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Both the hands should be carefully examined, and the lines and signs noted. "The left," according to a saying, "is the hand we are born with; the right is the hand we make." Thus the left indicates hereditary tendencies, possibilities, family characteristics, race tendencies, particularly in the matter of health. Indications of approaching illness, worries, sudden and unforeseen dangers, coming marriage, impending dishonour, future fame can be found on the left hand.

The ideas and emotions before they are translated into action, fears fancied or real, and troubles which influence our life in any way can also be read from the left hand. Moreover, unenterprising, lazy people have signs and marks on the left hand. These are not found on the right, because of their lack of practice. Mrs. St. Hill rightly says that the Life line on the left hand will show the length of life shown by the subject's arents or ancestry, while the right will give us the actual mgth that nature, short, of course, of untoward accidents intends the subject to live. According to Vedic philosophy our present life is the result of our karma or actions in the past life, and, it is not strange, therefore, if it is believed that the left haiid contains lines, marks, and signs which are in accordance with our actions in previous births or incarnations. Hence these marks and signs are changeless as a rule; and from them we can detect all the changes in ideas, opinions, and general outlook of life. Thus, a change of religion may be read from the left, and a change of position from the right. I have found lines of Fate and the Sun and other good marks more clearly marked on the hands of persons born in rich families with big balances in the bank or in land, or house property.

The right hand of self-made people has better marks, lines, and signs, because such people use their wills to go ahead, and make use of opportunities and circumstances and their fellow-men. These people are fired with ambitidn. They have well-balanced hands with strong thumbs, long and straight fingers of Mercury and Jupiter, with flat plain of Mars. Moreover, the right hand shows the occupation of the owner, and a change in social position will be more conveniently read from the right than from the left. Indications of marriages of men are to be read from the left and that of women from the right.

In India, it is well known that the right hand of man and left hand of woman should read. No Indian palmist would disregard this point. The Western writers do not support this view. On the other hand, they advocate the examination of

both the hands of women and draw conclusions on the strength of the indications on the right hand. The view of the sages of India that the left hand of a woman should be read is based on the evidence of facts which cannot be easily confuted. The left hand of men, born in rich families, who do not have to worry for their livelihood, and who lead a life of luxury and independence because of their wealth and high social status in nicely marked with lines and signs. If there is no difference between the markings of the right and left hands, they do not rise above the position in which they are born. Women all the world over are generally dependent in their childhood and youth on their parents, and after marriage on their husbands. Therefore, the Indian palmists attach great importance to their left hand, which, if clearly and finely marked, indicates a fortunate career. But they also state that, in order to find out the fortune of the husband the lines on the right hand of a woman should be read. The right hand of those women who pursue an independent career should be considered more reliable than the left. Besides, the left hands of children aged less than fourteen years, of men who are left-handers and of those who are effeminate in nature should be read. But for his education and knowledge, the kind of position he is to occupy, and the children he will beget, the right hand should be examined.

In conclusion, the student should examine both the hands carefully, and arrive at conclusions in the light of observations made in previous paragraphs. My experience of reading thousands of Indian hands points to the fact that the right hand of men and women tells a great deal about the material prospects arid should be scrutinized carefully, after comparing it with the left and noting

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