Of all the lines on the hand the line of Head which runs through the centre of the palm is considered to be the most important, as success or failure in the life of the subject depends, to a great extent, on the intellectual ability possessed by him. It indicates the versatility of his rnirid. It is also indicative of the disease to which his brain is heir,

For a correct estimate of the psychological tendencies of the subject., the student should find out the degree of self-control denoted by the line of Head. He should also judge the strength of the mount of Moon and line of Head which are considered as the source from which all ideas flow, as also the shape and size of the thumb, which indicates the ability to translate those ideas into practical shape, Besides, the student cannot afford to miss a close and careful examination of the signs, marks and shape of the line of Head in both the hands, as such a course alone would enable him to estimate how far the subject has been able to make or mar his career; whether he has followed the hereditary tendencies of mind with which he was born, or he has changed his mental preoccupations and his career. On the right hand of self-made persons, the line of Head has been found more powerful, evenly and deeply traced than on their left hand. The starting point and termination of the line should also be noted,

Character of the Line. The line to be good must be long, deeply traced, pink coloured and neither broad nor thin. It should not be thick and broad either. The length of the line denotes power of taking in ideas, versatility of the mind, and the learning and scholarship of the subject. The depth indicates concentration. The wider and broader the line, the less concentration the subject possesses; his nature is vacillating and changeable. Hard-working students have a deep, clean, thin and fine looking line of Head. People with a broad and thick line of Head are fond of outdoor life and sport and are averse to mental occupation. Shortness of the line denotes an ability to take in only few subjects; but people with straight and short but deeply cut Head lines prove to be successful business men. The student should also bear in mind the softness or otherwise of the palm, for on it depends the amount of physical activity a person would be inclined to. A deep and clear-cut line of Head, if found on a soft hand, would mean that the subject's physical frame would be under the direction of his mind in spite of his being averse to work, A short but straight line of Head on an elastic and hard palm would show that the








person would work hard at routine to the utmost extent, but the shortness or width is unfavourable. If, on the other hand, the mounts of Jupiter and Mercury are strong, both the fingers being long and conical with the first phalange long and developed, the line of Head long and finely traced, the person has a great faculty of concentrating his mind: and if with these signs, the mounts of Sun and Saturn are also good, the love of reading is present and the subject would be a fine scholar learned in all kinds of sciences. If it is faintly traced, narrow and weak looking, it denotes a weak intellect and frivolous disposition.

The length of the line and the development of the mount of Moon denote the kind of memory a person has. Children with short lines of Head should be encouraged to repeat their lessons again and again. If the quadrangle, i.e., the space between the lines of Head and Heart is good and normal, it is a mark of mental and physical health. The straightriess of the line denotes a grasp of practical ideas, and practical tendency of the mind and a certain amount of organizing and administrative ability and a love of making money. Its being chained is a sign of headaches and weakness of the brain. When it is islanded with fluted nails, it is thought to be a mark of consumption.

This line, when seen sloping, denotes imaginative faculties. If the line is seen running straight for some distance and then slightly sloping to the mount of Moon, the practical ability of the subject would be harmonized with inventive and original faculties. But if the line, after running straight through the palm, turns up at the close and points to the Mercury mount, it is the sign of a person who, if the finger of Mercury is also long and well set on the palm, would make money and do everything for the sake of profit. If the line is long also, and the fingers close set, the person would be of an avaricious disposition. The student should examine the thumb as well in order to judge if the indications pointing to a pursuit of wealth would bear fruit. All poets have sloping lines of Head and strong mounts of Venus and Moon. The straighter the line of Head, the more truthful is the person. The slope of the Head line creates in a person a tendency to exaggerate ideas. If the Moon mount is very high and the line of Head slopes to the Moon it denotes a tendency to tell lies. If the line is seen forked, it is said that the person would try to derive profit from his lies. The line of Heart and thumb must be good to prevent a person from resorting to lies. Artists and men of creative genius have beautiful sloping lines, and a good mount of Moon. Before coming to any conclusion regarding the character of a person, all the signs and marks of the 'hand as a whole should be examined.

Starting Points of the Line of Head

Tlieie are three distinct points from which the line of head rises.


from the mount of Mars inside the line of Life (see

1-5, Figure 17);

joined to the line of Life (A-A, Figure 19);

(3)       outside the line of Life (see 3-4, Figure 18);

When the line of Head rises from inside the Life line, it

is under the malignant influence of the Planet of Mars, and is a very unfavourable sign to have. It shows that the person has an excessive element of over-sensitiveness, overcaution, timidity and irritability in his nature. Unless backed up by a very stiff and strong type of thumb denoting strength of will and healthy logical ability and reasonableness, there is very little chance that he would exercise self-control, in the absence of which he is apt to resort to actions likely to ruin his career and cause trouble to everybody about him. A person with this sign is of a brooding nature and magnifies little incidents, and is easily put out over trifles. Besides, people of this type are very troublesome neighbours and relations. Ail these unfavourable traits of nature and character are accentuated and become all the more unfavourable when the line bends over the mount of Moon, as the slope of the line makes the imagination run riot to the utter sorrow of the possessor. It is not a matter of wonder that .people of this type are led to commit suicide, I have read this tendency on many hands when the signs above described were present. Long, thin, pointed or conical fingers, the girdle of Venus, a long Heart line running from the mount of Jupiter and curving on the line of Life, and a weak, supple thumb; if these are present with this type of line of Head, it indicates a troubled and unfortunate existence. A successful areer as a business man is out of the question, and such people in the course of their life would be involved in all kinds of misfortunes, and with the advance of age there is a likelihood of their turning insane. In all such cases the lines of Destiny, Sun and other ascending lines, as they move up in their course, fade out.


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