very strong and peculiar character. To be born under high' and peculiar circumstances and to be gifted with sufficient intelligence to be acutely sensible of the fact is far more unfortunate than to be born to an insignificant existence with an unimpressionable temperament, taking little account of circumstances, without ambition and contented with the commonplace." The above observations are quite correct. Possessors of a long Fate line are under the influence of Saturn and if this line is crossed and barred, the malignant influence of Mars is added to that of Saturn, the dispenser oi late, and in this case the combined influence of Mars and Saturn makes man undergo sufferings and tribulations and take part in struggles and strifes, and by the time the end comes, the destiny is fulfilled. An examination of the line of Fate has revealed the fact that if Saturn the planet of fate is not favourable to a person, the line of Destiny even if long would be crossed and barred by lines from Mars, or be wavy and crooked. Besides, in such cases it has also been seen to rise from the plain of Mars thus establishing an intimate relation between Mars and Saturn. These formations point to the fact that not until the 36th year is passed would the subject have his affairs straight, and he would have to fight toughly against circumstances. His life up to that time would be colourless, and there would hardly be any appreciation or recognition of the work done and the career adopted by him. The line of Fate even if long and straight; unless reinforced by the line of Sun, does not promise success and prosperity and denotes that life would be commonplace, fatalistic, full of sufferings, sorrow and obscurity. As a matter of fact such people are born in the world to reap the fruits of actions in the previous incarnations.

In order to judge aright how far a good line of Fate would promise wealth, honour, rank and social position to the subject, the student should bear in mind the foflowing facts, which if not considered are very likely to create a wrong impression regarding the indications of a clear, unbroken and strong line of Destiny:

the palm should be evenly balanced with no distinct

and marked hollowness.

the fingers should be normally developed, and straight

and long, set evenly and in a line on the palm with mounts

underneath well-developed so as not to cause a slope inclined

either towards the side of the mount of Mercury or the mount

of Jupiter.

The line of Head should be evenly traced, long and

deep, and should rise from the mount of Jupiter, and slightly

touching the Life line sweep through the middle of the palm

to the percussion,

The thumb should show strength of will and healthy

reasoning powers.

(5) A line of Sun without which no success worth the name can be predicted should also be present.

The line of Fate is one of the most important of the principal lines of the hand, and denote the main events of the career of a person, changes, successes or failures and possibilities of the future. On the left hand, it indicates the ideas, opinions and the inner life and in the right it denotes the facts connected with our outward and active life. Mrs. St. Hill thinks that a change of a profession should be read in the right, and that of religion in the left. To be favourable*, it should be deep, evenly and clearly traced, straight and. not wavy. It should have branches running up to the bases of the fingers of Mercury, Sun and Jupiter, A branchless line of Fate even if long and strong should not be considered a good line at all. It is found on the hands of a person who goes to his doom; and it would be extremely hard for him to avoid tragic events in his career, Nothing will ever happen in his life but to cause him suffering; and he would stand alone with none to help him. The line, if short, denotes a short career; if broken, a change in the career; if crooked, an evil life; if barred by cross lines, trouble and difficulties; if islanded, weak financial circumstances; and if starred, an accident. Besides this line should be read in connection with the parts of the hand it .runs over.

The line of Destiny has been found to rise from the following distinct positions: —

From and out of the line of Life.

From the wrist.

From the plain of Mars.

From the mount of Moon.

1.  Rising from the Line of Life (See A-B, Fig. 21). When ihe line of Fate rises from the line of Life, it denotes a Life dominated in earlier years by home influences. The possessor of such a line would not be able to start life independently and would have to face dfficulties and hard struggles. In spite of talents and hard work, he would fail to receive recognition and reward for his work. Besides, he would be neglected, set upon and definitely discouraged, so that his life would be obscure right up to the time the Fate line leaves the Life line. This year would be very important in his career; for it would be from this time that his career would become successful, provided his line of Fate after this year is well traced, deep and unbroken, running to the mount of Saturn and ending there and in its course sending branches to other mounts. There is another point worth noting and it is that the possessors of such a line cannot break away from their family, and wherever they might go and live, their interests would be bound up with the family to which they belong. Since this kind of line of Fate in its early course through the palm is the same as the line of Life, it denotes that the subject would have all the advantages and disadvantages conse-

S 9









quent on the family environment in which he was born. If he belongs to a rich family he would lead a comfortable life; but there would hardly be any personal success. If he is born in a poor family, his early years will be cramped and difficult, and he would have to struggle hard to make his career. These indications regarding his Fate line can only be explained when we bear in mind the fact that ancient Hindu authors on palmistry called the line of Life the line of father, family or race. Therefore if in the hand we see the lines of Fate coinciding with the line of Life from the wrist onward, and running up as one line, we should interpret this sign to mean that up to the time the line of Destiny seems to run on with the line of Life (as shown in ZAB, Figure 21) the subject's life would be entirely ruled by the social and financial status of the family in which he or she has been born. The life as remarked by some writers on the subject need not be hard and cramped in all cases. It has been seen that poor people are handicapped and depressed because of their weak financial position, while on the other hand, subjects borri^ in richer and more prosperous conditions lead an extremely comfortable life and have not to worry in the least; but it is a fact that their career is not independent and there is no personal

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