imaginative tendencies as the lines are straight or sloping. A careful examination of these lines will reveal the tendencies, practical or otherwise, of the subject at the date the lines are seen on the hand.

When at the close, a fine branch of a straight line of Head slopes down to the mount of Moon and the lines of Fate and Sun are found of good strength denoting prosperous existence, it denotes that after the stress and strain or a busy professional, official or business career involving use of practical talent, the subject would be inclined more and more, as the years roll by, to a cultivation of the imaginative and philosophical side of his mentality.







Sign of Cross and Square and Line of Head. A cross is an unfavourable sign, and 1C found on any part of the Head line, it indicates injury to the brain. If found under Jupiter, the injury would be caused as the result of his being proud and dogmatic. Its presence on this line under Saturn denotes that the injuries would be caused by animals, explosions and blows of a treacherous nature. Its position under Sun indicates injury to the head consequent on sudden falls. If this cross is situated under Mercury, it denotes acident due to scientific pursuits or experiments of some business of a risky type,

Squares are marks of preservation and when found on any mount or line, they indicate that the person would escape disaster. When found on the line of Head, unfavourable signs enclosed by it would lose all their intensity of mischief.

A break in the line of Head indicates an accident to the heat! and if found under Saturn might end in death of the subject,

The student is advised to keep in mind the indications of the thumb and tips of fingers when reading the line of Head. A supple, conic-tipped thumb, conical and pointed fingers, indicating impressionability, impulsiveness and emotionalism, may be controlled if a straight line of Head, clear-cut and finely traced, rules the hand. In such a case, prudence, common sense, and level headedness will act as a balancing wheel to the natural inclinations of the subject. On the other hand, i? there is a sloping line of Head Indicating imagination, and is coupled with a strong, stiff thumb or square or spatulate fingers, the subject would have his imaginative faculties and tendencies controlled and put to practical account. A subject with these signs may possess inventive and creative talents of a high order if the mount of Moon is well developed and the percussion has a definite creative curve and is seen bulging out.

Other Indications, When the Head line sends up branches to the mount of Jupiter, it indicates success in all undertakings. This is the sign of a born ruler of men. If one of these ends in a star on the same mount, it is a mark of unusual, unexpected success and good fortune in the form of an accession to social position, scholastic success, wealth, conferment of honours. In the same way, branches from this line to the other mounts should be interpreted as partaking of the qualities indicated by the mounts.

When a branch from the line of Head ascends toward the line of Heart, it denotes that the person would have a love affair, in the pursuit of which he would be careless and take all sorts of risks.

Signs on the Line of Head. A white spot on the line is considered a sign of success in the intellectual and literary sphere.

A dark spot indicates a tendency to brain fever.

When it has a bluish spot arid is irregular and weak-looking, it indicates a disorder of the liver.

A star on the line is not a good sign and indicates a wound on the head. When this star is found conjoined with the line

of Health, it is sign of weakness of the sexual organs of women and is a mark of sterility.

A led spot especially when found under the mount oi Saturn Indicates injury to the head.

Blindness is indicated when there is a circle on the line and a cross high upon on the line of Health.

Line of Head and Hindu Writers, The line of Head is called by the Hindu writers as the line indicating wealth and material possessions. It is also called the line of mother, Dhan Rekha and Viagra Vilas Lila Rekha, i.e., a line denoting that the subject would have a lion's share in the gratification of his desires and. would lead a life of luxury and comfort. If a subject is fortunate lie must have the lines of Life, Head and Heart very clearly and deeply traced on the palm, and in their natural ind good positions, as also the four Kinds of lines of Fate or Urdh Rektias, starting from the wrist and ascending to the base of all the four lingers. Besides, the line of Knowledge which descends from the base of the third to the palm below should also be present. But an examination of hundreds of bands has revealed that all these eight lines are rarely found on a hand, fnd that is why the bulk of the population of the world is-steeped in poverty and misery. The more social progress ' omes in and the more prosperous the people become, the more the hands would be found marked with the favourable lines Deferred to above.

The line of Head or the line of mother or wealth is a very important line. It is of eighteen kinds, and it is believed by (he Hindu writers that the month of birth of a person can be found out by a correct reading of these types.

If it is beautiful^ thick, unbroken, uncrossed by any other line, well-coloured, with no unfavourable signs present on it, .md deeply and clearly traced, it denotes that the subject would have material possessions, worldly prosperity and the supreme happiness of seeing his mother living to a fairly advanced age.

If it is unbroken and of proper thickness, it is called

the line of Mirag Gate and denotes that the person is fortunate

and happy and possessed of good ideas.

It is called the line of Nagi when it is not good and


It is called Viratka when it appears to rise in its right

course. This is a sign of poverty.

It is called Kumukhi when at its termination it is con

nected with other lines. This kind of line denotes that there

would be unfavourable results like the loss of wealth and pos

sessions and one's mother, and a weak mental power.







When at

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