success worth the name. Even after their independent career is started, they are financed by their parents or receive financial help from the property or bank balances of their family.

When the line of Fate rises from inside the line of Life (C D, Figure 21) it means that the life would be swayed by passion and the destiny would be affected by love of the opposite sex in a most unfavourable way.Rising from the Wrist (E—F): Rising from the wrist the line of Destiny denotes that the subject would take up an early responsibility and would be free to select and chalk out a career of his own without allowing himself to be dominated and influenced by his parents so far as the choice of the career is concerned. If this line is straight, deep, clearly and evenly traced and long and runs in a faultless form to the mount of Saturn, throwing branches to the other mounts, and supported and accompanied by the line of Sun, it promises extremely good fortune, brilliant success and attainment of high social position and acquisition of wealth. This is the most favourable form of the line of Destiny. This kind of line becomes unfavourable and indicates grief when it rises from below the rascette.

Rising from the Mount of Moon. When the line of

Fate rises from the mount of Moon, the destiny is influenced by

the changeable character of the planet moon. The fate is more

rventful and capricious and depends on the caprices and fancy

of other people.

When it joins the line of Heart, it denotes a happy and prosperous marriage consequent on some romantic love affair. People with this kind of Fate line and fingers have been found <o be gifted with intuitive powers. When the line of Fate is seen straight in the hand running to the mount of Saturn with a Hue coming from the mount of Moon and joining it, it denotes that the subject would be helped and pushed up in life by a person from outside, and it is generally regarded that it refers to a person of the other sex (R-M, Figure 21).

When such a line cuts the line of Fate and runs upwards towards the mount of Jupiter, it shows that the person whom 5 his line represents would use the subject for his personal gains, and then when his object had been achieved he would withdraw. Such a sign has been seen on the hands of women (O P, Kigure 21).

When a line from Moon travels by the line of Fate, it represents a healthy influence through which the subject would be aided in life.

People with Fate lines from Moon have personal magnetism, easily become public favourites and achieve good success in professions wherein they have a chance to come into contact with people.

4.         Rising from the Plain of Mars (R R, Fig. 22). When the

line of Fate rises from the plain of Mars, a very hard life is

indicated. Up to the time there is no Fate line on the hand,

the subject leads a negative existence and remains unknown.

With me appearance of the Fate line, provided it is strong

and well marked and ends on its mount, i.e., Satuni, the circum-








stances begin to change, and in accordance with the nature of the line, the life led is good or bad. From the very fart that the line of Destiny starts from the plain of Mars and ends on Saturn, a relation between Saturn and Mars is established. This

fig. 22, LINE OF FATE

means that the subject would have to struggle hard to win success in life, and these sufferings are accentuated when the line of Fate is crossed by worry lines and there are definite

marks of opposition or strife. But if this line is uncrossed and well marked and reaches the mount of Saturn and becomes branched and supported by a line of Sun, success is attained.

Branches of the Line of Fqte, A branchless and heavily marked line of Fate is not a favourable sign to have, The best line of Fate is one that is deeply, clearly and evenly traced on the palm and reaches the mount of Saturn and sends branches to the mounts of Mercury, Sun and Jupiter, Sometimes, the line of Fate instead of ending on its own, i.e., the Saturn mount ends on the Mount of Mercury or Sun or Jupiter. It then partakes of the qualities of the mount to which it runs. As for example, if the line bends towards the mount of Jupiter, the subject would occupy a post of power and responsiblity or pursue a prominent business career; if it goes towards sun, a prominent public life or success in art, sculpture, painting or money making is indicated; if it goes to the mount of Mercury it is the mark of a prominent scientist and business man of great shrewdness.

The branches from the line of Fate running to the mounts of Jupiter, Sun or Mercury are very favourable to the possessor. If the branch reaches the mount of Jupiter, it denotes that the ambitions would be realised, and the possessor would occupy a post of responsibility and power, and he would attain a high social position. This is a splendid sign to have (See 1—2, No. II, Fig. 22).

If the branch runs towards the mount of Sun, success would be won in the direction of public life and wealth, and it would bring great fame. This is a magnificent mark of success. If the branch goes towards Mercury, it denotes that the subject would win success in science or commerce. (M N & G H, No. II, Fig. 22).

When the line of Fate passing over the mount of Saturn ascends up into the base of the finger, it is a very unfavourable sign to possess, as the subject would attempt too much and he would fail to achieve his purpose.

The line of Destiny stopped by the line of Head denotes that the subject would ruin his career by some mental miscalculation or foolishness. Again when this line is stopped by the line of Heart, affections misplaced would ruin the career. But when this Fate line becomes merged in the Heart line and together in a clear form they go up to the mount of Jupiter, the highest ambitions of the subject would be realised through the affections. He will be helped throughout by the friendship and love of the people he comes across.

Rising from the line of Head, a well marked line of destiny denotes success achieved through the mental ability of the person.

A shadowy line of Destiny, and the one made up of little bits, indicates that the life would not be successful.







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