dicates that from the date the line takes its start commercial

talents of the subject would be developed.

The line of Sun rising from Moon denotes that the suc

cess would be achieved through merit. It also indicates that

the subject would be a public favourite, and would be helped

in his career by people from outside his family and in some



line of sun






cases people of the opposite sex. Great and distinguished people have this line. The sign also shows accession to fortune through business or work connected with countries overseas. Moon rules water and success comes to a person through sea voyages. It also points to the fact that the subject may inherit social position. The mark is found on the hands of export and import business men, barristers, medical men, political leaders. Wnen the line of Head is well marked and sloping to the


(2)       fig. 23. (3)


mount of Moon, it is a sign indicating great success in literature, painting and poetry.

Starting from inside the triangle or the plain of Mars and ascending to the mount of Sun in a faultless condition, it indi-

cates that success would come to the possessor after an extremely hard struggle, and through his unaided effort. There would be no element of luck, and fortune or wealth will in no case be inherited. If such a line is crossed, islanded wavy or unfavourable it denotes serious misfortunes.

Terminations of the Line, If the line of Sun terminates in a series of small lines on the mount of Sun, it is a mark of failure, the nature of which will be determined by other indications. If it terminates towards the mount of Saturn, it denotes that Saturn will give a gloomy character to the career.

If it ends towards Mercury, the subject would be dominated by profiteering tendencies even in artistic and literary pursuits. If it ends in triple forks, one terminating on the mount of Sun, and the other two on Saturn and Merrury, it denotes great fame and wealth, and since Saturn rules the earth, landed property in the shape of house and farm (No. 3, Fig. 23).

Forked at the termination into wavy lines is an indication that the aspirations and ambitions would be hard of realization.

Forked at the termination into a pointed trident, it indicates that the possessor would win fame and wealth through his own exertions and talents.

If at the termination on the mount of Sun, the line is associated with a clear star, it is a sign of brilliant success and unusual fame. But mental peace would not be attained.

Branches. According to the Hindu view, main lines becoming branched assume the form of Briksh Rekha or line of !ree, a sign denoting brilliant fortune, fame and success. When i he- line of Sun has branches, it denotes that the subject would make efforts to win success. If the branches are clear and uncrossed they indicate sure success; if irregular, uneven and wavy ! hey denote failure of efforts through want of concentrative faculties.

Line of Sun and Its Connection with Other Lines, The line of Sun cut by the line of marriage denotes that the reputation and position of the subject would be lost through an unsuitable matrimonial alliance. When this line of union or Marriage or a branch of it merges into the line of Sun, it indicates that the subject would marry a person of high social position (See R, No. 3, Fig. 23 R).

When a line from the mount of Venus touches the line of Sun and does not cut it, success and money comes to the subject through his exertions and also through his own people. (See G, No. 3, Fig. 23).

When the line of Sun is crossed by a line from Venus, loss is indicated (See H, No. 3, Fig. 23). A line rising from the line of Fate and merging into the line of Sun indicates accession to wealth through lucky partnership or unexpectel success. If it cuts the line, failure is the result.







A line rising from the Health line and merging into the Sun lines denotes success through the business talents of the subject.

Signs on the Line. Bars that cut the line of Sun horizontally are not favourable at all, and should be interpreted to indicate loss of position of money, or failure of the career, the source from which this happens being traced to the mount from which the cross line comes.

When there is a black dot on the line of Sun where it intersects with the line of Heart, danger of blindness is indicated.

When there is a cross touching the line of Sun towards the mount of Mercury it indicates that the subject would be deficient in business talents and would not achieve success. If it is towards Saturn, it is said to denote a pious bent of mind.

A cross with the mount of Saturn and Moon abnormally and badly developed indicates that the subject would be dominated by a sort of religious mania.

A star when found at the end of the line denotes that the subject would win success and wealth, but happiness would not be his possession,

An island is an unfavourable sign, and indicates pecuniary loss, and loss of reputation so long as it lasts. This sign also denotes guilty love, and ruin of career and heavy monetary losses.

Some More Observations. as already stated Mrs. St. Hill has referred to a downward line of Sun denoting chance or talents that the possessor may use, but such a line has very little significance unless it crosses the line of Heart and is seen well traced and deep in which case it has been made to appear and grow on the palm in consequence of a careful and persistent exercise of abilities or utilisation of chances afforded. This sign I had a chance of noticing on a number of hands whose possessors by making use of their talents and chances improved their lot in life, and won a success which people of their position and qualifications could not do.


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