who has no Fate line in any shape or form. Even on the hands of persons who do not believe in fate and who make their own career I have seen this line of Destiny making its appearance and becoming deeper and deeper as success attended their efforts.

The Line of Destiny According to Hindu Writers. All the Hindu writers on palmistry emphasize the following lines and signs in order to estimate the destiny of a human being.

Urdh Rekhas or vertical lines rising from the side of

the wrist and terminating on the mounts of Jupiter, Saturn,

Sun and Mercury.

Briksh Rekha or the line of the tree which is seen on

the palm when the vertical lines or Urdh Rekhas are full of


The line of the plough or Hal Rekha. This is the line

which starts from the mount of Moon and ends on the line of

Head as shown in the figure (22 No, III. OP). Besides this

line, Fate lines rising independently from the wrist or above

the Head lines have been seen. This plough line is considered

as good as a Fate line.

Mark of fish seen on the wrist,

Mark of a crocodile.

The sign of Kamal or triple fork on the lines of Heart,

Fate and Sun.

The sign of a conch seen either on the mount of

Jupiter or the wrist. What the marks given in 4-5-7 above

indicate has already been given. The student is referred to

the relevant chapter.

Now we give below the main indications of Urdh Rekha or the line of Fate as treated in works like Hast Sanjivani





If the line of Fate starting from the wrist ascends

towards the thumb, it indicates a ruling prince.

When this line goes up towards the first finger it shows

that the person is either a prince or a minister.

When this line goes up towards the second finger, it

denotes a person who is a very famous leader and is some

times a general of the army.

When it goes up towards the third finger it is the

sign of a wealthy man with horses and carriages. He is also

a national leader.

When this line ascends up the palm towards the little

finger, the person is a big man, very much honoured and res

pected in every department of life.

If this Fate line goes towards all the four fingers, the subject would enjoy all sorts of happiness, and occupy a high administrative post in civil and army departments. He is a very fortunate person.

The line of Fate is also called line of honour and knowledge.

If this line is unbroken, faultless, well-coloured and marked, it indicates all that has been given above. Besides, it makes a person learned and honoured and enables him to clothe and feed hundreds of human beings.

In a verse it has been stated that if on the palm of a person, three lines are found going up towards the fingers from the side of the wrist, it is the sign of a prince or Raja who enjoys benefits of material possessions, social position and all that a human being can desire to possess. So much has been stated by the ancient writers of the verse. But I would advise the student to interpret the word Raja in a broad sense. The three or more vertical or Urdh Rekhas lines may be found on the hands of persons who are not ruling princes, but who are not less than princes in point of wealth, social position, intellectual attainments and other facts indicative of celebrities in social, political and religious fields. These lines, I am sure, were present on the hands of ancient leaders and men and are sure to be found on the hands of all famous and top ranking leaders today.



The line of Sun or fortune or capability or success or brilliancy is another very important line found on the palm.

It is seldom found on the hands of poor people leading a life of obscurity. Its possessor is a fortunate person and his destiny is not commonplace. It is also a sign of an extraordinary character whose career would be distinguished and prominent, and who would receive recognition of his work from his fellowmen.

The student should bear in mind that this line of Sun indicates luck and with this line persons with poor lines of Head and Fate, weak fingers; and thumb have been found to achieve better success denied to abler people.

In most cases, the line of Sun, since it terminates on the mount of Sun, denotes a person possessed of a happy and cheerful disposition who would win success, fame and wealth in life by reason of his capability, winsome manner and personal magnetism. Its possessors need not be masters of art; but they certainly have an artistic frame of mind, and would try to seek beauty in the surroundings in which they move and live. This sign has also been seen on the hands of people who suffered great misfortunes in life; but their career was uncommon and prominent.

It should not be supposed that this line is found only on the hands of good and great people, as it has been seen on the hands of thieves, robbers and others who have grasping and grabbing tendencies and who live on human beings like vultures and fleece him of their money and possessions.

In all cases it has been seen that from the date it appears on the hand, life becomes more prosperous and important.

Only in exceptional cases when hands have uncommon marks, signs and lines, and are evenly balanced from all points of view, a line of Sun may, as in the case of a

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