A straight line of Heart, weak supple thumb and thin pointed fingers and sloping Head line indicate a tendency to homosexuality and masturbation. The student should not conclude that straightness of line denotes only the emotional tendencies referred to above. On the other hand, I have found subjects with a straight line of Heart forked on the mount of Jupiter, strong thumb and clear, straight or slightly sloping line of Head pure hearted and unselfish in disposition. They possess strength of character and an idealistic quality which enables them to be constant in their affections and avoid having loose and illicit sexual relations.

If the line of Heart rises from a place between the first and second fingers or from the mount of Saturn and sweeps to the edge of the palrn making a deep curve, it denotes a masculine or physical type of sexuality, making the subject warm-hearted, full of generosity and sympathy. This sign if coupled with a sloping line of Head and a girdle of Venus, weak thumb and pointed or conic fingers Indicating emotionalism, tends to make the subject lose self-control and act foolishly and allow himself or herself to be carried away by the strength of his or her passions and become sexually promiscuous. This tendency will sometimes be held in check by the healthy influence of the mount of Jupiter when the line of Heart rises between the first and second fingers, for the subject would not bear to see himself dishonoured, and a sense of self-esteem and pride denoted by the Jupiter mount would bridle his strong sexual urge.

If the line of Heart is forked at the start, one fork running between the first and second fingers and the other to the mount of Jupiter, it denotes bi-sexual tendencies arid as already stated this is the best kind of heart line one can have.

A person would possess enough general talents if there is good space between the roots oi fingers and the line of Heart.

The Line of Heart as Interpreted by the Hindu School. The teachers of the Hindu school of palmistry call the line of Heart, the line of life and character. An examination of it reveals to us facts of human existence, the date and time of birth and the traits of character. It is said to be of sixteen kinds, the names of which need not be mentioned, as it has not been possible to illustrate and identify them from the signs and marks found on the hand.

In estimating the length of human existence they keep in view three main lines of the hand, the line of Vitality called by them Pitri Rekha, the line of Head called Main or Dhan Rekha and the line of Heart called the Ayu Rekha or line of Life. According to them this line rises from the percussion under the finger of Mercury and runs to the base of the first finger, and if unbroken and faultless, uncrossed and well-coloured and deeply traced, denotes that the person would live to a long age of 100 years, and according to some 120 years.







If such a line ends on the base of the second finger, it denotes 60 years and if it is short and covers only the mount of Mercury only 20 to 30 years.

Another method of calculating the length of life has been stated thus: Imagine that this line from the percussion under Mercury to the root of the first finger indicates 100 years. The shorter the line, the shorter the age that is promised to the subject.

If the line only reaches Mercury finger, the age likely to be reached by the subject is 25. When it reaches the third finger the age likely to be allowed is 50. In this way when the line crosses the place under the Saturn finger, the age promised will be 75, and if this line reaches the extreme point of the mount of Jupiter, the age would be 100.

The method given above is very popular in India. Even an uneducated Hindu tries to estimate the age of the people about him by examining carefully this line of Heart or Life. Brahmin astrologers attach very great importance to a careful examination of this line. How they tell trie length of life of a person which in some cases proves to be correct is not easy to explain. The rules and methods followed by them are closely guarded secrets. To get at the truth there is needed an infinite field of research. My own experience of thousands of hands tells me that a palmist should not proudly claim to tell the length of life one is likely to have, for this is the only point and fact in this art of hand reading in which a correct and unerring prediction is well nigh impossible, although cases have been known when palmists possessed of clairvoyance and intuition predicted the exact length of days one would pass on this planet.

Indian authors have given rules bearing on the reading of date of birth from the hand and have mentioned sixteen kinds of the line of Heart or Life. But as these lines are not clearly described to enable us to locate them on the hand they are not mentioned here, for it would serve no useful purpose to do so. This can be elucidated if some Brahmin palmists in whose families the knowledge of this art is handed from father to son come forward to illustrate them.

Other Indications. When the line of Heart is crossed by a wavy line from the left it indicates that the person would meet death by drowning.

If it is cut by a straight line, it means death from a wound caused by a weapon.

If it is cut by a crooked and wavy line coming from the right, there will be danger of death from snake or fire.

If it is cut by two lines coming both from the right and the left, it means that the person would die of a deadly disease.

If at the end of the line, i.e. on the mount of Jupiter the line is cut by a crooked line, there would be danger of a fall



from a horse, and if it is dark coloured, the danger vvould be from a donkey.

If at the commencement of the line there is a hook, it spells danger from an elephant. If there are breaks, the danger is from water.

li there are two vertical lines, one small and the other long., on the middle of the line, there will be danger of a fall from a high place. If there are red spots on any portion of the line, they indicate a tendency to boils.

If there is a dark dot, there is danger from poisoning.

If the line is crossed in several places by other lines, there will be danger from fire or dishonour because of women.

If this line joins the line of Head, it indicates trouble from friends.

If there is a square between the thumb and the line of Life or Pitri Rekha there will be danger of animal bite.





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