Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler or Nadirshah indicate a phenomenal rise from an obscure position. Generally this line refers to great celebrity and winning of name among his peers to whatever social stratum he or she may belong. Hence the student is advised to bear in mind the fact of the social status that the subject occupies. On the hand of a prince, the line of Success may mean a kingdom; while on the hand of a business man, it may mean a lucky enterprise bringing in money and on the hand of a poor clerk it may mean only a lift to a higher place in his office.

The line of Success also indicates financial prosperity which may or may not depend on the strength or the merit of the possessors.







Sometimes wealth is inherited or comes through speculation or some stroke of luck. In a very few cases this accession to fortune may be due to some extraordinary achievement in the field of art or literature.

As regards the growth of the line of Sun, Mrs. St. Hill says that one of the greatest peculiarities of the line is that it grows both ways, upward towards the third finger and downwards toward the wrist. If it grows downward, it means that the subject would exercise his talents to win success; and if upwards it indicates that fame or glory or wealth would be acquired. These indications I have verified on many hands.

Characteristics of the Line of Sun. When the line of Sun is deep, well marked, straight and long, running from the wrist to the base of the third finger, it is a sure sign that the possessor is intellectually brilliant and would be famous and wealthy. If it is long and uncrossed, wealth and reputation and honour would come to the subject. When it is strong and straight on the Sun mount, the subject is satisfied that he has ample abilities.

The student should pay attention to the strength of the mounts of the hand.

The mounts of Mercury and Jupiter, with strong, well developed and normal fingers, coupled with a deep line of Sun, indicate a person endowed with extraordinary abilities, intellectuality, shrewdness and ambition which would enable the possessor to achieve great success. A literary man would win success and fame, if he has a strong line of Sun with good mounts of Venue and Moon, the latter giving creative talents, especially when there is a creative curve on the Percussion. On the hands of great administrators and famous lords of kingdoms like Napoleon and Akbar, this line is coupled with a high mount of Jupiter on which may be seen a star, triangle and a trident.

Gambling propensities should be read from the hand if the line of Head is sloping and the third finger is as long as the second,

The line of Sun loses all its strength and does not promise success when there is distinct hollowness in the palm. Such a person would be unfit to fight to a finish the battle of life because he would be handicapped by a feeling of discouragement all through life. When the fingers are twisted and the palm is hollow, it is a mark of a bom schemer who would miserably fail to use his talent for an evil purpose.

There is another point which the student should note while considering this line. Hands with pointed finger-tips and long-ish narrow palms as are usually found in the East, especially among the Brahmins of India, do not promise good worldly success and wealth, as such people live in a world created by their own imagination and scorn to push their way up in life,

or to struggle to advance materially and socially. For the achievement of brilliant worldly success, a strong thumb, normally developed, should be present, coupled with a straight and long line of Sun.

Starting Points, The line of Sun may rise from the lines of Fate, Life, Head or Heart, the mounts of Moon or upper Mars, the plain of Mars, and the wrist.

When the line rises from the line of Fate (CB, No. 1, Fig. 23), it denotes that from the date the line rises, success would begin to be achieved by the subject, and his career would be brighter and more prosperous. Success and life in such a case would come unexpectedly and in an unusal and surprising manner. Some authors state that success would come through one's own exertions, but I have found it coming through luck. When a line of Fate merges into the line of Sun on the Sun mount, it indicates an accession to fortune.

(2)       Rising from the line of Life (RD, No. 1, Fig. 23), it

denotes that the success that would be earned would be extra

ordinary and the subject would reach the top of his profes

sion. Success in art and literature may also be promised, but

what I have verified is that from the date it rises from the line

of Life, the person comes into a brilliant fortune. This mark

lias been seen on the hands of lucky and big people. St. Ger-

maine states that the assistance of the relatives helped the

achievement of success, but I have not verified it from the

hands I read.

Rising from the line of Head, success will be due to

the mental ability of the possessor (1-2, No. 1, Fig. 23).

When the line of Sun starts from the Heart line, there

is a strong indication that there would be a tendency to have

a strong liking for art, music or literature. There may be a love

affair in the life of the subject which might influence the life.

Besides, a well marked and deeply traced line indicates self

sufficiency in old age (3-4, No. 2, Fig. 23).

Very rarely, the line of Sun is seen starting from the

wrist and going up to the Sun mount. This kind of line was

present on the hands of the remarkable French actress Madam

Sarah Bernhardt. This sign denotes an extraordinary career and

fortune (A B, No. 2, Fig. 23).

Rising from the upper mount of Mars, the line de

notes that fame and fortune would be won through the fighting

(jualities of the subject.

If the line of Sun starts from the line of Health, it in

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