and large.

Displacement of the Mount. If the mount is displaced towards Mars, it denotes active imagination and inventiveness; if towards the wrist, passive imagination and day-dreaming; and, if towards the percussion side of the hand, a suspicious mind.

Mount of Venus. The mount of Venus lies at the base of the thumb, and is encircled by the line of life. Mrs. SL Hill says that this mount gives the natural affection of humankind, the love of mother for her child and of the husband for his wife, the two strongest emotions in the human soul. It would not be incorrect to call this the mount of love. There is another sign on the hand, indicative of love. It is the line which, according to the same writer, embodies the affection of disinterested friendship, seen in the acts of self-sacrifice. It is not necessarily directed towards persons, but is equally manifested towards causes and one's own country. It is the foundation of patriotism and of a sense of duty. But the love of the heart line does not rule the world; generally, it is the victim. The development of the mount of Venus denotes the degree of warm-hearted love, generosity, sympathy and strong animal forces. Its development should be carefully examined by the palmist, for a wrong judgment is likely to attribute base desires to many subjects who are otherwise filled with magnificent human qualities. When normally developed, it denotes pure affection, tenderness, charity, sympathy, and a passion for the beautiful and simple, innocent pleasures. There is also present a fondness for dancing and music. Count St. Germain calls it essentially the woman s mount, just as the mount of Jupiter is the man's mount. Subjects with normally developed mounts of Venus are generally very lovable characters. They are kind-hearted, generous, and friendly to everyone they come across. They are averse to quarrelling, discord, and strife of tongues. They are sweet-tempered, and possessed-as they are of a bright and sunny disposition themselves, they feel happy, when they succeed in mating others happy. They indulge in all kinds of amusements, but, even when these are not available, they can feel happy. Very good dancers have been found to have a strong mount of Venus with pointed or conic fingers of Jupiter and Mercury. An aptitude for cookery is denoted when the thick third phalanges of all the fingers are coupled with a prominent Venus. When the mount is over-developed, it denotes sensuality, lasciviousness, vanity, wicked coquetry, heartless selfishness, and excessive love of pleasure. When such is the case, the palmist should examine carefully the line of head indicative of self-control and judgment and look for a strong thumb indicating determination, for these are the signs that the subject will be kept in the straight and narrow path. It is also necessary to examine the quadrangle, i.e., the space between the heart and head lines, which should not be large; otherwise, the subject will be loose in morals. People with such a sign are likely to abandon their position in society when swayed by an intense passion. Women, with over-development of this mount, are inclined to be sensual, and are usually sterile.

When the mount is hard as well as flat, and depressed and narrowed by the line of life, it connotes lack of the normal sexual instinct, cold heartedness, and want of the conventional virtues of sympathy, love, and warm-heartedness. With such a sign, people do not produce children. To judge the strength or otherwise of this mount, one should bear in mind marks such as criss-cross lines or grills. The Venusian is attractive and beautiful. There is a grace in his movements and his body is well-proportioned. His manner is easy. You will recognize him by his medium height, white skin, fine, soft and velvety in texture, oval or round face, finely made with nothing to mar its beauty. His face is effeminate. When he smiles, his round cheeks often show dimples. According to Benham, you cannot miss Venusian marks on the faces of young people, which consist of "three vertical wrinkles over the bridge of the nose between the eyes." The Venusian has abundant, long, fine and silky hair. He does not naturally like a Jupiterian become bald. The eyes being round or almond-shaped are sympathetic and, under the influence of the passions they become voluptuous. The Venusian is definitely healthy, and the diseases from which he suffers cannot be located on the mount of Venus. He is subject to disorders of the nerves. Low types, governed by this mount, are victims of ailments, which will be foreshadowed by black dots or brown patches on the mount or the back of the hand.


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