says that the Jewish race is strongly Mercurian in character and tendencies.

People, born under the influence of Mercury, are generally loved. They look young and fresh far into old age, for they do not allow themselves to be burdened with care and worry.

If this mount is abnormally developed, it denotes deceit, treachery, a thieving disposition and show of ignorance, Tims a bad Mercurian becomes a liar, thief and criminal, A business* man and merchant with this mark cheats his customers with

ease and uses his glib tongue. An astrologer or palmist will practise occultism lor trie money he can make from it. Besides, he can also be a bank wrecker arid a burglar. These people generally have long twisted fingers easily bending bacicward. Their palm is soft and obstinacy in their nature is indicated by a Jong phalange of the thumb.

If the mount is deficient, the subject is not at all inclined towards the exact sciences, or an}' kind of business where calculation enters, All the qualities indicated in this mount are absent from his nature and character; and the person is handicapped by an absence of all those traits which enable people to attain success.

Displacement of the Mount, If the mount leans towards Sun and is normally developed, it is a favourable sign to have, for it augurs eloquence and a flair tor scientific study. If it leans towards the percussion or outward part of the hand, it denotes talents for business, dash, -md drive. If towards the heart line, the person is endowed with courage to face emergencies.

The mount of Mars is double. One, i.e... the upper mount, has its location just below the mount of Health Tendencies and Appearance of a Mercurian. A Mercurian suffers from nervous troubles, and fluted nails indicate this disorder. He is also bilious til;; the Saturnian, but this disorder is cured as soon as his nervous system becomes normal. He is liable to stomach trouble and bowel affections. He is healthy on the whole, His own mental outlook keeps him fit. A Mercurian of pure type is small in stature. In appearance he is smart and has a forceful expression of countenance. The shape of the face is generally oval. The forehead is high and the hair inclined to be curly on the ends. The eyebrows are not thick, but regular in outline, tending sometimes to meet over the nose as in those ruled by Saturn. But this is rare. The eves have a restless and sharp look. They vvould see through you and would give the impression that you are being judged. The Mercurian is slightly of a nervous and bilious type. You may see a trace of yellow in the whites of his eyes. He has a large chest with shapely shoulders containing big lungs. The limbs are graceful. You are impressed by the well-knit body and graceful, smart appearance of a Mercurian. This in brief is a picture of the good type of Mercurian. But there is a criminal type as well. The fellow who represents this type is quick and short, small in stature, with restless eyes, rather furtive, and crooked lingers bending inwards. With a grilled mount, bad heart line, narrow quadramrle, and high, stiff thumb, he can become a bank robber, pickpocket, and dishonest

Mercury and above the upper mount of the Moon, while another mount has its place at the base of the mount of Jupiter, and is known as the lower. There is also the plain of Mars, located in the centre of the palm. A well-developed upper mount of Mars endows a person with self-control, courage, generosity, spirit of resignation and endurance, an utter disregard of difficulties, and a firm determination to carry out desired objectives, despite opposition. A subject ruled b^ Mars is a born tighter; but it should not be concluded that a Martian is always a soldier. You may meet him in every walk of life, distinguished by his aggressive an?! defensive qualities. In all hands, Mars has a development, and a deficiency thereof will stand in the way of success. The upper mount denotes resistance and the lower one aggression.

When the lower mount is developed, it endows one with a spirit of aggression, drive and dash to make his way in life, and courage to face enemies and difficulties. This is characteristic of a soldier.

When the

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