by zero and from this springs the Sun god, the life-giver of earthly beings. It is not therefore a matter of surprise that the line of Heart has been named by the Hindus as the line of Life. In support of this view we may quote Mr. Noel Jaquin, the famous English author of the book, Mans Revealing Hand: "The sheen and lustre in the Tapestry of Life is given by the Golden thread of Sex. Sex is the whole impulse of life; it is the driving, dynamic, creative force that animates the whole world. It is fundamentally the unconscious


Starting Points

OHM from top of Jupiter.

P H M from centre of Jupiter.

T E M from between first and second fingers.

R M from Saturn.

GEM curving on lower Jupiter.

F E M branches from line of Heart curving on Head line.

W M chained line of Heart with hair lines falling from and running

into it.





source of all creative effort, and however poetically this matter is treated, the reality of its vital importance cannot be exaggerated.

Character in Line: The line of Heart to be perfect must be narrow, deep, of good colour, finely traced, not wavy, It should be long and should not go beyond the apex of Jupiter. If it does, the subject is moved by too much enthusiasm for some object or cause. Tke great master of the science, Des-barolles says that if it should encircle the mount to the Percussion of the hand, it denotes that the subject would be in danger of killing himself through failure in his devotion to the object of his affections. These indications are accentuated, if a person has a weak thumb, high Moon and sloping Head line. The length and the straightness of the line denotes patriotic and


hilanthropic feelings, the strength of which should be judged y the size of the mounts and other signs present on the hand. The depth of the line shows the amount of feeling possessed by the subject. A short line indicates a selfish and undutiful disposition. If the line be deep, the subject will care very much for few people and this also from a selfish standpoint. Such people are likely to prove good husbands and wives provided they have a good thumb and mount of Venus. But they are not likely to be good friends. If the line by its thickness, depth and strength looks stronger than the line of Head, the desire for love will outweigh every other consideration and with a good Head line, the subject would be unselfish in hi* affections.

Starting Points. The line of Heart rises from any one of the following important positions: the middle of the mount of Jupiter; from the top of the Jupiter mount immediately under the first finger; between the nrst and second fingers; or from the mount of Saturn.

When it rises from the centre of the mount of Jupiter, the subject has an idealistic type of affection in which there is firmness, strength and reliability and he would have fewer love affairs in his life than the one whose line rises from Saturn (see figure 15. P M.). When it rises from the top of the Jupiter mount, from the finger itself, or from the outside of the mount it denotes that all foregoing qualities are in excess and the subject is a blind enthusiast and it hurts him to think that the object of his love has faults. People with this sign have been great sufferers in the world of love, especially when they fail to meet one capable of the same kind of feelings. There are cases of course where this idealistic love has been returned. Cheiro cites the case of Mr. E. Gladstone who had this sign in his hand and was blessed with such idealistic affection (see Figure, 15 OM).

When the line of heart rises very low on the mount of Jupiter it indicats that there is no strong sexual passion as in the Heart line from Saturn, but an intense depth of friendship for man and woman alike.



When the line ot Heart rises between the first and second fingers, it is a good sign, for it denotes the calm and deep temperament that loves equably. This is a mark of wonderful and unfaltering love. This is the love that endures even though the beloved has failings, which are all generously forgiven. The passions of the person are more subdued and calmer. Besides, subjects with this sign are not sentimental. They look at the affairs of love from a practical standpoint. They do not act foolishly and are sensible, although quite strong in affection (see T.M. Figure 15).

A line from the mount of Saturn, more especially when the hand is soft and flabby, indicates more sensuality than affection. Such a person is selfish in his desires, and loves only for the pleasure from sexual relations. Saturnian persons are cynics and mentally aloof, undemonstrative and pitiless. Cheiro calls them love's hypocrites, and they are found both among men and women. Men with this sign have been found to be passionate, selfish and terribly insistent in their efforts to gain the object of their love. There is nothing in the world which they would not do, and they would sweep away everything that would obstruct their path of conquest, but it is a pity they will not display even little of tenderness or affection. If found on the hands of a woman, it makes her an adventuress and she would stimulate love with surprising persistence so that the so-called object of her affection would be deceived. These Saturnian hypocrites in love are amazingly depraved in nature.

When this line rises very high on the mount, often from the very finger of Saturn, all the above indications are found in a more intensified form, and whether people around them are happy or otherwise they do not worry in the least, A jealous disposition is denoted by a line of Heart which is extremely long, more particularly when it is accompanied by a sloping line ot Head running to the mount of Moon. This is a very unlucky sign to have.

When the line of Heart is seen curving downward at the base of the mount of Jupiter (Fig, 15, GM), it indicates that the person would be greatly disappointed in his affections and friendship. Cases have been seen when with this sign, the subjects have met with a terrible fate, even in some cases to the extent of coming to a sad end. Generally such people become sincerely devoted to the wrong persons, who cannot return their love and for whom they go on entertaining a wrong love. But the student should remember that the possessors of this type of Heart line are capable of loving most sincerely and are endowed with the most affectionate nature. They are not at all proud and have been known to decide to marry one far inferior to them in social rank and wealth.

A chained line of Heart or one with little lines running into it or coming out of it in a downward direction denotes a flirtatious nature and it is only very rare when such give proof of a lasting affection (See W, Figure 15).






When a line of Heart with a chained formation emerging from the mount of Saturn is broad, it certainly indicates that the subject would be moved by the feeling of

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