the time of birth, and after, are there in accordance with their Karma evolved in former existences. The same facts account for a particular shape and the build of the hand found in an individual. That is why no two hands are alike. When the lines and signs grow deeper or fade away, it is the result of our present actions. It is a mystery how these lines change. The fact of the matter is that the soul is a strict judge and witness. It is this soul that, in accordance with a change in our circumstances and ideals, stimulates the mind within us to move the nervous system and cause changes to appear in the lines on the hand. Thus our life is the outcome of our past and present actions—facts which can be clearly read from the hands.


The Principal and Minor Lines and Signs. We now give a list of these lines as generally found in hands, adding others mentioned in leading works on palmistry

The line of Life or Vital. The line of Heart or Mensal. The line of Head or Cerebral. The line of Fate, luck, or Saturn.

The line of the Sun, Apollo, or brilliancy. The first bracelet of the Rascette. The second bracelet of the Rascette.


Fish. Conch. Canopy. Flag. Tree. Temple. Triangle. Pitcher. Lotus.

Swastika. Moon. Ashtkon or eight sided figure.

Bow. Sun. Spear. Sword. Spear head.


In the second list may be given the following lines: The line of the liver, hepatica, or health. The girdle of Venus. The line of marriage. The line of the Moon, or intuition. The third bracelet of the Rascette. The Via Lasciva.

There are other lines, found on some hands, classified as follows:

Lines found on the mounts.

Lines of influence coming from the mount of Venus, or from the side of the line of Life are called by some authors the lines of worry.

Other lines which may be called chance lines, having no

special location.

Lines found on the thumb and fingers. Signs. Besides the lines given above there are found the following signs marked by themselves in the palm, fingers, or thumb. These are: spots or dots, square, island, star, cross, triangle, grills, circle, the trident, the ring of Solomon, the ring of Saturn, the mystic cross.

We have so far given lines, signs and marks which have been dealt with by Western palmists, and it would be interesting to learn now from ancient Indian writers. The four main lines mentioned are;

The line rising from the wrist and encircling the mount of Venus and ending between the thumb and the Jupiter finger is called the Pitri-Rekha or Gotra or Mitra, i.e., Father or Family line. The Westerners know this as the Life line.

The second line called in Western palmistry the Head line is called Dhan or Wealth, i.e., Matri or Mother line. The third line called the line of Heart is called the line of Life or Jivan and Shilgun.

If these three lines are faultless and unbroken, a person is fated to enjoy wealth, longevity, and a happy family life. If otherwise, the result is different. There are three ascending lines, which are found terminating under the first, third, and fourth fingers. These lines, if strong and faultless, give wealth and happiness to the subject. Besides these three lines, there is one more ascending line, which, starting from the wrist, goes to the base of the second finger. This line gives success in governmental activities. Thus, there are seven lines. There is another line which starts from the base of the third finger, and runs down the palm. It is called the Vidya Rekha, or the line of knowledge or scholarship. This line denotes knowledge and charity.

If there are a number of lines running on the palm, it is indicated that life would be miserable, the disposition of the subject anxious. If only eight lines (referred to above) are

present, the life of the subject will be happy. If otherwise, he will meet with many misfortunes. A hand with only three lines denotes poverty. Thus, besides the three basic lines, there are five ascending lines corresponding to those mentioned by Western palmists:

The line terminating on the mount of Jupiter, called the

line of Jupiter. The line ending under the base of the second finger, called

Bhagya Rekha, or the fate line.

The Arogya or health line, ending under the fourth finger. The line ending under the thira finger, called Dhan or

Vidya or Dharam Rekha. The line of knowledge, starting from the base of the third

finger and running down. Besides these, the following are also mentioned:

Lines of children found on the mount of Venus and lower Mars running parallel to Pitri Rekha or the Life line.

Marks and Signs. The following are the marks and signs mentioned only by Hindu palmists; they are completely ignored by European and American palmists. They have been seen on famous hands, and I have given examples in later pages of this book.


Fish and its tail


Trident, tripatrakar a kamala rekha.

Lotus flower (padma).




Triangle, big and small.


Pot or pitcher.

Kuthar Rekha.


Chained rascettes.

The moon and sun.




Bow lines.


Diksha line, or the line of renunciation.




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