of the Mount. It the mount of Venus is inclined towards the outline of the hand, it denotes purity of character; if towards the Moon, a love of luxury and sensuality. If it is dispelled towards the life line, there will be want of dignity and modesty.

Combination of Mounts and Their Indications. On all hands the mounts are present in one shape and strength or another. One should see how far each is outstanding, and what its indications are, and what they denote when read in combination. This method of reading enables one to judge what profession or occupation the subject is destined for.

For example, when there is a combination of the mounts of Jupiter and Mercury, we can be sure that there will be love of the exact sciences, arid a successful physician is indicated. The mounts of Jupiter and Mars, when prominent, denote self-confidence, bravery, and talent as a military leader. When the mounts of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are strong, one may infer there would be excellent luck through life, and wealth and reputation will attend him. The mounts of Saturn and Mercury, well-developed with good marks and lines, denote love of science especially medicine. But, if the hand is bad, the lines weak and unfavourable, it is indicative of a cheating disposition. The subject is a thief or charlatan. With Saturn and the Moon strong and dominant, a person is a thief or charlatan. If on the other hand you find the Moon and Venus dominant, the line of the head weak, the thumb small and supple, the subject will be a prey to his animal passions. Again a combination of Apollo and Venus with Jupiter and Saturn weak

will not help the subject, as they will incline him to sensual gratification. Different mounts incline human beings to different arts and sciences. An intelligent study of the mounts, fingers, and thumb will enable the palmist to read the nature, tastes, aptitudes, talents, and mental shortcomings of his subject.



There is an astral fluid, which is believed to radiate from the seven great planets that shine on us, forming part of the solar system. This vital fluid is absorbed by each human being, according to his or her capacity. Its ceaseless passage through the hand leaves traces and marks which can be read in accordance with the laws of palmistry.

It has been advanced that lines and signs have no real significance, inasmuch as they are produced by the hand's motions. If this were true, labourers and artisans, who have to open and close their hands frequently would have a maze of lines on the inside of their hands, compared with those of the professional and leisured classes. A queen would not have far more lines and signs on her palm than the lady-in-waiting or a semptress, who overworks her hands.

The principles of palmistry are logical and true. Our subconscious mindf is said to have something to do with changes that occur in the lines and signs of the hands in accordance with a change of occupation or character. Consequent in a change in our circumstances, and sometimes under the stress of a strong will, one would expect a corresponding change of lines and signs.

This point leads one to question the doctrine of predestination. According to the great lawgiver Manu: "Success in all worldly affairs depends on the laws of destiny controlled by the actions of mortals in their previous lives and the conduct of the individual. The decrees of destiny are a mystery. We must therefore have recourse to means which depend on man."

Again the same sage says: "The soul of man is its own witness, me soul is its own refuge, never despise your soul, the sovereign witness of mankind." Further on he says: "The spirit enthroned in the heart is a strict judge, an inflexible avenger, the Yama, the judge of the dead."

Thus we learn that the laws governing success in worldly affairs are mysterious, and are controlled by the actions of our previous life and our present conduct. In other words, the marks, lines and signs found on the hands of all persons at

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