people, but himself does not become wealthy. When it is connected with the line of the Sun, and is in the centre of the mount, it is a mark of great fame and distinction in the field of art. Such a mark was found on the hand of the French actress, Madame Sarah Bernhardt. When the star is in the centre of Mercury, and the finger of Mercury is straight and long, the line of Head deeply traced and straight, brilliant success in a scientific or business career is promised.

When the star is on the upper mount of Mars, the subject will become famous by an exercise of the qualities of fortitude, patience, and exceptional will power. Its presence on the lower mount of Mars is a mark of fame and success as a soldier.

On a strong mount of the Moon with a strong thumb and good lire of Head, the star shows fame and success in literary and artistic occupations demanding an exercise of imaginative powers. This is a mark found on the hands of famous poets and novelists and other masters of the arts. On the hand, if the

line of Head is weak, the thumb weak, the subject has little control over his imagination which runs riot and leads one to insanity. Some writers on palmistry call it a sign of drowning and death by suicide.

The star, if found on the centre of the mount of Venus, denotes that a person is endowed with an animal magnetism which draws the opposite sex to his side, and gives him success in the affairs of love. No jealousies or oppositions will deprive him of the spoils of conquest.

When this star is on the side of the mount, the subject will carry on enormous business and affairs with people successfully in the field of love. A clear star on the second phalange of the thumb is a sign of wealth^ Two or three stars on the back of the first phalange of the finger of Saturn denote a skill and ability in the mandgement of horses possessed by the subject. This sign is seen on the hands of famous horsemen. If the line of Fate has a star on it, it denotes that the destiny of the person would be blasted. With this sign, rich persons are reduced to poverty. The date should be read on the Fate lines.

When a star is found on the Life line, it denotes that an accident would befall the subject. But with a line of Mars supporting the Life line, a proverbial escape is indicated.

If there is a star on the point where the line of Health crosses the line of Head on the palm of a woman, it indicates the weakness of internal sexual organs. Women with such a sign have been found to suffer from uterine diseases and on hundreds of hands it has been seen to show childlessness.

Note carefully that no single sign, however excellent, should be read without reference to other signs, marks and lines on the hands. For instance, a star on the mount of Jupiter with a poor line or Head, Fate, and the Sun becomes meaningless and unimportant.

The Cross. A cross is not generally a good sign to have. If clearly marked and traced, it foretells some danger and disaster. There are very few cases on the palm, where it is favourable and good.

If there is a beautiful, clearly traced cross not formed by an intersection of the main and long lines on the mount of Jupiter, it shows that the person will make a lucky and happy marriage. If this sign is found near the line of vitality, trie marriage will come off at about the age of 16, if on the centre of the mount in middle age, if higher up, in the closing years of life.

A cross on the mount of Saturn touching the Fate line foretells troubles, accidents, and death. If this sign is present separately and above the line, it indicates death by crucification. On the mount or the sun, a cross indicates that the subject will fail to achieve fame and acquire wealth. But if the line of







Fate is strong and the line of the Sun rises boldly above it, there would be a few chances of success in his undertakings.

A cross on the mount of Mercury has been found to indicate a cheat, a thief, one disposed to crooked ways and double dealing.

A cross on the mount of Mars under Mercury shows that enemies would oppose the subject in a dangerous manner; and, on the lower mount of Mars under Jupiter, it foretells troubles and even death consequent on violent quarrels and affairs

If a cross is found on the mount of the Moon, it foreshadows death by drowning and a deadly influence due to the imagination. People with such a mark are drawn to water, and they are advised not to go deep into a pool If a line of Voyage has a cross attached to it, it indicates a drowning tragedy.

If there a a heavy mark of the cross on the mount of Venus, it deflates that affection would influence the subject in a fatal way. Such a person lives only once, and is foredoomed to failure. The presence of a small cross near the Life line denotes quarrels with relatives.

When a cross lies between the line of Fate and line of Life, an opposition to the career by the near relatives is denoted. But if this cross lies between the Fate line and the mount of the Moon, it is a sign that the subject will meet disappointment on journeys.

When found above, and not touching the line of Head, it foreshadows a wound or accident to the head. By the side of the line of the Sun, a disappointment in position or an impediment in one's career and its success is indicated.

If it attacks the line of Fate, loss of money is sure; if near the line of Heart, the death of a loved one is denoted.

fhe Circle. The circle is a rare sign, and it is only on the mount of the Sun that it is favourable and fortunate. If it is seen on any other mount, it denotes that the success of the subject would be interfered with. On the mount of the Moon, it indicates a danger from drowning. On the line of the Heart, a circle indicates a loss of sight. Its presence on any other important line denotes that the subject would be involved in misfortunes from which it would be difficult to free himself.

The Grill, The grill is generally found on the mounts of the hand and denotes that the success of the subject will be hampered by the weakening of the qualities of the mount on which it is present.

On the mount of Jupiter it indicates that the subject is proud, egotistical, self-willed. On the mount of Saturn, if found, it denotes that the subject will have too many aims in view, and his efforts will be wasted. He is very selfish and of a melancholic nature.

On the mount of the Sun, it shows that the person will be vain, foolish, and will have a great desire to make a name.


On the mount of Mercury its indications are that a person is unprincipled, with instability of temperament. If seen on the mount of the Moon, it foreshadows a restless, discontented, person with an unsettled mind. Its presence on the mount of Venus is a sign which denotes that the affections are unstable with no constancy in them. The subject is of a capriciously passionate nature.

The Triangle. The triangle is often seen on the palm in a clear-cut form. If it is formed by a mere crossing of lines> it should not be considered a triangle.

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