planet Jupiter is the lord of that sign of the Zodiac known as Pisces. This sign in the hands or men indicates that they will be masters of hundreds and they will be religious, charitable, and good by nature, They will occupy posts of authority, and there is a chance of their achieving fame in the field of scholarship. They will also command respect and honour in society. When seen on a woman's hand, there are few marks which can beat it in indicating a fortunate existence from all points of view. She will have everything in







life, wealth, positions, sons, and a husband who would have a great regard for her, and who would not, unless very adverse and unfavourable signs are present on the hand, outlive her. The student should locate this sign above the wrist. If the fish has its face pointed to the side of the fingers, it denotes that the subject will continue to enjoy happiness and prosperity all through his life. If otherwise, the benefits will come late in life.

The Conch. This is a rare mark, It is found on the hands of millionaires and famous people. It is supposed to have been present on the palm of Lord Krishna, and denotes greatness, scholarship, purity of life, and a spirit of renunciation of the world.

The Trident and Triple Forked Kamla Rekha. This sign may be seen on the hands of all successful people in all walks of life. I have located it on the handprints of great people, like Gladstone, Edwin Arnold, Bernard Shaw, Mrs. Beasant, Swami Vivekandnda. You will hardly find a person rich successful and


rosperous, whose hands do not have this mark. It is regarded y Western palmists as the sign of extreme good luck. In a sloka we learn that with this sign on the mount of Jupiter a person is immensely wealthy so that he owns a large number of mansions and palaces where there is a place for accommodating motor-cars, horses, elephants. He leads a life of great magnificence, ease and comfort. This is a sign, which has been interpreted to confer millions on a human Being, and with this sign I have found people leaping into affluence from a lowly position. It is also a symbol of greatness, wealth and goodness, if the other lines are good.

Its position on the hand is on the mount of Jupiter conjoined with the line of Heart, as also the line of the Sun or Vidya Rekha on the mount of the Sun.

There is also one more formation of this trident, and it is formed by the line of Fate passing through the point of bifurcation of the line of Heart, one fork of which is seen running to the Jupiter mount and the other to a place between the first and second fingers. This is a magnificent mark to have, and denotes great good fortune. It is the mark of a person who is highly sexed and has personal magnetism shown by the forked Heart line. But his love is idealistic, and there is an element of romance connected with it. These three human emotions of sex, love and romance when under the direction of a vigorous and marked personality, denoted by the line of fate passing through the point of the fork to the Saturn mount, drive a person to great heights of achievement. In the character of such persons elements of constructive and creative imagination are found. There is a balance and poise in their nature, and the result is that a eenius in the field of activity denoted by tie hand is produced. This mark has invariably been found on all successful and famous hands.

Sign of Padma or the Lotus. The sign of the lotus is a rare sign, and has the same indications as given above in the case of the triple-forked Kamla rekha. Avatars, like Lord Krishna or Shri Rama, had this mark on the soles of their feet and hands. Four signs—plough, lotus, pitcher (makar), conch—are indicative of greatness. The absence of all these foreshadows obscurity and poverty.

Canopy. The sign of the canopy is a rare mark, and if it is found on the hand of a person it denotes that he is the best of men and lord of all. This mark again was supposed to have been seen on the sole of the feet of Shri Krishna. I saw this sign on die imprint of the hands of Sir C. P. Ramaswami Iyer, Gladstone and Rabindrandth Tagore.

The Circle. The mark of the circle is seen on the tips of the fingers and thumb and their indications are as follows: if there is one circle, a person is clever; if there are two, he is good-looking; if three, luxurious. If four, poverty is indicated. The possessor of five is learned; of six, clever among the scholars; of seven, a hermit and recluse; of eight, a poor man; of nine, a king; and of ten, a government servant.

The Shell The sign of the shell, like that of the circle, is seen on the tips of the fingers and thumb. 'One denotes a raja; two, a wealthy man; three, a yogi, with great spiritual powers; four, a poor man; five, wealth; six, a yogi; seven, poverty; eight, riches; nine, yogi; ten, definitely a poor man. Read these on both hands.

The Triangle if there is a small triangle on the line of Life (Heart), it denotes that men through their exertions and efforts, will acquire landed property, agricultural as well as house. They will lay out gardens. When a big triangle is formed by the lines of Health and Head, it denotes that the subject will be famous. He will master the occult and secret sciences and cognate branches of knowledge. He will be influential, and possess a keen intellect. (See Figure.)

If the triangle is formed by the lines of Health, Head and Fate, it is indicative of the fact that the subject possesses natural powers of foretelling the future. He is a master of sciences and performs deede of other worldliness.

A triangle on the line of Head (Matri Rekha) denotes inheritance of property and money from the side of the mother's family. If seen on the line of Life or Pitri Rekha is indicates a rich inheritance from the father's side. If the line of Fate has a triangle, it is indicative of accession to money from an unforeseen source. If there is a mark of the triangle on the ras-cette, it indicates accession to wealth belonging to others and also honour.

The Flag. The sign of the flag is found on the hands of great men and indicates virtues of renunciation and purity and strength of character. It also shows that the person will be rich and enjoy the blessings of material prosperity and own all sorts







of conveyances. This sign I have found on the hands of successful people. The attention of the student is drawn to this sign found on the imprints of hands of men like Gladstone, Arnold, Mark Twain and others.

The Line of the Bow. The line of the bow is a rare sign, and will be found on the hands of princes and kings. On the hand of a millionaire, this mark was made by the two lines of Head and denoted a rich man, although the lines of Fate and Sun were shadowing it. (See figure.)

The Line of the Tree. The line of the tree is a very important sign. It is seen on the hands of all successful people. It is a principle of hand-reading that a branched line, especially when the branches tend to shoot up, is a line of promise and fruit. Therefore, if the line of Fate, Sun, Jupiter, Life and Heart are full of ascending branches, they would be considered lines of the tree as

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