prudence and caution are sadly wanting and he is apt to lack continuity of purpose and action. He is extremely erratic and changeable in all that he does. His temper is an excitable one, and in the event of excessive width between the two lines, the brain is subject to excess of flow of blood to it, and mental unbalance and sleeplessness are the result. These indications become all the more alarming and serious when the line of Head is islanded, or broad with breaks and hair lines, for it is an indication of insanity. Besides, this sign denotes that owing to excitability the subject would have a murderous tendency.

Terminating Points of the Line. If the student masters the indications of the rising and terminating points of this line he would have a correct estimate of the mental equipment of the subject, which is far more important in the making of a successful career than anything else. We have dealt with the

chief indications of the rising points of this line. Now we turn to deal with what the line shows when it terminates. When the line of Head is short and ends abruptly under the mount of Saturn, it is said to denote a short life.

When it runs to the upper mount of Mars, it shows a re-sistent and fighting quality. Besides the subject fights his way up, and possesses self-control, and in adverse circumstances he is resigned to the will of God and faces the world manfully. This sign is indicative of a common-sense view of life and even the unfavourable tendencies of a sloping line of Head rising from the lower mount of Mars are neutralized. W7hen this line before terminating on this mount turns upwards pointing to the mount of Mercury, it makes the subject grasping and grabbing. Such a person becomes a hard taskmaster, and would make moneymaking his chief aim in life. Besides, it is also a sign that love of money would increase with age, (see A-A, Figure 19).

When the line of Head after running straight through the palm and touching the mount of Mars gently slopes down to the upper mount of Moon, it denotes that the inventive and imaginative faculties and talents of the person are put to practical vise. The business side and acquisitive tendencies though not ruled out will be coupled with powers and talents for invention (see A-B).

The termination of the line of Head on the mount of Moon makes a person imaginative. If the mount of Moon is a ell developed and the finger of. Mercury long and well set on ihe palm, the subject will be a poet, artist, literary man and a v holar of a very high order. Besides, the termination of this !;ae with a beautiful fork endows a person with a taste for literature and should be considered the mark of a scholar learned in all the lores of the East and the West.

If this line terminates on the lower mount of Moon and is ;>>ociated with either a cross or an island, the subject would ktve little mental balance, and may end, himself.

When the line of Head in its early course through the hand ends up branches to the line of Heart, it indicates a thievish Disposition, and parents should watch their children if this sign !, present on their hands. (See A-D, Figure 19).

When this line terminates on the line of Heart or sends a Branch to attack it, it is a sure sign that the person's calculate, grasping and grabbing tendencies would be so much in vidence that he would lose all mental balance and in his bid to make money would go any length and even allow himself ! •) resort to criminal methods. Such a one would stand in risk •>f being convicted. This also shows fixity of purpose for some purpose in the pursuit of which he may do anything he is cap-i-.ble of (See D-D, Figure 20).

When the line of Head is very long and ends at the percussion, it is not a favourable sign.







In rare cases the line of Head runs to the lower mount of Moon. When it does, it gives an excess of imagination.

The line of Head joined at the start with Life and Heart lines said to indicate sudden death.

When the lines of Head and Heart are seen running together as one line, it denotes a very self-concentrated nature. If in such a person the sentimental and intellectual sides are united, he would possess greater determination of character and persistence of aim than any other, and as such would use all his powers of head and heart to achieve that on which his heart is set. People with this sign have been found to be sometimes successful in life; but it is not a good and happy sign to have, as the nature of the person militates against Thus pulling on well with people about him. Besides, the position of the line must be carefully noted. If it occupies the place usually filled by the Heart line, it denotes that the emotional and sentimental side of the person would rule; while if the line is found low down the palm in the place usually occupied by the Head line, the calculative and intellectual tendencies would have the upper hand.

Double Lines of Head. Many ancient authorities consider the double lines of Head when clearly and deeply traced on the palm as a sign of the inheritance of great wealth or power. But our experience of reading of hands tells us that this mark may indicate accession of power and wealth. Even when material possessions and social position are not inherited, a person with this sign attains them by virtue of the excellence of his intellect and mental power.

These double lines of Head are seen rising from two distinct positions, one rising from the line of Life and the other higher up from the mount of Jupiter. These positions endow a person with the elements of caution, prudence, a go-ahead spirit and ambition and a large measure of self-confidence, which will enable him to put his ideas into practical shape. Thus the result is that an unusual degree of intelligence and mental power would be present in the individual.

When the line of Head, after it has covered some distance on the palm, is split up into two forks, one running straight to the upper mount of Mars and the other sloping to the mount of Moon, it denotes a dual mentality swaying between the imaginative and practical sides.

Signs and Marks on the Line of Head

A chained line of Head is a sign of mental weakness consequent on ill health. An islanded line of Head when it is widely separated from the line of Life denotes an excessive irritability of temper which sometimes becomes uncontrollable, resulting in explosions, mad and rash acts bordering on murder and endangering the life of other people. This formation accompanied by a slope to the mount of Moon denotes an unusually melancholic disposition inclining the subject to escape from the




fig. 20. LINE OF HEAD

society of his fellowmen, and in some cases he is led to an act or suicide.

The position of the island on the line of Head has a meaning of its own and the student should interpret it accordingly. As for example, an island under the thira finger denotes a weakness of eyesight and tendency to blindness.

Another point which the student should remember is that changes in the form of lines rising or dropping from the Head lines are noted. These branches at first seen as hair lines develop into well-marked, deep lines and denote practical or

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