On the mount of Jupiter, if found, it is a fortunate mark to have; for it indicates that its possessor would have an uncommon skill and talents to mandge and handle men. This also is a sign of outstanding ability and diplomacy. This is a sign often seen on the hands of political and religious leaders.

On the mount of Saturn, it denotes that the subject will be endowed with a talent and tendency for mysticism. This is mark of great seers possessing high occult powers. Besides, an unusual ability in scientific work is also indicated. It is the sign of the yogi, and was found on the hand of Swami Vivekandnda.

On the mount of the Sun, it promises success provided there is present on the palm a good line of Head. Its presence on this mount shows that the subject will not lose his nead by an accession to celebrity.

On the mount of Mercury, it denotes success in a scientific or business career.

On the mount of Mars, it endows its subject with great presence of mind arid calmness in emergencies. On the mount of Luna, imaginative ideas are scientifically applied. On the mount of Venus it indicates that the subject will exercise great self-control, and will not himself be a slave to passion.

The tripod or spearhead has been called an excellent sign of success on any mount on which it is found.

The Trident. It is a rare sign. When it is seen on the mount of Jupiter, it foretells success in ambitious pursuits and attainment of aspirations. On the mount of the Sun it has been found to indicate power through wealth, and celebrity in public life or literature.

The Ring of Solomon. The ring of Solomon is found, though rarely, at the base of the finger of Jupiter, and is supposed to give great occult power. If a subject with this sign is not inclined to occultism, it is a mark which denotes that the subject would have rich commonsense and clear judgment in worldly affairs coupled with imaginative and intellectual talents of a high order. Cheiro in his Language of the Hand says : "When a love of the occult is denoted, it shows more the power of the master, the adept, than the mere love of the mystic as is denoted by the mystic cross/'







The Ring of Saturn. The ring of Saturn encircles the Saturn finger, and gives a love of mysticism. There are writers who do not consider it a good sign to possess.

The Mystic Cross, Cheiro, the famous British palmist, refers to this curious mark, which is usually found in the centre of the quadrangle at either its upper or lower extremities. It may be formed by the line to Fate and a line from the Head to the Heart, or it may be as a distinct mark without any connection with any other main line.

It is a sign of mysticism, occultism, and superstition. In order to judge the indications of the three qualities, the position of the mystic cross on the palrn should be noted. If it is found close to the mount cf Jupiter, the subject would be more inclined to know how his ambitions in his career will be realized, and he will not be drawn to study the occult for its sake.

When the cross touches the Fate line, the entire career and destiny will be ruled by a pursuit of occultism, especially when it is found under the mount of Saturn. This sign was found on the hand of Cheiro the palmist. Besides, this sign indicates keen intuitive powers to know people one meets.

Curious, Rare, and Unusual Signs, Mentioned in Books on Hindu Palmistry. In a sloka of the Hindu Shastra on palmistry, it is said that it is an incontrovertible fact that God determines age, actions, or karmas, wealth, knowledge and education and death of human beings. All these facts are to be read from the lines and signs of their hands.

Urdo Rekhas, Vertical lines, like the lines of Fate, Sun and Jupiter; the fish line; the sign of the temple: the Hal Rekha or plough line: these are the recognized Urdo Rekhas. Westerners have treated at length of the indications of the line of Fate, Sun, Mercury, and other signs; but they have not touched on the marks and signs which have been considered as very important by our sages. I have seen lines of Fate and even the Sun faintly traced on the hands of some persons; but I found them very successful. This prosperity can be explained by the presence of one of those rare signs and marks to which so much importance has been attached by our Hindu authorities.

The latter regard three horizontal lines, i.e., the line of Age (Heart), the line of Head, called Matri or Dhan Rekha; and the line of Life called Pitri Rekha as very important. Besides these three lines they refer to four vertical lines running from the wrist to the base of the four fingers of the palm. There is also another line which runs from the base of the third finger downwards. It is called the line of Knowledge and is a sign of honour. These lines though considered important by them do not explain the facts of life and as such they have described marks and signs which have not been dealt with by Westerners. In this section I shall make an attempt to give indications of such as I have been able to see on the hands I have inspected

and to locate them on the imprints of famous hands given in standard works. I hope these signs and marks will be identified on hands all over the world, together with the indications as given by me.

It is a fact accepted by Hindu schools that our feet have the same marks as tnose on the palms. The marks and signs supposed to be seen on the feet of Lord Krishna are given in these pages.

Yav (See figure). Yav is an important sign, found in the centre and base of the thumb, the rascette, joints of the fingers and the line at its start, as shown in the figure. If this sign is clearly found in the centre of the thumb, it denotes that the subject will be a distinguish.ed scholar and will become rich and bring credit to his family and race. It is a sign of a happy existence. If this mark is found on the right hand, it indicates that the person was born in the dark half of the moon, during the dav time; if on the left hand, the birth must have taken place during the bright half at night. If this mark is on both the hands and, if it is crossed by a line, the time of birth cannot be definitely told.

If this sign is found at the base of the thumb, it should be interpreted to mean that the subject will have a son. If this sign is on the left hand only, the person will have a son by adoption.

If this sign is found at the base of all the fingers, it denotes that the person will be licentious, and in some cases will meet death by drowning. When this sign is found on the Fate line at its start, it denotes the loss of one's parents at an early age.

If this sign is found in the centre of the Fate line it indicates that the subject will be tempted by the opposite sex. If it is found on the lower part of the Mairi Rekha or Head line, it shows that there would be a promiscuous mingling of sexes of different classes of society. If the line of Heart or Ayu Rekha has a sign of Yav at the end on the mount of Jupiter, it shows that the subject will meet his death at a holy place.

The Fish. The sign of the fish is a fortunate mark. It has been seen on the hands of men and women of the world. It is one of the four marks and lines indicative of the degree of material prosperity one is expected to enjoy in life. When it is present on the hand, the mount of Jupiter has invariably been found to be strong. From the astrological standpoint, it is a point worth noting that the

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