Germaine says that one bracelet clearly marked and unbroken, denotes a life of 23 to 28 years. If two such bracelets a life of 48 to 56 years is promised. And if three,

69 to 84 years of life.

If the bracelets are well-defined, well-coloured, and clear, health, wealth, happiness, and good luck are expected.

If the first bracelet is chained, the subject will have to work very hard all his life? but will win success in the end,

If the bracelets are badly formed, the subject will be a spendthrift and will waste his energies in luxuries of all kinds, but this sign alone should not be interpreted in this light, unless confirmed elsewhere on the hand.

Lines springing from the wrist and going up to the mount of the Moon denote travel and journeying.

A cross on the rascette is a sign of a difficult Me ending in a peaceful manner.

If there is an angle at the centre of the bracelet, money will be obtained by inheritance and positions of honour will come to the subject in old age,

Oriental Palmists on Bracelets. Hindu palmists have described two kinds of bracelets, one of a common type as shown in the the Figure, called Yav Mala, i.e., a line having some

kind of islands.

Indications of the First Type, If there are three or two bracelets or one bracelet, they are (I) favourable and good, (2) good with medium benefits, and (3) indicative of a life oTpoverty and privation respectively. Sometimes when these lines are four in number or even three, and are seen arching round the



wrists, and are clear on the back side of the hand, the indications are that the life would be happy. Three lines on the hands of a ruling prince and two on that of a woman are regarded as good and propitious.


The indications of the Yav Mala line as shown in the Figure if two such lines are seen, the subject will be either a

prince or a minister. He will be wealthy and wise. If there are three such lines visible on the back portion of the hand, they denote a person holding a position of power higher than a raja.







The Line of Health. (See Fig. 14).

There is one other line that needs treatment in connection with the line of Life, It is important and indicates a great deal regarding the health of the subject. Health, undoubtedly, is the first wealth, and all possible care should be exercised to protect it.

A great difference of opinion exists regarding the part of the hand on which the line of Health commences. Cheiro on the basis of his observation and practical experience says that it takes its rise at the base of the face of the mount of Mercury and draws across the hand and attacks the line of Life, when the germs of disease grow in the system. They attain their climax when the Health line touches the line of Life. According to him, the line of Life relates to the promised length of life from heredity and natural causes, and the line of Health denotes the effect of the kind of life the subject has led. The conjunction of these two lines if equally strong denotes the dat^ of death. On the other hand, some other authors of whom Si. Germaine is the most distinguished, say that its farthest starting point is close to the bracelets in the vicinity of the line of Life and its extreme termination is on the mount of Mercury.

All writers are unanimous in stating that its absence is considered a great boon, and is a sure sign of steady health, strong constitution, a healthy state of the nervous system, and as a result, financial success.

Character of the Line. If the line of Health is not joined with the line of Life, with well-formed bracelets, it denotes a long life, and a constitution with a great reserve of resistance to disease. When the mount of the Moon is developed and the line of Health is clearly traced on the palm, it denotes many voyages.

If the line of Health is strongly coloured and red, with dark spots on the line of Head, a feverish disposition is denoted. If it is poor, irregular, wavy, broken and in pieces it indicates indigestion. When it is thick and heavy, a great delicacy and many illnesses are indicated. When the line of Life is chained, these indications are more certain.

When the line of Health is irregular, twisted, yellowish in colour, the subject will suffer from billiousness and liver complaints.

When the line of Health is seen heavily marked and traced fiom the line of Head downwards towards the line of Life, it denotes that the nervous system has been overstrained and the

subject; stands in need of taking proper care of his health. I have never found this mark to fail.

Red spots on the line of Health indicate rheumatic fever. The line of Health to be connected with the line of Heart and found stopped by it indicates heart disease.

The line of Head islanded, the line of Health heavily marked when joining the Heart and Head lines foreshadows brain fever.

When the line of Health or any branch from it touches the line of Life, it foreshadows a severe illness and danger of death at the date where the two lines meet. (See Fig. 14, DT).

The warning of an approaching end, if needed, is very likely to help the subject in escaping worst results.

The line of Health with a loop or island in it near but above the line of Head, indicates trouble with the nose and throat and a disposition to catarrh. (See Fig. 14, K).


l. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Line of Health islanded K.

E F Health line touching life line

T D branch from Health line touching Life line.

Line of Heart triple forked to Jupiter.

This is

Trident made with forks C O, R O, and fate line N O Q.

a magnificent Sign Fork at the end of line of Heart.

The line of Health with a loop or island below and above the line of Head as shown in

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