Indications of Mental and Moral Tendencies to be Read in the Hands of Men and Their Use in Marriage. There are men whose hands show characteristics which are inimical to the happiness of their wives. But it should be borne in mind that no single sign is enough to enable us to arrive at a correct judgment. One unfavourable tendency may be neutralized by other healthy characteristics. Before contracting a matrimonial alliance, a woman or her relatives would do well to obtain the expert opinion of a palmist as to the suitability or otherwise of a young man. The palmist should carefully ascertain the physical, moral and intellectual tendencies, social aspirations and material ambitions of the suitor. All these facts could be easily ascertained if the hand is carefully read and examined. In the light of this examination as also by a comparison with the indications read from the hands of the woman sought after, it would be possible for him to state if the marriage between the two would be suitable and succeed.

Now a few points as indicated by the hands of men are dealt with. A man is passionate, casually disposed, with no honourable nature, sense of duty and very little spirit of self-sacrifice if the index finger is low set, short, crooked and candle like, the line of Heart short and branchless, the thumb with a heavy first phalange and undeveloped second and the mounts of Moon and Venus exaggerated. Marriage with such a man would be troublesome and it is advisable that it should be avoided,

A man with a weak-looking, short thumb, weak mount of Mars and a line of Intemperance, with a flabby palm and an overdeveloped mount of Moon is a born drunkard whom it would be aifficult to reform.

If a man has a thumb, the first phalange of which is long and broad and the joint over-developed and heavy, with the first finger long, the mount of Jupiter high, Moon and Venus depressed, and the line of Head separate from the line of Life, he is domineering arid tyrannical, fond of ruling in an obstinate way. Reasons or arguments whch run counter to his opinions would not appeal to him. Owing to the mounts of Venus and Moon being depressed, he would have very little imagination and sympathy and would ride rough-shod over the opinions and feeling of the woman who unfortunately binds herself to him. His temper and nature are not such as to make any woman happy. A very unfortunate man, with no fighting capacity and will power to push his way up in life, no drive and good sense to avail himself of chances in life, a peaceful temperament and indolent nature, has a very poorly developed thumb, low-set and short finger of Mercury, fingers unevenly set on the palm, a long and weak sloping line of Head, the








fig. 29.

THE HAND OF AN IDEALLY GOOD HUSBAND 1. Fish, 2. Good Fate line. 3. Good Sun line. 4. Good Head line. 5. Star on Jupiter. 6. Trident. 7. Cross. 8. Sign Showing Sons. 9. Island on Centre of thumb. 10, Line of Mars. 11. Line of Heart forked. 12, Mark of Temple.

mounts of Mars weak, the centre of the palm having a definite hollowness, and the lines of Fate and Sun not well-marked. If married, the result would be that his wife would not be happy, for he would prove to be a good-for-nothing fellow with no strength and will power to fight the battle of life. If a man has the Heart and Head lines lying close together indicating narrow-mindedness, a narrow palm showing irritability and discon-tentedness, and long, pointed fingers denoting emotionalism, it is a mark that the person would be a source of great annoyance to the members of his family in whose affairs he would interfere a good deal. His absence from home would be received by everybody with a sigh of relief.

Marks and Signs of a Good and Ideal Husband. A good and kind husband, who would make heaven of his home and spread happiness and affection around him, should have a long line of Heart, with one branch going between the first and second fingers and the second rising to the mount of Jupiter. This mark would make him affectionate, idealistic and honourable in matters of affection. He would have constancy and would be able to pull on with even difficult people in life. The finger of Jupiter should be straight and long. Ine thumb should have

all the three phalanges evenly balanced and developed. The mounts of Venus and Luna should be normally developed, as they will give him sympathy, love, generosity and a desire to win other's hearts. A clear and deep line of Head, straight in most of its course and slightly sloping, would give him self-control, a level-headed disposition and good sense in domestic and other affairs. The fingers should be evenly set on the palm, and if the finger of Mercury is straight, long and well-set, it will indicate a lot of mental ability, nice judgment and ability to push his way up in life. His success in the world would be assured. Good health is indicated if the palm is broad, the lines of Head, Heart, Life and Health well-marked, and no criss-cross lines present. If the line ot Health is absent, it will be a sign of a healthy nervous system. Besides, an ideal and good husband should have marks indicating worldly success and good fortune and these are indicated by strong lines of Fate and Sun and lines of Success rising from the line of Life and running towards the mounts of Jupiter, Saturn and Sun,

The marks of a trident, star and cross on Jupiter, and of a fish, flag, temple and of conch should also be present in some shape or other,

Marks and Signs Favourable or Otherwise Found on a Woman's Hand. The face of person may lead a man astray, but the hand never. Women have strong powers of dissimulation and it is not possible for us to know their real nature easily even if we have a chance to come into close contact with them. But a sound knowledge of palmistry would enable us to have a clear grasp of the real nature of the woman we want to marry, and in so doing we would be able to avoid an ill-assorted alliance and so ensure our domestic happiness.

Marks of a Helpful Wife. The fingers of a helpful wife are conical spatulate, straight and elastic and the mounts are normally developed. The Heart line is long, reaching the mount of Jupiter, branched or forked. The Mercury finger is pointed. The line of Head is straight or slightly sloping. The Jupiter lines are not in evidence and the line of Head is weak, otherwise such a person would be indicated as would make the life of the person she marries impossible. With these signs the palm should not be narrow, otherwise it would be difficult for her to pull on with people around her. All these signs go to indicate a woman who would be honest, tactful, adaptable, and affectionate in disposition, useful and refined in feelings.

Marks of a Learned Wife. If the fingers are long with the first and fourth lingers having pointed or conic tips and the second and third having a square and spatulate formation, the palm evenly set on the hand, the line of Heart clear-cut, deep and straight with a slight slope, the mounts of Venus, Moon and Mercury normally developed, and the line of Sun deep and clear-cut on the mount of Sun and seen running down the palm, the woman would prove to be a sensible person with an intellectual bent of mind.







Signs of the Attractive Wife Fitted to Sparkle in Society and'Home. If the hands of the woman are small and beautifully shaped, with the mounts and fingers of Mercury and Apollo normally developed and the mount of Jupiter, wnich is the mount of society, and also Venus prominent but not overdeveloped, she possesses the

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