upper and lower mounts are excessively developed, they denote violence, insolence, and blood-thirstiness. A person becomes a materialist, sensualist, a boor. He is, occasionally, hot-headed and impulsive.

When these mounts are deficient and depressed, timidity, want of push, a hesitant frame of mind, lack of energy, aggression and self-possession are denoted. His success is barred.

Mars, normally developed, inclines a person to the army, surgery, police, and engineering professions, where fire and risk are involved. Mars is connected with life-saving as also with the taking of life. An explorer must have Mars well-developed.

Appearance of the Mars Type. The Martian is strongly built, muscular. He walks erect and looks as if he is always on the defensive. His head is said to be small and bullet-shaped. The back of the neck is inclined to be broad. The face is round. The skin is thick and red, often presenting a mottled appearance. The eyes are large and bold, with the whites red-tinged, indicating copious blood supply. The mouth is large and firm, with small and strong teeth. The brows grow thick over the eyes. The nose is long and straight. The legs are strong and feet broad. To a true Martian the coming conflict creates no fear of danger. An army of genuine Martians would not know anything except victory or death. The health of a Martian is robust, and he is a heavy eater. He is also amorous and strongly attracted to the opposite sex.

Displacement of the Mount. If the upper mount of Mars is displaced towards the plain of Mars, a person has a great love of danger, and if the lower mount is inclined to Venus, and the upper mount is displaced towards Mercury, there is great fortitude and serenity; if towards the Sun, there is poverty of spirit and meekness.

Mount of the Moon. The mount of the Moon lies under the upper mount of Mars and extends to the wrist. A strongly developed mount of the Moon makes the outer edge of the palm look rounder and higher. This indicates imagination and creative ability, A combination of a long, deep line of the head, signifying intellectual ability, a high mount of the Moon indicating creative and imaginative ability, and the long straight finger of Mercury, is the sign of a genius.

When normally developed, fuller at the wrist than at its upper part near the mount of Mars, it denotes a healthy imagination, love of poetry and of pure mystery, The subject is pure of heart. This development of the palm tends to keep humanity from becoming earthy. With this sign, a person has the trick of expressing himself well, and can enjoy the pleasures of the imagination. In the hands of linguists, musicians, composers, fiction or romance writers, this mount is strong.

If depressed or absent, there is a deficiency of creative, original talent. The subject is one who cannot picture anything and is decidedly dull.

When it is excessively developed, a person is apt to become flighty, imaginative to a dangerous degree, and sometimes has a tendency towards insanity. He is also superstitious, and subject to frequent headaches.

Health Defects. The health difficulties of Moon subjects are many. For lunarians have poor circulation, thin blood, white colour, and flabby muscles, a swollen paunch, and suffer from the disorders of the intestinal tract, such as inflammation of the bowels, appendicitis and peritonitis. The grills and criss-cross lines on the upper thira, middle third, lower third portions of the mount denote bowel trouble, gout and rheumatism, kidney, bladder and (if female) gynaecological troubles.

A Moon subject is generally tall in stature, with a round face, slightly built but flabby and loose-jointed. His complexion is white and he is exposed to weakness of the heart, kidney trouble, and often dropsy. His head is round, the forehead low. The eyebrows often grow together over the nose. The nose is short and small, often turning up at the end, and sometimes showing the nostrils very plainly. The mouth is small, with large teeth. The chin is heavy, hanging in flabby folds. The ears are small and set close to his head. The feet are flat

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