the Figure is a sure mark of deli-







cacy and danger from the chest and lungs especially when the nails are long, almond-shaped, narrow and fluted. This sign means neuritis, and general inflammation of the nerves.

The line of Health, when absent and the hands hard with pointed tipped fingers, is a sign of an active disposition, and when the mount of Mercury is well-developed, it denotes a large amount of vivacity.

The line of Health indicates heart disease when it is irregular in its course, with red or bluish spots on the line.

If the lines of Head and Health form a big clear cross in both hands, it is a mark of a talent for occult sciences.

If the line of Head slopes down to the mount of the Moon where it forms a cross with the line of Health, it should be considered a mark of an over-heated imagination.

If a triangle is formed with the lines of Head, Health and Fate, it denotes a gift for intuition, a taste for the sciences and clairvoyance.

If there is a branch running from the line of Health to the line of Sun, it is sign of change in one's business and a talent for commerce.

If a star is seen on the line of Health, it is a sign of sterility.

Blindness is indicated, when there is a star close to the line, in the triangle or a cross high up on the line with a circle on the line of Head.

The subject will become bankrupt if his line of Health is islanded, the line of Fate crossed by small lines, and the line of the Sun, either absent or poorly traced.

Hindu writers do not make mention of a line of Health. They refer to an ascending line from the wrist upward towards the mount of Mercury. This, according to them, indicates a prominent business career and accumulation of wealth.

Before we pass on to the treatment of other lines in the hand, it would help the student if the signs and marks of healthy hand are stated.

Indications of a Healthy Hand. A healthy hand is one which is well-formed without excessive development of any part. The palm should be firm and elastic. The skin should be clear, inclined to be dry rather than damp. The nails should be large, bright, copper-coloured, elastic but not brittle. Half moons should be slightly marked on the nails. The mounts and fingers should be very firm, for flabbiness and depression in the muscles militate against good health. The colour of the palm should be even all over. It is always a sign of luck to nave very few lines on the hand. The principal four lines, i.e., Head, Heart, Life and Fate should be clearly, deeply and evenly traced on the palm, and they should lie in their normal places. The fewer the lines, the less the subject is troubled either physi-

cally or mentally. Criss-cross lines, dots, and marks on lines mounts and other places indicate various kinds of illness and disease according to their positions and shape on the palm. If these are absent, the subject will have uniformly good health throughout his Life.

An Unhealthy Hand and Its Indications. If the hand is unhealthy, its outline is abnormal. The fingers are crooked, the palm is fleshy, the skin is soft or damp. The nails are r^rittle or very hard, and bluish white. The half moons are white in colour. There is a whitenes of the ridges, with bluish-ness and spots on the nails. There are depressions in the wrong places. The temperature of the hand is either too hot or too cold. There are abnormal lines or a large number of small lines covering the palm. The mounts are marked with grills, islands and other unfavourable signs. Besides, blue or black dents or dots are seen on the lines. The lines are faint and seem to disappear gradually, or in places they are nibbed out. Depth of a line is a sign of vitality in the hand. Therefore it is an unfavourable and bad sign, when lines on the hand begin to grow dim, as vitality and life itself fades out. It is a fact that, with improvement in health, there is a marked improvement in the depth and shape of the lines. When the lines fade out in both hands, it is a sure sign of the approaching end.







The line of Heart runs its normal course on the bases of the mounts of four creative planets, viz. Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. It represents the creative instincts, the life impulse, emotions and important traits of character, which go to make the human personality. A close study of this line will tell us the nature of sexual tendencies and urge as also the sociable-ness of the subject. "This line is the line of affection," says Mrs. St. Hill, "of the highest form of love, of duty and conscientiousness. The mount of Venus is the symbol of the more ordinary emotions. The sentiment of love which is common to mankind, to all beings for each other, devotion of spouses, of parents for their children, of the other for those who care and protect them. The other side of attachment, the side of self-sacrifice, unselfishness or devotion to friendship, to causes, country, is shown by the line of Heart. Both the signs must be considered together. As, for instance, a low mount of Venus indicative of a cold disposition, may be compensated by a long, deep line of Heart indicating unselfish conscientiousness. A short line may be compensated by a full mount, giving in many cases the warm emotions that will overcome the desire of the subject to absorb himself only in his own concerns and to think only of his own good."

To make an estimate of the personality of the subject we must examine the line of Heart along with the mount of Venus. The line of Heart indicates the nature of sexual tendencies and feeling of love of the subject, and the mount of Venus also denotes the same traits of character. The line of Head and thumb denote the amount of will power and self-control, and a well-marked girdle of Venus the nature of emotional responsiveness and sensitivity.

On the basis of my practical experience of having read the hands of persons in every walk of lire, I have come to the conclusion that the line of Heart is indicative of what makes a human personality, that which draws sexes towards each other; and it is this aspect of life upon which rests the fabric of society; with it is connected that institution which is called marriage, the lines of which are found on the mount of Mercury, running parallel to the line of Heart.

Hindu palmists call this line Shil Gun Rekha, i.e., the line of character. That this line tells us important facts about the character of a person has been proved beyond doubt, and we shall refer to this point when giving the main indications of this line. The reason why the ancients called it the line of Life

is that in its course through the palm, it is influenced by the four creative planets, including the Sun which is the centre of our solar system, and is the source of all energy and life. Without the Sun, all life on this earth is unthinkable, and would cease. In numerology the Sun is represented by one, and the all-pervading creative energy, the first cause of this universe is represented

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