If Apollo is excessively developed, the subject is vain and hankers after flattery. He has a false view of his talents, and aa unfortunate inclination to be extravagant in his expenditure. Besides, there is an element of curiosity, frivolity, and envy in his character, and, if a woman flatterer comes his way, he is led to his doom. If such is the mount on the hand of a person, his fingers have been generally found to be twisted with spatulate tips, with a long phalange of the thumb indicating obstinacy, and a short second phalange denoting lack of the reasoning faculty. A little exercise of intelligence and reasoning will enable the student to judge what kind of person has an over-developed mount. If this mount is deficient, the subject will lack many fine qualities.

Health Tendencies. If the mount of the Sun is displaced towards Saturn, the seriousness of that mount is moderated, and it is believed that a love of children is found. If it is inclined to Mercury, the Mercurian tendencies and aptitudes are influenced by the qualities denoted by the mount of the Sun. Mrs. St. Hill says mat a love of animals is the result of this inclination.

Appearance of an Apollonian. The true Apollonian type is very seldom found in life. He is handsome and manly, with a stature ranging between the Jupiterian and the Saturnian. He is not fleshy like the Jupiterian nor lean and lanky like the Saturnian, but is shapely, muscular, and athletic. There is a suppleness and lightness in his gait. He is fortunate to possess a clear complexion, white skin, rosy cheeks, and an attractive look because of robust health. He has a thick growth of hair, and when he grows a beard, it is thick and full He has firm round cheeks, with beautiful large eyes, frank and honest. The nose is straight and finely chiselled, with dilated nostrils, fluttering with emotion. On the whole, you will find this type of person very attractive, and this explains why he fares so well in business. He has a full chest, which has a tendency to expand under inspiration. His voice is musical The whole body is gracefully and finely built. Just as the mount of Saturn has the line of fate ascending to it from the wrist, and denotes when normally developed a sign of an element of fatality in life against which human power reinforced by intuition and logic is often impotent; similarly, the mount of Sun has a line ascending to it, which is called the line of success or capability, and which, if finely traced on the palm indicates a fortunate career with fame and wealth as the reward. This line, if straight and faultless, strengthens the mount of the Sun and makes for the success of the subject.

Mount of Mercury. The mount lying at the base of the fourth finger is called the mount of Mercury. It has been termed the mount of cheerfulness and hope. The ancient Hindu writers call it the Jayasthand or the place of victory. The finger and mount of Mercury can tell us a lot about *ke temper of a person. This mount should be examined carefully to judge whether the good or bad side dominates. If the mount is good, it is a sign of outstanding success; on the other hand, if it is bad, it tends to make a person the worst of cheats and liars.

If normally developed, it tends to endow its subject with eloquence, shrewdness, commercial aptitude, a taste for exact sciences like physics and mathematics, and an ability to win success by studying them, inventive genius, quickness of perception, thought and action, and a fondness for travel and the occult sciences. These qualities point to the fact that a Mercurian can easily be a philosopher, physician, orator, inventor, lawyer, savant, .astrologer, palmist, astronomer, historian, businessman, and all those who work hard and study deeply. Besides, a Mercurian is a fluent speaker, and makes use of his wit, gaiety, and tact in society. He easily becomes a leader, socially, and is seen surrounded by those who are intellectually disposed, interesting, or are something of a genius. He is a mimic. He is a favourite of little ones. In dancing, games, and sport, he is quite at home.

Because of his ability to judge human nature and character, shrewdness, tact, mental elasticity, love of travel, study, and industry, a Mercurian makes a successful doctor with a lucrative practice, more especially when there is a mark of "medical stigmata/' i.e., a number of vertical lines on the mount; and a long mercury finger. He also makes his mark in the business world; and Benham

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