its course is an unfavourable sign, and indicates a loss of vital forces, and, in many cases, death, unless this break is supported by a sister line or is enclosed in a square. But the break should be verified from both the hands. If the line is laddered and broken up, a period of continued ill health is indicated.

Now as to the indications of its start. If it commences high up from under the mount of Jupiter, it is a mark that great success and honours will be achieved. The subject will be ambitious, and a person of great self-control On the other

fig. 13. LINE OF LIFE

3. 4. 5.

R island at the start of Life line showing illegitimate birth.

N M branch from Life line to Jupiter.

G P branch to Saturn.

G O branch to Sun. G F branch to Mercury.

6. T O' branch from Life line stopped by Head line showng mental miscalculation and mistake:

Line of Heart A B, Life line A W, line of Head A O starting and joining at A X Y line of Mars and from it M Y* to moon.




hand, if this line starts lower down from the mount of Mars, it is indicative of a lack of self-control and a quarrelsome disposition, and irritability, These facts are important to have a proper judgment and estimate of the psychological make-up of the subject to gauge his success in the future.

If the Life line narrow down the mount of Venus and is accompanied by a star on the conjunction of the lines of Head and Health, it indicates, on the hand of a woman, that she will be childless, and, if she happens to have one, that she will undergo great sufferings. (See GH. fig. 12) When the line, running for some distance on the palm leaves its place and course, and runs lower to the mount of the Moon, it denotes serious diseases of the genitalia of women.

If the line bends onwards towards the opposite side of the palm, that person will end his days in a far-off land.

The Line of Life in Connection with the Other Principal Lines, If the lines of Life and Head are clearly connected at the start and run on to some distance, it denotes that the sub* ject would lead life in a wise, cautious and sensible way. But this mark gives a sensitive and nervous disposition, especially when everything affecting the self is concerned.

Separated from the line of Head, especially when a wide space Between is filled with a network of little lines, and the colour is red, rashness, foolhardiness amounting to folly, is denoted. It also sometimes makes a person rough and brusque in his behaviour.

If the space between the two lines at the start is small or medium, the subject is energetic and possesses a go-ahead spirit. There is a lack of the element of caution, prudence, in his mentality. But it is a magnificent sign to possess, for such persons pursue a public career, for they are more free to carry out their plans and ideals. But the impulsiveness of temperament must be held in check to ensure success in undertakings.

If the space betwen the two lines is very wide, it is a sure sign of over-confidence, foolhardiness, rashness, impulsiveness, and unreasonableness in everything undertaken.

When the lines of Life, Head and Heart are all joined together at the commencement, it is a very unfortunate sign indicating that the subject will be involved in danger and catastrophes occasioned by his utter foolishness and defective temperament. So far as affections are concerned they are unfortunate and they are inspired by an all consuming affection for the wrong persons, or support the cause of an undeserving individual, and will not swerve an inch from the path, for they feel that it is their solemn duty to stick to the course, and the result is misfortune and tragedy. Besides, such people are not endowed with keen perception and fail to understand the real state of affairs. (See Figure 13).

When the line of life lies close to the thumb, especially if the line of Liver and Head are joined by a star, it denotes steri-







lity in a woman. As it restricts the mount of Venus, it is a sign of weak vitality. Such people have feeble passion and love affairs, and rarely beget children.

When the line of Life in its course joins the line of Fate and from there runs together in one line, it denotes that the sub-feet after the date indicated by the point of contact, will live on fate, and, if a branch line of the broken life line joins the Fate line, it indicates that there was great danger to life which was averted owing to good luck,

Branches, Forks, and Islands at the Beginning and End of the Life Line: When the line of Life has a clear and simple fork at the start and the hand is good, it denotes that the subject is just, and there is steadfastness in his conduct. But, if the hand is not good, this sign denotes vanity, indecision and fantasy. If the fork starts from the side of the hand, it has been considered a mark of inconstancy. If the line of Life is forked in the centre of its course, it is a sign of diminishing vital forces of the body. If the line of Life is forked, and a branch of it runs to the mount of the Moon, on a firm and good hand, it denotes restlessness and a desire to undertake journeys, but in a soft and flabby hand with a sloping and weak line of Head, it indicates a restlessness, which may be satisfied in riotous living, intemperance, or vice of some kind. I have seen hands with this sign, and the possessors were found to be addicted to intoxicating drugs. In some cases, inheritances have been destroyed and careers ruined.

If the line is forked at the end, the subject overworks in old age, and is ultimately reduced to poverty.

If the line is forked and one branch goes to the mount of the Moon, life will end in poverty away from the land of one's birth. It is also indicative of bladder troubles and diabetes.

If the line is tasselled at the end, it is a sign of poverty and poor health in old age. If the tassel runs to the mount of the Moon, the subject may become insane.

A clear island at the start of the life line denotes illegitimacy, and there is a msytery connected with the person's birth. (See Figure 13).

Branches of the Life Line. All the lines that rise from the line of Life are considered favourable and good. They denote increased power, gains, and successes.

If the line after its rise ascends to the mount of Jupiter, it denotes that the subject will rise in position or step higher at the date it leaves the line of Life. The mount of Jupiter, when connected with lines to the Life line, produces in man a strong desire and ambition to better his lot in life, and if these lines are uncrossed, clear and strong, the aspirations of the subject will, without doubt, be realized, provided marks and signs of the kind are

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