however, this line straightens up in its passage through the palm and instead of bending towards the mount of Moon, runs up to the upper mount of Mars, it denotes that by the exercise of will power, intelligence and common sense, the subject will develop self-control and overcome his over-sensitiveness. In that case it would be possible for him to live in peace with people about him.

In some cases I have seen this line of Head rising from the centre of the mount of Jupiter and after running to the lower mount of Mars inside the line of Life coining out, crossing the Life line and making for the upper mount of Mars in a clear-cut form. This type of line denoted honourable ambitious and able persons; but the elements of self-respect and pride were found to be so strong that they were the last persons to beg anything from anybody however highly placed. On some occa-







sions, they felt so injured that they got hot and lost chances of material advancement, These indications stood in the path of their progress in life and they could not get materially that which their talents deserved. If the line of head had not gone to the upper mount of Mars, there would not have been self-control present in their nature. This was due to the malignant influence of the planet Mars on their mentality which made them nervous, sensitive and overcautious, (see 4-5, Figure 17).

The Line of Head Joined to the Line of Life: When the line of Head is found joined to the line of Life, it denotes a highly sensitive, prudent and cautious person who lacks self-confidence. Even very able and brilliant persons very often underestimate their capabilities and mental powers.

On the other hand if this line of Head runs straight in its course to the mount of Mars, it gives a lot of self-control, practical ability, determined will and organising and administrative ability. People with this sign, although nervous and sensitive, do not give evidence of their being such. They have the courage and determined will to carry out their purpose, and use their fighting capacity to the utmost to achieve that which appears to them to be right and which they feel it is their duty to carry out.

When this line terminates in a fork, one running straight to the upper mount of Mars and the other sloping to the mount of Moon, the person is both imaginative and practical. •

In such a case, however, there is a lot of indecision between the imaginative and practical sides. The reasonable course for him is to select the idea that first suggests itself and act upon it with advantage.

When the line of Head has a gentle curve to the mount of Moon, it is a very nice sign, as it definitely denotes a distinct control of the imagination. On the contrary when this line runs to the mount or Moon, there is too much of imagination and the subject lacks mental balance and strong common sense, and often does things in an irregular and foolish way. A morbid imagination and excessive sensitiveness are indicated by a line of Head which runs to the mount of Moon and turns with a curve as shown in the Figure (see A-M, Figure 19). This is a sign which has been interpreted to mean a strong tendency to commit suicide or lead a life of complete retirement away from human beings.

This kind of line should not be confused with that sloping line of Head which passes over the upper part of the mount of Moon and even goes to the wrist. If such a line is not islanded or has no other unfavourable mark present on it, it denotes that the subject though highly sensitive, cautious, nervous and awkward in his manner and of melancholic disposition would never go to the length of committing suicide. It is a fact that such people suffer untold hardships and mental anguish and



only when they lead a retired life given to devotion and religious practices' do they find mental peace.


When the line of Head is found tied to the line of Life for some distance it denotes hesitation and a diffident tone of mind. When this kind oi line turns upward towards the line of Heart under the mount of Saturn and then coming back resumes its course, it shows that the person would be swayed by a blind and fatal passion.

There is one kind of line which is regarded as the best one can have. It is when the line of Head rises from the mount of Jupiter and slightly touching the line of Life runs straight through the palm, evenly and deeply traced and long. Such a subject will be endowed with boundless ambition, a go-ahead spirit, moral and physical courage, energy, uncommon abilities of organization and administrative genius, business acumen, extraordinary determination coupled with reason and sound judgment. This is a mark of greatness and has been found on the hands of great men and women of the world who possessed the inimitable quality of exercising control over others and the tact which fitted them to govern over others in a way that was the least distasteful to them. Besides, this is the sign of a born administrator and dispenser of even-handed justice. People with this mark have been able to rise from a low position to a high







one simply through ability and extraordinary qualities of the head, (see Figure IS).

There is another line similar f;o it but slightly different. This again rises from the Jupiter, and without touching the Life line but running very close to it, goes straight through the palm, long, deep, evenly traced and well coloured. The characteristics above described would be denoted, but with the difference that there would be an element of hastiness, impetuosity of action and less of tact and diplomacy (see 5-1, Figure 18).

Line of Head Separated from the Line of Life. The third way of the line of Head taking its rise is when it is seen separated from the line of Life. There are cases when the distance between the two is slight while in others the distance is wider. When the space is not very wide (see 6-7 Figure 17) it is an excellent mark to possess, for such a line endows a person with an independence of thought, quickness of judgment and a mental and moral courage so very necessary for struggles in life. People with this formation make a great success; if they undertake to select a public career, they have the courage to appear before the public and express themselves with ease. In cases when this line runs straight to the mount of Mars, it denotes that the subject would possess the capacity to become a self-appointed leader of a public movement. If a person has the finger of Mercury long and high set, with the second phalange wide, strong and long, and a line of Head rising from tne mount of Jupiter arid running straight and long across the palm, it is a sign of a clever and successful businessman who even if he is born in a poor family would rise to be a millionaire, especially when the lines of Fate and Apollo are strong, the former in some form or other reaching the Jupiter mount. This kind of mark I noticed on the hands of several millionaires and bankers and business magnates.

When there is a wide space between the lines of Head and Life, it denotes that the subject is rash, foolhardy and impetuous in all that he does. The elements of

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