A break in the Fate line means change; but the change would not be troublesome and unfortunate if the line begins before the other ends. If the line after the break is strong in its course, it shows that the position would advance. (See BB, CC, DD, No. IV, Fig. 22).

Termination of the Line of Destiny, The line of destiny ending on the mount of Saturn indicate a good fate, on the mount of Jupiter a celebrated and prominent career, on the mount of Sun wealth or fame or both, and on the Mercury mount a prominent business or scientific career. The line, if stopping at the line of Head, means a fatal false judgment; if on the line of Heart disappointment in the affections and the ruining of the career through love. Such a sign sometimes indicates death from heart failure. (No. N., Ill See Fig. 22)

Influence Lines. A small line coming from the mount of Moon and merging into the line of Fate (See G H No. V, Fig. 22) denotes marriage at the date when this joins the Fate line. But if the line does not join, marriage may not take place; and if it is seen running side by side, the influence and love would be present in the life. This kind of line of influence when cutting the line of Fate and crossing over to the mount of Mars indicates that the love would change to hate to the great detriment of the career of the persan on whose hand the sign is present.

Double Line of Fate. On certain hands double lines of Fate have been found. Sometimes even more than two lines are found running up side by side. These lines of Fate, if they run to different mounts, indicate that the two or more kinds of careers would run simultaneously. Of these one or more may be either hobbies or side lines, and the strongest and longest of them may denote the principal career.

When no line of Fate is seen in the hand, and the line of Head is strong and clear, success is likely to be achieved by the intellectual ability of the person; but if the lines of Head and thumb are weak, the life led would be very ordinary, and there would be nothing to brighten up the existence. In all these cases, it would not be possible to name the events of life.

Signs and Marks on the Line. A star is a bad sign to be found on the line of Fate. It blasts the career, and indicates that a rich man would be reduced to poverty and great shock and trouble would come to him.

A square is a sign of preservation from trouble and danger and points to the fact that the possessor does some work which is perilous but would be saved from accident or danger (See No. I, Figure 22).

An island on the line of Fate is an unfavourable sign. It denotes financial difficulties and folly and cheating caused by the influence of a person who is unrighteously connected with the possessor. Hence it is interpreted to mean an illicit con-

nection. An island at the termination of the fate line shows that the career would end in despair.

Bar lines from the side of the mount of Mars and Venus indicate troubles and difficulties.

Some More Observations Regarding Fate Line. The line of Fate if long and well marked denotes the career to be safe, and hence it has been found on the hands of all those people who pursue a safe career, such as teachers, civil servants, and those landlords and rich mill owners who have big bank balances, and who have not to worry as to the kind of career they should pursue. Besides, it is also found on the hands of those who believe in fate. People who do not believe in fate, but are architects of their own fate, and are materialistic have not the Fate line deeply and clearly marked. But they easily succeed in life when their palm is evenly balanced and has a good line of Head.

The student should clearly understand that the presence of a line of Fate on the hand is a sign that the possessor has a marked personality. His road of destiny lies before him on which it would be easier for him to travel than the person

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