it, sometimes falling from it. They are called capillary lines. They indicate the same weakness, as is shown by a chained formation.




Spots or Dots. A spot is generally the sign of temporary illness. A bright red dot if found on the line of the Head shows that the head would receive a shock or injury from a blow or fall. A blue or black dot is indicative of a nervous illness. If a bright red dot is seen on the line of the liver, it is generally considered to show fever, and, if found on the Life line, it denotes a disease resembling fever. Yellow spots on the Life, Head, and Heart lines show biliousness and foretell an irritable temper.

Square. The square is an interesting sign. It is called the mark of preservation. It shows that the subject would be protected from whatever danger is threatened. If found on any mount, a person is protected from the operation or the excess of qualities denoted by it. The presence of square around breaks in the line of Fate saves him from a heavy financial disaster, or loss of position and failure in a worldly sense. But, if this square is found under the mount of Saturn close to the Fate line, it only indicates that the subject would have a lucky escape from an accident. If the line or Head has this mark enclosing any portion of it, the student should conclude that a danger to the brain would be averted.

The line of Heart enclosed by a square denotes heavy troubles in connection with a person dearly loved. But the heart break would be avoided, and if unfortunately this sign is present under Saturn, some heavy misfortune would befall the beloved one.

When the line of Life breaks, and a square encloses it, the subject will escape death. On the mount of Venus it shows that the subject will have a lucky escape from dangers brought on by the tumult of his carnal desires.

When square lines outside the Life line and touching it are present, they mean imprisonment or retirement from the world.

Island. The island is an unfavourable sign, and affects the lines or place of the hand, where seen. It denotes hereditary weaknesses, and on the line of Heart it shows inherited heart disease. If seen on the centre of the line of Head, it shows that the subject has inherited mental weakness, and stands in danger of suffering from a weakness of the brain or an illness affecting it. On the line of Heart under the mount of the Sun, it has been found to foretell a weakness of the heart or disease of the eye. On the line of Fate it shows that there would be loss in worldly affairs, and the subject would be anxious about

what would happen to him in his future life. Besides, it shows that a person would fall into a trap and be cheated, due to the influence of a person whose fate is unrighteously connected with that of the subject. This island has been interpreted to mean in the case of a woman an illicit connection with a man. An island at the close of the Fate line is a terrible sign of loss and misfortune in old age.

On the line of the Sun an island foretells that the subject would lose his name and position through a scandal. He will fall into the danger of being ruined financially or morally during the period the line is marred by the island.

The student should note that any line running into an island on any portion of the palm is a bad sign, and spoils its rich and favourable possibilities. An island on the line of Health is a mark of serious illness. One should note the exact position of the sign. On the upper portion of the line, its presence accompanied by small round nails, indicates throat and bronchial troubles; with long nails a delicacy of the lungs and chest; with short nails, a bad circulation and weakness of the heart. Lower down the line on the mount of the Moon, it denotes that there will be bladder and kidney troubles.

An island high on the Life line in its early passage on the palm denotes that the upper part of the body, i.e., lungs and bronchial tubes, would be affected particularly if the nails are filbert; lower down, weakness of the digestive system; still lower down, kidneys, bladder and excretory organs.

When a line forming an island on the mount of Venus, and, crossing on to the Marriage line is found, it foretells misfortune and disgrace to the marriage. If the same kind of line attacks the line of Heart, some evil influence will bring disgrace and trouble to the person loved. When it cuts across the line of Head, the subject will use his mental power and ability to do something disgraceful, and, when it runs and bars the Fate line, some bad influence will spoil the position, success and fate of the subject at the date at which the lines join and cut across each other. The presence of an island on any mount reduces and spoils the qualities of the mount on which it is found.

Star. The star is a sign of great importance and relates to events over which we have very little control. It shows our success or failure and is indicative of death, heavy trouble, and misfortune. When a star appears on the mount of Jupiter, the place where it is found should be located. When it is on the highest point of the mount with lines of Fate, Head and Sun beautifully and deeply traced, it is a sign which promises a life of honour, power, and position. The subject will attain to the greatest heights of human greatness; and for the attainment of position and power there are very few marks which can equal it.

If the star is off the mount and on the side towards the back of the hand, it is the mark of an ambitious person, who







himself will not rise to greatness, but will have a chance to come into contact with famous people. In exceptional cases when other marks and lines are very good this sign promises distinction or power to the subject. If the star is found on the left hand, and is also seen on the right it indicates that the person has been born in a very rich family, and, before he dies, will rise to a higher rank and status in life.

If the star is accompanied by a mark of the cross on the right hand, the person marries into a very rich family, and attains a high social position. When a line from the Life line is joined to a star on the mount of Jupiter, it is a mark that the subject will achieve distinction by his intellectual ability and this will come to him as a surprise. This mark I found on the hand of a judicial officer who at the age of twenty-five beat the university record at the LL.B. examination. Besides, this is also a sign of unusual and unexpected elevation to a higher position in lire. This mark was seen on the hand of a Raja who at the age of fifteen received this title in an unexpected way.

When the star is found on the centre of the mount of Saturn, it is a mark of a terrible fatality. It gives fame and distinction. It is a sign found on the hands of the great martyrs and prophets like the Lord Jesus Christ. When off the mount, it shows that the subject will contact people who attain everlasting fame after meeting a terrible fate.

Star and the Mount of the Sun. When a star is found on the mount of the Sun, it denotes a brilliant position and great wealth, but very little happiness. Sometimes this position is attained at a very advanced age, when the subject cannot enjoy it on account or weak health. Besides, such people do not attain contentment, which, as Lord Buddha says, is the highest form of wealth a person can hope to have. When it is off the mount, it brings the subject into touch with very rich

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