ces in the various types of hand as to measurement herein given. A hand with a lon& slender palm will have the figures on the lines thrown much farther apart than will be the case in a short broad palm. But experience will quickly allow the student to make proper allowances for these differences to give him a sure






look, that will divide the lines of Life and Fate into properly-sized sections without any other compasses than the pair we all possess in our eyes."

These observations of the author are quite correct, and the student after a prolonged practice will evolve a system of his own. If he follows any of the systems treated of in books on palmistry in a blind and formal manner he will fail. My own experience tells me that no particular system mentioned in any work of note can be guaranteed to be a hundred per cent correct, I am giving a hand with the ages marked on it in the positions found by myself to be generally correct.

I have found the principles of reckoning dates mentioned by Mrs. Robinson in her book, The Graven Palm, reasonable and weighty. I cannot do better than quote for the guidance of the student.

"In fortelling near events," says Mrs, Robinson, "it is very common to antedate them two or three years, and, when foretelling an event which is many years ahead, it is a very frequent error to place the date of the event a year or two later than it will really occur. One of the surest ways of avoiding these mistakes is to start reading the life from the very commencement, endeavouring to tell each consecutive year correctly, and allowing for the dates in the future the same spaces, comparatively speaking, which you will feel sure, from your correct reading of the past, will be needed on that particular hand." Further on she says: "The student will find that, as a rule, dates in the right hand are marked higher upon the line of life than those on the left."

I shall now describe my way of reading time on the hand, which I have seldom found to fail.

As already stated, the student should start reading the life from the very beginning and endeavouring to fix important years correctly. The lines of Life, Head and Heart are to be read from the side of the thumb downwards, as shown in the figure. Lines of the Sun, Fate and Health are to be read from the wrist upward. The student is advised to draw a vertical line from the place between the first and second fingers to the line of Life below. The point of contact should be considered as the twenty-first year. The years preceding this point and following it should be located in an intelligent manner. The line of Life should have the years marked as shown in the figure, but the reader would have to exercise his intelligence to arrive at the correct date. Practice alone would bring about the desired result. The dates and time to be found on the various lines are shown in the figure, and the student is advised not to follow this method blindly, otherwise he will fail to arrive at the correct result. In fixing the time of events on the hand, the student will do well to note that if the mount of Jupiter is well-developed and strong, the subject will rise to a high position by the time he attains the age of forty-two. He should




find out if in this year there is any branch ascending from the line of Life, Fate, or the Sun. Such a person would go on making progress as he advances in years. Similarly, if Mercury is strong and dominant, the thirty-second year would be a favourable year, and would bring about changes in health and fate at the age indicated. When Saturn is favourable, the line of Fate is strong and well-marked. After the thirty-fifth year there would be signs of advancement, and his destiny would commence from the thirty-sixth year. On the hands with Saturn unfavourable and the Saturnian line faintly traced, life is full of struggles. But when this line of Fate is seen clearly marked, and this would generally be after the thirty-sixth year, the subject will begin to lead a prosperous,life. Subjects with the Sun unfavourably developed would have an unpropitious mark on the line of Heart at the age of forty-five, indicating heart or eye trouble. People with strong mounts of Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun, with lines clearly and deeply traced, start their career at a comparatively early age.

Cheiro has given a method to calculate memorable years by the date of birth, according to the English calendar. The method is simple. Suppose the date of birth of the person is 8th October, 1908. The important years, marking crises, would be obtained by adding figures nine to the date as follows: 8, 17 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71.

If the date is the tenth, the calculation would be 1 10 19

28, 37, 46, 55, and 64.            ' '

When the date goes beyond 9, the dates are to be reduced by adding the figures and arriving at a single number. Take the fifteenth. The calculation would be 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 and 60.

Another method which I have found very useful and illuminating is to find out the destiny number in the following way.

Suppose a person is born on 28th October, 1897. He will be ruled by Mars and his destiny number will be 9. It will be an important number in his life.

Put down the birth date in figures thus: 28-10-1897=10 + 10+7=27=9. The destiny numbers are as follows:

Sun 1, Moon 2, Jupiter 3, Uranus 4, Mercury 5, Venus 6, Neptune 7, Saturn 8, Mars 9.

If the destiny number as shown above is 9, it will accord well with its harmonics 3 and 6, and anv year the total of the figures of which comes to 3, 6 or 9 would be a memorable year. In the case of the above date, I know that the years 1914, 1920, 1923, 1926, 1929, and so on were years memorable in the life of the person. If the figures of the years are added they will come to 3, 6 or 9. Destiny numbers 4, 2, 8 are also harmonics, and a date of birth like the following 11-4-1922 would have the years, 1937-1939-1943 and 1946 memorable and eventful. The destiny numbers 3, 6, 9 do not harmonize with 2, 4, 8,







and any year which totals to a figure inimical to its destiny number would be unfavourable. The student should find out if the events marked on the hand are favourable or unfavourable, and then verify them from the date of birth and the destiny number. My own method is to fix time in accordance with the principles described above. The date mentally fixed has been verified by the destiny number, and I have with very few exceptions, found this method fairly accurate,

I shall now pass on to describe another method which I have been using with advantage. This method of calculating time for events on the hand has been mentioned in the famous work on Hindu palmistry known as Hast Sanjivani. This is here given with a view both to enable the student to use it, and to stimulate further research.

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