contempt for the opposite sex. Persons with this sign have been known to be merciless towards their opposite sex while feeling not the least affection, to deal unthinkable hard treatment to their so-called object of love. This is certainly a sign of depravity of heart.

A line of Heart, pale and broad, indicates indifference of disposition.

When the line of Heart is seen displaced towards the line of Head so that the space between the two is narrowed, it is Indicated that the affections would rule the subject and would outweigh all other considerations. On the other hand, if the line of Head rises up and the line of Heart lies very high on the hand It is a sign that the affairs of love and affection are ruled by calculating and cold tendencies of the subjects.

When either the line of Heart or a big branch coming out of it curves down on the base of the mount of Jupiter, sometimes touching the line of Head and reaching the lower mount of Mars situated within the line of Life, it is a sure sign of an unfortunate disappointment in affairs of love, and it has been very seldom seen that such persons enjoy domestic happiness which owing to their kind and loving nature they so richly deserve. Their domestic relations are under the malignant influence of the planet Mars.

When the lines of Head and Heart are seen in one straight line across the hand from side to side, it shows that the subject is possessed of self-concentration. This is an abnormal mark and it makes one an extremist in all matters to which he applies his intellect and heart.

It has been seen that such people are not only dangerous to the people they love, but dangerous to themselves also. You cannot afford to play with their feelings, for they would stop at nothing to carry out what is in their mind. They are blind to danger and consequently meet with untold sufferings and accidents, and it is not at all surprising that their end might come any time through obstinacy and lack of practical wisdom and good sense.

A forked line of Heart on Jupiter is a sign of fortune especially when one branch is seen running to a place between the first and second fingers. Such people are not only materially prosperous, but also gifted with a well-balanced, kind, and happy disposition in all affairs of love.

When there are three forks forming a trident on Jupiter, it is considered by all writers of the East and the West to be a sign of great good fortune. This sign resembles the triple forked line of Padma or Lotus which is a mark of fortunate existence.

The thinness of the line of Heart indicates that one's nature is cold and heartless.

The absence of the line is a rarity. But the line of Heart is sometimes found missing, and when such is the case, the subject is heartless and is not moved by those noble feelings which distinguish man from brute. Such people with an excessive development of the mount of Venus can be brutally sensual.

A broken line of Heart indicates that the subject would lose a loved one and may not be able to recover from the loss. Such a person, with a straight and clear line of Head and a faultless line of Life, may live on, but internally his heart would be broken and love would not brighten up his life again.

A forkless and branchless line of Heart is bad. If it is not forked on the mount of Jupiter, it should be considered to indicate poverty and if it has no branches on the percussion where it ends, it shows childlessness.

A double line of Heart with other good indications on the hand means that the subject would be a devotee.

It is not a good sign to have the lines of Heart, Head and Life united at the commencement. When this is the case it denotes that some blind passion would pursue the subject and bring him to a sad end Such a person, besides, disregards all dangers and has been found to run very giave risks even of life itseit.

Downward branches from the line of Heart towards the line o? Head without touching it indicate that the subject would be attracted to the opposite sex,

If a line rises from the line of Heart and takes a downward course, cuts the line of Fate and touches the line of Head, it is a sign of the loss of a loved one. I have found it in most cases to indicate the death of the marriage partner, and in some cases illness of a severe character bordering on death. In two cases it indicated that the subjects had a terrible sorrow when their daughters lost their husbands. Some palmists on the basis of their experience say that this sign indicates that the person would meet with disappointment in love and because of a woman come to grief.

When the line of Heart is found sinking towards the line of Head so that the space between the two becomes narrow, it denotes asthmatic tendencies, more especially when the line of Health is weakly traced.

When the lines of Head and Heart are branchless and lie very far apart from each other, it is a mark which shows that the life is deprived of affection.

When the line of Heart has an island and the line of Fate is also islanded, it denotes that the love of the subject is adulterous and will stop at nothing.

Some More Observations. Mr. Noel Jaquin, the celebrated British author, refers to two types of sexual tendencies betrayed by the formation of the Heart line, the spiritual or mental and









the physical type of sexuality, explained by him thus: "A highly sexed mental type of individual would find great satisfaction in the mere presence of the beloved, the gentle touch of a hand and in the sensuous caressing of the beloved body, whereas the definitely physical types would find little or no satisfaction in this mentally contemplative procedure, they would be inclined in fact to regard it probably as a waste of time. The coarser physical urges would demand coarser or more physical expressions."

The mental or spiritual type is denoted by a straight line of Heart rising from the mount of Jupiter. There is idealism in love, when such a line is accompanied by a girdle of Venus, pointed fingers, sloping line of a Head, a weak, supple thumb and a crowd or" chance lines running all over the palm, the indications are not favourable. The subject is moved by romantic ideas and imaginative tendencies and is apt to be unhappy and disappointed in his love affairs on account of a shifting disposition. He can, however, be happier, if he has a more practical and sensible mental outlook on these aifairs of the heart.

fig. 16. LINE OF HEART


A O B, line of Heart seen with a deep curve indicates physical or

masculine type of sexuality.

COB, line of Heart indicates on account of its straightness spiritual

or mental type of sensuality.

Forks A O, C O of the Heart line show bisexual tendencies.

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