, with the saffron-coloured skin drawn tightly over them. The cheeks are sunken, with the skin flabby and wrinkled. The eye-brows are thick and stiff, growing together over the nose and turning up at the outer ends, The eyes are deep-set, and extremely black, with a sad, subdued expression, which changes only when

flashes of anger, suspicion, or eagerotesss stir his mind. His ears are large. His nose is long, straight and thin. The nostrils do not dilate as he breathes but are rigid and stiff.

In conclusion, it may be said that a Saturnian if? usually an unlucky person, as he looks at the darker side of life and cannot appreciate the jov of living felt by a Vermsian or Apollonian. He thinks and feels that this world is full of sorrow and misery. In judging a Satuniian, we must be careful and. should not think that good Satumians are not found in this world. "Some of the grandest of men," says Benham, "noble, high-minded, and successful, belong to this type. Abraham Lincoln was one,** Satumians may be as eminent as Lincoln, president of the United States of America, but they may also become burglars.

The Mount of Apollo. The third mount is that of Apollo, found lying under the third or ring finger, Hindu writers call it the Vidya Sihand or the place or education and scholarship, Like the Jupiter mount it is considered good. The only mounts which exercise bad influence on character and incline one to criminality and vice are those of Saturn and Mercury. The rest may make a nature coarse occasionally, but do not denote inherent badness. Hie strength or otherwise of the mount should be judged by the length and shape of the third finger, as also its degree or development and the signs present on it.

Health, vigour, love of the beautiful, genial temper, spon taneity, versatility, brilliancy, and artistic temperament are denoted by this mount when it is normally developed. Subjects with Apollo dominant are the ones that make others believe that life is worth living. If this element of brightness had been absent from life, it would have been very difficult for man to keep healthy and vigorous. All Apollonians are not artists or actors, but they are certainly the ones that love beauty in dress, home, business surroundings and every walk of life in which they are found. They enjoy life by force of their spontaneous nature, and help those around them to share their enjoyment. if the finger of Apollo is long along its finger phalange, the mount finely developed with the apex in the centre and accompanied by a straight line of the Sun with stars on it, the subject stands a chance of becoming highly successful in business, as his magnetic personality, versatile and brilliant nature attract people to his side; and he is fitted to choose such articles as win meet the demands of the public, and he will make money thereby. Thus, it may safely be concluded that success, wealth, and fame are likely to be won by the subject through his talent in the arts, through eloquence, amiability, physical beauty, generosity, and inventive genius. Moreover, he is warm-hearted, but not lucky in his marriage as his ideal is not easily realized. He is not sensual. People with Apollo normally developed are sympathetic, lovable creatures, and have an element of pride, and, when they feel they are right, they do not brook contradiction. They are generally said to have a broad view of religion. Not dull themselves, they cannot tolerate it in others. they are sensitive, and form romantic attachments, which turn out to be unhappy, owing to their excessive idealization. They have originality. But there is no trace of vulgarity about them and their movements. Though desirous of praise, they are quick to detect flattery. They are the people with intense likes and dislikes, and are attracted to think of beauty instinctively, and hence a warning note should be sounded, in their case, that beauty is only skin deep. They are poetical, romantic and given to occultism. Apollo people are considered extremely clever. They have a strong inclination to take up the Profession of an actor, musician, composer, or author. It the ngers predominate in length over the palm, then the subject will be interested in intellectual pursuits, and may make his mark in poetry, architecture, drawing, painting, and the arts. He will become an outstanding man in business, if material tendencies rule him.

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