in half its course from start to the middle, it is round in shape, and from that place onwards, it descends straight and long, it is called the Ati Lakshmi Rekha, and denotes that the possessor will be rich and his birth generally takes place in the dark half. Some teachers are of the opinion that it takes place in the bright half of the moon.

Sukh Rhogda Rekha Line, If the Gotm Rekha in its start and termination is associated with lines, it is called Sukh Bhog-da RekJw. Such a line indicates that the subject will be wealthy and enjoy worldly happiness and his birth will take place in the dark half period of the moon.

Kubudhi Kami Rekha Line. If the Gotra Rekha is broken at some points it is called Kubudhi Kami Rekha, It denotes that the life of the person will be troubled. Being possessed of a crooked mind and intellect, he will do bad deeds, and all his actions will end in smoke. He will be disgraced, and his birth generally takes place in the bright half.

Sarv Sukh Nasha Rekha Line. If the Gotra Rekha is visible only in its middle course, and is seen in a dim state





early in its course and place of termination, it is considered to be responsible for the destruction of all kind of joys. This shows that the possessor will be full of troubles, and despite all efforts he will not enjoy normal happiness. He is born in the bright half.

Gaj Rekha Line. If the Gotra Rekha is at any place associated with a mole, it is called Gaj RekJia, and denotes all kinds of happiness, and his birth falls in the bright half of the Moon.

In a sloka Hindu palmists say that if a subject has the first kind of line in a faultless form with no unfavourable signs present on it, it indicates that he will have the backing and support of his father, who will see to all his comforts; and, if this is associated with a good Matri Rekha (Head line) and the third Life line (Heart line), the possessor will have wealth and a long life.

They say, further, that if this line of Gotra (Life line) and Dhan Rekha (Head line) are connected, he is said to build new houses, and if they have no connection at all, he is said to dispose of the houses he possesses.

From the above description of this important line, it must have become clear that in the main aspects there is hardly any difference between the teachings of the two schools. Both the schools describe a faultless, deeply, evenly, and clearly traced unbroken line, as indicative of a fortunate existence. The teachings of the Western school are however detailed.

Now we turn to another point. It is possible to know the length of life from the line of Life. Western palmists are unanimous in saying that the whole hand and marks, lines and signs thereon should be examined before calculating the length of life of the subject. They draw our attention to that important line, the line of Health and marks on the lines of Heart and Head and the mounts. The fact of the matter is that no one individual sign is sufficient to tell one's life span.

The teachers of the Eastern school state that longevity is judged by three main lines, i.e., lines of Life (Heart), Dhan (Head), and Gotra (Life). The details given by them are intricate and have not been verified and illustrated so that it will not help the student to know the details. On the other hand confusion is likely to be caused.





It is a fact many times verified that the line of Mars, often called the sister to the line of Life and three bracelets are necessary adjuncts of the Life line and the line of Health.

Line of Mars. The line of Mars is called the inner line of Life and should be read with reference to the shape, size, and type of the hand on which it is found. This line denotes every-tning which relates to the vitality or the martial tendencies of the subject. This sign has been found on the hands of all those people who fought their way up in life, struggled against adverse circumstances, surmounted difficulties and faced accidents and escaped them. Cheiro found it on the hands of Gladstone and Kitchener; and Napoleon had this sign prominently marked on his hand. Aristotle was familiar with it, and found it on the hands of several Greek generals. It undoubtedly signifies abounding vitality, and the student while examining the hand should carefully judge the way in which the overflow of vitality will be used. On a broad powerful hand with well-defined fingers and a thumb indicative of a strong will and a reasonable use of the logical faculty, it will mean robustness and vitality essential for building up a great career.

The first thing that I would impress upon the student is the fact that this line does not rise from the line of life and has no connection whatever with it at its starting point. To be favourable, it should lie away from and parallel to the Life line which it strengthens. Its place very near the life line has been interpreted to denote a quarrelsome nature, love of litigation and irritability of temperament that brings one into conflict with one's neighbours, family members and others who happen to come into contact with oneself. If this line is found on narrow thin hands, these indications are very much in evidence.

As already stated, on a broad hand indicating prudence, good judgment, and strength of will a commanding position is likely to oe attained, and the subject has the capacity to bear down all opposition.

If it runs only for a limited space parallel to the line of Life, it denotes tnat the influence is limited to the space of time upon the portion of the line of Life it duplicates.

Its great depth, breadth and red colour shows that the subject is of a violent nature, sensual disposition, and possessed of a masterful spirit.

S 7







If this line of Mars lias a branch shooting to the mount of the Moon, it indicates a craving for intoxicating drugs and an inclination towards intemperance of every kind due to excessive animal heat and energy.

Three Bracelets. The bracelets are those lines on the wrist shown in Figure 1. There are seme authors who do not attach much importance to these lines. They regard only the upper one as important. On the hand of a woman, if the first bracelet is high up the wrist and strongly convex in shape, it denotes weakness of the generative functions and danger is indicated at the time of childbirth. If a person has all the three bracelets perfectly formed, it is a sign of a lucky, successful and prosperous existence. Ordinarily not more than two bracelets are seen on the hand. If it is chained, life will be spent in struggle and toil. It is also believed that the three bracelets indicate health, wealth and happiness. The lucky possessors of a fourth will be very healthy. It is highly uncommon to have more than three bracelets.

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